Thursday, January 31

{Royal Rantings} Why I Love Rereading

I know a lot of people consider rereading a waste of time, which is, obviously, a valid opinion, even though I don't agree with it. 

My love for rereading comes from my childhood when I had limited amount of books to read, and so I spent a lot of time rereading my favorites. Today, I'm lucky to own a shit ton of books - around a hundred of them unread *cries* - and to have an ever-growing tbr shelf. So I fully, and I mean FULLY understand why many of your feel like rereading is a waste of time that you could spend reading new books. I just.. I don't feel that way. 

I think my tbr will never make me stop rereading. Thing is, my aim was never to devour all the books of ever, because that's a) flipping impossible, b) I read for my enjoyment, so when I feel up to a reread, you bet I'll jump right into one. So, why exactly is rereading fantastic according to yours truly?


There are made-up worlds so magical and unique that they stay with us for ever, and it can feel damn good to go back to them. Oh, and if you've forgotten a lot since your first read! Now that is the best thing ever, because it's as if you're experiencing the world and its wonders all over again.

Some worlds that feel like going home because I've revisited them so many times:

Coraline / These Broken Stars / Cruel Beauty / Psy-Changeling Series


For me, characters can make or break a novel - if the plot is lacking, but the cast is strong, I'll likely give a favorable rating to a novel, but if the reverse is true... that's a disappointment right there. 

I think me paying attention to the characters to that extent, relating to them, and loving them all add up to having some characters I feel 'close' to. Not in a way you feel to a friend, or a real person, but in a way that reading their story can - like with the worlds above - feel like going home. It's nice to 're-meet' your faves, especially if they are never going to appear in another book. 


(1) A person can change a lot between their first and second (or third, or fourth... you get it) read of the same novel, and these changes can make them look differently at a novel. 

(2) Or, you may have learnt new things - on your own, at work, in school etc. - that will make you look at a part of a book in an entirely new way. For example, I've just finished Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman where he tried his best to stick to the "facts" we know about Norse Gods. It has shown me a looot of things that actually exists in Norse Mythology... the same things I saw Rick Riordan recreate in Magnus Chase, but never knew they were "real". It makes me appreciate Riordan's work even more, and were I to reread MC I'm sure I'd remember even more things rooted in North Mythology that he utilized.

(3) Rereading can make you discover new aspects of a novel, for example when it comes to mystery/thriller novels you may discover hints to the twist(s). Clues, characterization... anything you missed the first time might put the story into a whole new perspective.


Rereading can be useful - I for one always opt for one of my favorite novels when I need a pick me up, or when I'm in a reading slump, or my mind is too occupied to concentrate on a new book. Of course, a new book that you end up adoring can also cheer you up - but even by ones you're sure you'll love, you might be disappointed.

Some of my favorite books to read when I'm feeling blue:



There are going to be books that disappoint you if you reread them, although I'm hardly ever worried about that. I definitely think it's a valid concern!! But as long as I remember the core of a novel and/or check out some reviews, there's little chance I won't know if the same novel would or wouldn't work for me today.

Usually, said change is positive - you might have went through a similar experience to what a character goes through in the novel, and thus you can relate to them and appreciate their story in a whole new way.

Do you enjoy rereading? Why/Why not? Let's chat!



    Haha, of course I've known that you love to reread books for ages. But it feels great to hear it again. Most people I know in the blogging world are exclusively concentrated on new releases...To me, it feels like such a waste to read a book only once - at least if you did purchase it. If I like something, I want it to stick around. I don't want to forget it as soon as something else takes its place.

    Like you, I started rereading as a kid, when I had a limited amount of new books to read...and things haven't changed much, since I still have a limited budget to spend on books. But the fact is...I don't want to read EVERYTHING. I choose my books with care, so, budget or not, I wouldn't buy tons of them anyway. Stories and characters I loved (or even simply liked) feel new every time, and yet, as you said, feel like coming home. Not to mention, the first time I read a book I always miss something, because as much as I want to savour it, I also need to know what happens next...

    LOL, when you mentioned thrillers, I chuckled inside - I was picturing a bunch of shocked people asking "Wait, why would you reread a thriller? Isn't a thriller's value in the very mystery you get to unveil? What use is it when you already know the culprit?". And yet - I can totally relate to what you said about rereading mysteries as well. I've read my collection of crime books countless times, and they never get old for me.

    BTW...since you own a hundred of unread books (!!!), it's even more commendable that you can make the time for your old ones...😉

  2. I love, love, love re-reading and I completely agree with how you pointed out that re-reading your favorites can get yout of a reading slump. It's so fun to read a book and know exactly what's going to happen, and therefore just being able to enjoy the characters & the writing makes a very pleasant experience, that can truly remind me why I love reading so much. And also getting the foreshadow when reading mystery/thrillers is an amazing reason to re-read them!

  3. I also love re-reading! It's like revisiting a comfortable and loved friend, and there are some books that I never tire. Of course there are some books that lose their appeal once the twists and reveals happen, but fantasy especially is great over and over again!

  4. I don't reread much. Not because I feel it's a waste of time, either. In fact, I understand all your points and even agree with a lot of them. But for me personally, I seldom enjoy a book as much the second time around. In fact, I've been known to reread books and go 'why did I like this book to begin with?' This especially happens if it's an older read for me, because my reading tastes have changed so drastically - but even books I read in the last year or two could easily get that. And that not just because of a change in tastes (like you said about being able to tell if a book would work for you again, I'm kind of the same to a degree) but because I don't find the books as…enchanting the second time around. I'm one of those people that easily does 'ooh, shiny' but then when I go back to the book, it's not as new and different and exciting and…I just don't like the book as much as I did the first time because of that.


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