Tuesday, January 1

A Winter's Tale: Wrap-Up Post + Giveaway Winner Announcement

It's so hard to believe that December and with that A Winter's Tale has come to an end. 

Anyhow, enough of that! Today, as the title suggests, I'm here to (1) announce our giveaway winner!! and (2) give you a smol recap of A Winter's Tale. 

First of all, I wish December could have gone on and on and on, with more and more guest-posts coming, because I was so impressed by every single one of the posts our friends created for us. So, to our guest-posters:

thank you SO MUCH for being so kind and for contributing exceptionally amazing posts! Wish I could hug you all - those of you who like/want hugs anyway. πŸ’œ


 πŸ’œAnn @ Dual Reads
    πŸ’™Tessa @ Crazy for YA
      πŸ’œRoberta @ Offbeat YA
        πŸ’™CW @ The Quiet Pond
          πŸ’œRiza @ All That Is Cultural
            πŸ’™Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway
              πŸ’œOlivia @ Olivia's Catastrophe
                πŸ’™Sam @ We Live and Breath Books

We're also really-really thankful for our readers!! Your support in 2018 has been greatly appreciated & we're hoping you'll continue enjoying all that we'll be doing in 2019. 

Last, but not least, I'm so proud of ourselves, the Regal Critiques for putting this event together; Clare and I for planning it, Ruzi and I for reaching out to the bloggers (which was super-daunting for my introverted self) and Ruzi again for designing the post headers! 

a quick recap of all the wonderful posts from December:
*just click on whichever topic seems fun to you*


And now, let's name the winner of our giveaway!

Megan S.

Congrats, Clare will contact you shortly!

Obviously, I loved working on this event - like I always do, I just love the heck out of seasonal and/or themed stuff - and can't wait to do something like this in 2019, as well. I already have some ideas, but shh, you'll see it in good time.

But until then, as per usual, expect posts from us every Thursday and Saturday - we have some great shit lined up, if I shall say so. 


  1. It was an honour for me to take part in this event, and also a lot of fun! I enjoyed writing my post because, while harping on my favourite theme (underrated books), I got to experiment with a new format, since I wanted said post to be different from those I write for my own blog. I also enjoyed all my fellow contributors' articles, and did my best to comment on them (but even when I didn't, I read them all!). Vera, Ruzi, Clare - you did a fab job (special shout-out to Ruzi for the graphics!), and I look forward to what you have in store for the future. Should you ever want to ask me again, I'm in! (unless I'm buried in stuff, but I'm always buried in stuff. When did it ever stop me from wreaking havoc on someone else's blog? πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‰).

    Have a wonderful year girls!

    1. Thank you again for being part of A Winter's Tale and for your constant support, Roby! We were so happy to have you & I loooved how your post turned out! And OF COURSE we'll never neglect to ask you if/when we cook up something new. :)

      You too!

  2. I was touched to be included, and I love you guys!!!

    1. We were so happy to have you, Sam, and your post was GREAT!! Love you too! :)

  3. This was such a fun series of posts and I am happy that I was a part of it! I love that all of us were given free reign to write whatever as I am quite proud of what I came up with. I know that it must have taken a ton of work to organize the contributors (not to mention the giveaway and beautiful graphics) so I just wanted to thank you guys again for everything. If you do happen to host another event in the future, I would love to help in any way that I can!

    Tessa @ Crazy for YA

    1. Thank you for being part of A Winter's Tale, Tessa! I *loved* your post and I was so happy with how different each and every post was from the others. It def felt like every single bloggers' unique voice shone through which was our intention. :) We'd love to have you help us in the future & likewise, if you need sg from me/us, don't hesitate to reach out. :)

  4. It was so fun to read along and I discovered so many wonderful new blogs and bloggers! Thanks so much for hosting all of us <3

    1. Thank you for being here, Olivia! <3 And I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed our event. :)


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