Thursday, January 17

Outstanding Dedications from My Favorite Novels

Here's the thing, I used to be one of those annoying people who skipped the dedication without a second thought and never looked at the acknowledgements nor the author's notes. I'm shaking my head so hard at my past self, because now I believe that these parts can give you an insight into the author's personality, the research they did, where their ideas came from, or - in historical fiction - what parts of the book are real vs. made up. 

The idea for this post came to me around a year ago, as I was reading Hunted by Meagan Spooner, which has one of the coolest dedications ever, I swear. (Yes, you can find it below!) Ever since Hunted, I've been playing around with the idea of collecting some of my favorite dedications - and today I am finally here with 13 of the best I could dig up!

Saturday, January 12

{Royal Rantings} Can a ship ruin a book?

To clarify, in this post I'll be concentrating on novels that have a romantic sub-plot, however, are not strictly romance novel. I feel like the answer to "can a romance novel be ruined if you hate the ship?" is a pretty obvious yes, because the relationship of the protagonists is the main focus of these novels.

With that being said, my answer to the question in any novel with a ship is the same - a yes, but perhaps a more tentative one. Depending on a variety of things, disliking, or even downright hating a couple can have totally different results when it comes my overall rating and enjoyment of a novel. 

Saturday, January 5

The Academy Award Book Tag!!

2018 was a really weird reading year for me - my reading tastes changed a whole heck of a lot and I also read a lot less than I'm used to. But I also read so, so many wonderful books! I've done this tag before and usually try to stick to new releases but decided not to do that this year because that's hard and I'm too lazy.

Thursday, January 3

{bookish confessions} Books I Haven't Read by My Favorite Authors

Well well well, look what I have today - a new feature on The Regal Critiques, called bookish confessions.

In these posts I'll be confessing all kinds of things I'm ashamed of that have to do with reading - think of: popular authors I have no interest in, unpopular opinions etc. Although, knowing myself this might be the one and only time I actually write one of these confession posts, because I always get excited about something new, and then forget all about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But! Do not let that ruin our fun today - in this edition of bookish confessions I will be sharing seven authors I want to hug so badly (only if they consent though. Pls, do not hug/touch/etc. people without asking, it ain't cool, not even if they're famous authors) because I adore their work. However, and I'm ashamed to admit this, there are some books I haven't yet read by them, BUT I WILL, so it's ok!? Right!? RIGHT.

Tuesday, January 1

A Winter's Tale: Wrap-Up Post + Giveaway Winner Announcement

It's so hard to believe that December and with that A Winter's Tale has come to an end. 

Anyhow, enough of that! Today, as the title suggests, I'm here to (1) announce our giveaway winner!! and (2) give you a smol recap of A Winter's Tale. 

First of all, I wish December could have gone on and on and on, with more and more guest-posts coming, because I was so impressed by every single one of the posts our friends created for us. So, to our guest-posters:

thank you SO MUCH for being so kind and for contributing exceptionally amazing posts! Wish I could hug you all - those of you who like/want hugs anyway. 💜