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Hidden Gems I Stumbled Upon Over the Years {Holly from The Fox's Hideaway}

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Today, we are happy to welcome:

Holly from The Fox's Hideaway!

Holly's blog was one of the first I discovered as a new blogger, and it remains a favorite of mine to this day. All the work and heart she puts into her posts is really visible, and her love & dedication for her blog has inspired me so much during the years. She is friendly, welcoming and truly creative - and for sure one of my favorite bloggers. - Vera 💙
When Veronika contacted me about her and Clare’s wonderful event, I obviously had to say yes. I love guest posting on other blogs, especially if I get to talk about books! I was a little unsure of what I wanted to talk about, and then I remember all the hidden gems I’ve read over the years! So many books fly under-the-radar (especially when they’re published in November and December, it seems), but they’re SO GOOD, and I just want more people to read and shout about how much they love them too. 

Play On by Michelle Smith

I will never not be talking about this book. It’s still one of the best mental health stories I’ve read, and it just had so many things I could relate to and love about it. It’s a book of my heart. *sobs*

You Were Here by y Cori McCarthy

I just love books about grief, I guess? Sometimes I can’t do them, but they always hit me the most out of any other. And this one was a beautiful take on what it means to grieve and lose someone you love. It’s also interspersed with multiple POVs, artwork, and a truly unlikable character who makes you want to root for her anyway.

Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler

I ADORE awesome girl friendships in books, and that was the biggest reason why I loved this one so much. Through everything that happens, these two girls have each other’s backs, and that is a magical thing.

Iron Cast  by Destiny Soria

omg this one was just amazing! I loved the friendship at the center of it, the magic and how it was used, and the fact that it was set just before the 1920s. I’m always here for historical fantasy!!

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Honestly people KEEP sleeping on JLB books, and I don’t get it. Sure, this one in particular has around 8,000 ratings on Goodreads (which seems like a lot), but it’s still so ignored that the publisher won’t buy a 3rd book in the series. And ugh, guys, I NEED it! But tbh, people need to be reading more of her books in general.

Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton

I don’t know how well this one will hold up now, since it was one of those in the paranormal, older YA wave that is all about the bad boys, love triangles, and problematic content. Haha. But the main character doesn’t feel emotions; she can only see them, and that is what I thought was so unique about it.

The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

I LOVED this one!! I know a lot of people felt like there were too many similarities to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, but I think it starts to veer away from that. And it’s just so funny and unique, and I hope more people read the books!

Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

This is one of the best YAs I’ve read that tackles sex, double standards, and what it means to be a girl who likes it and who has a healthy amount of it. It’s so positive and sweet, and I loved the romance in it.

The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes

This is still the only Paula book I’ve read because I’m the worst, but it was adorable and Micah is one of my favorite book boys. And fake relationships are one of my favorite tropes too! It’s so good, and more people need to jump on it.

Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu

Jennifer is one of the most underrated YA authors, and it’s sad, because I’ve loved every single one of her books (though I think Devoted is my fave, followed by Moxie). She’s very good at writing the teenage experience and tackling tough topics while she’s at it!

Since I did a top ten post back in September about my favorite underrated books in the last year (like late 2017 through 2018), I decided to share those that are even older than 2017. Because too often, books just slip out of people’s minds once it’s been a little time since they’ve released. Too many shiny, new stories to fall in love with instead. So I wanted to shed some light on some of the books that I think deserve WAY more recognition than they get, and if you read them, I hope you love them as much as I do. 😊

- Holly from The Fox's Hideaway


  1. I liked the Play On books, and there definitely was not a lot of hype about those books. Anything from Stokes and Mathieu are worth reading, in my opinion too.

  2. I don't read many contemporary books, but those sound like they have a lot going for them, so I don't understand how they are so underrated. Except that probably they don't have a publisher able to back them up or to create enough hype. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I loved The Fixer, and this remnds me I still need to read the 2nd book (this is what happens when I don't binge-read a series, I forget!); sad to hear about the 3rd one, though. It really should be a more popular series/author, I think, because it has a lot of the 'ingredients' to be a crowdpleaser (and a very entertaining tv show too)

  4. Thanks again for having me, lovelies! :)

  5. One of the best things about blogging is how it helps you find underrated books! I read Iron Cast and really enjoyed it. I want to read Destiny Soria's latest book as well now. I have been hearing great things about Play On as well ;)


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