Thursday, November 8

Anything but Books Tag

Personal posts are one of my favorite things to read on the blogs I follow - there's something fun in seeing behind 'the reader' part of bloggers. 

I've been trying to make my posts - including reviews, lists, recaps etc. - more personal, and I have some non-book related posts lined up for you, as well as (book related) discussions and other fun things that will show my personality more than reviews do.

To start off these, I've decided to share a totally non-book related post today, and what is more perfect than the 'Anything But Books Tag'!?

Cartoon(s) you love?

I looove The Looney Tunes Show, and I am actually heartbroken, HEARTBROKEN I tell you, that there are only two seasons. *sobs* It is so good, seriously. 

And OF COURSE I have to mentione Gravity Falls, as well, because it is such a freaking amazing show that EVERYONE should watch. (PS: There is a pig!!)

Your favorite song right now?

When I'm writing this post my favorite song is God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande. It took me a couple of listents to really get into it, but I love the message, the video and her performance at the VMA's was iconic, I'm not kidding.

(It won't let me insert the music video or the performance, but I've got you, <- those words lead you right to the goods.

What could you for hours (that isn't reading)?

BLOGGING FOR SURE. Not always, but when I'm in the mood I can spend hours and hours writing posts. A non-book related answer would be binge watching tv shows, but again, I have to be in a very particular mood to do that. ALSO, Pinterest, boy, how much I love Pinterest! Here's my account if you want to check it out. #selfpromo

Something you love that your followers would be surprised by?

Maybe fashion and shopping? I created a few bookish outfits in the past, and I shared some on the blog, but that was a very long time ago, and I generally don't talk about clothes here. 
Your favorite thing to learn about?
Literature for sure! I know a lot of people dislike classics - and boi, are they white and straight - but there are many classical authors I love: Daphne du Maurier, Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe are just three of them.

A close second is learning languages, though I've only learnt two so far: Spanish and English. I'd love to take up Norwegian, though, and then possibly Portuguese, and/or Italian. Will it happen? HOPEFULLY.

Something unusual you know how to do?

You know, these questions make me hella sad because I don't know anything extraordinary. *awkward laughter* I'm seriously wrecking my brain, but NOTHING comes up. 

Something you've made in the last year?

Something I've made? Wow, these questions are killing me. Besides a few bookmarks I haven't really made anything. (Also, do you see how most these questions end up leading me back to books!? Argh, I'm failing this shit.)

Your most recent personal project?

I've reorganized my room this summer, and I'm hoping it'll stay like this for a great while, because a) it was EXHAUSTING, b) I hated doing it... 
(It is the 31st of October and I'm proof-reading this post, and oh boy, my room is A MESS, so this clearly didn't turn out how I wanted it to.)

Something you think about often?

Owning a cute pet, specifically a pig or a bunny - that gif, that's my life goal right there. 

Your oddly specific favorites?
  • popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, and when I'm making it in the microwave, I like to burn it just a tiny bit - which means that only less than ten percent will be burnt. IT TASTES BETTER THAT WAY, I SWEAR.
  • I love the food at IKEA, especially the meatballs with gravy.
  • I love listening to my favorite artists' full albums from top to bottom - it's like a story being told, AND if they've had multiple albums, it's super-fun to see the changes in their style/message.
The first thing that pops into your head?

Right this moment, it is FOOD because I'm so darn hungry... and, to be fair, this answer would be true most of the time. 

Let's chat!
Now it's YOUR turn! Answer any of the questions that strike your fancy, and let's chat!! What's your favorite thing besides reading?


  1. Ooh please learn Italian! I’m half Italian and even though I am nowhere near fluent, I find it a very easy language to pick up on. It’s beautiful as well! I have never really paid much attention to Ariana Grande in the past, but I have to say, her new music is AMAZING and I have a newfound respect for her as a person. I think she’d be a really cool person to hang out with tbh.

    1. Ooh that sounds promising - Italian being easy-ish. I also heard that it resembles Spanish in some ways, so it should be doable for me, I guess. I've been a fan since her Dangerous Woman era, but this is the first time I love her whole album from top to bottom, and I agree, she seems super-cool! The Thank You, Next performance on Ellen was everything.

  2. This was a fun post to read:) Ariana has stepped up her game and has grown so much as an artist. And never been to IKEA, but when I do, I want to try the meatballs!

    1. Thank you! I agree, this is Ariana's best era yet. Ooh, IKEA is so fun, though, you should go!

  3. I love Pinterest! There’s so much random stuff on there that I can get lost in for hours. I took Spanish lessons for 7 years when I was a kid/teen and got pretty good at it, but I’ve forgotten everything. I might make relearning it a New Year’s Resolution.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Exactly! I have tons of Pinterest boards dedicated to the most different topics. I'm planning on trying to read a book in Spanish to try remember some of what I've learnt, that's what helped me a lot with English too.

  4. I want to steal all of these tags you guys have been doing! I've been looking for some fun ones again, and you have delivered

  5. I love those meatballs at IKEA! LOL In fact, last weekend my husband went there for dinner one night. Didn’t even need to shop for anything... I was just craving the meatballs. Ha!

    1. Haha, an IKEA is relatively close to my uni and last semester one of my friends and I had a longer break between classes and would go there just to eat. Their pastries are so good too.

  6. This is so fun! And now I am REALLY hungry and also want to go to IKEA hahaha. And the only thing I have made is... Idk, a mess, so you are doing better than me! TV would probably be my choice too, it is so nice to just lay down and watch something, no effort involved!

  7. Quote: "I'd love to take up Norwegian, though, and then possibly Portuguese, and/or Italian. Will it happen?"
    Norwegian is such an unusual choice. Maybe you're thinking of visiting the country one day? And YES PLEASE DO LEARN ITALIAN! I can always tutor you if you want 😉.

  8. I've been loving God is A Woman too, it's so upbeat and catchy!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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