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MINI REVIEWS: Horribly Hyped Books I Did Not Like #UnpopularOpinions

The hype, as we call it in the book-blogging community, is a scary thing. Yes, it can help you find your new favorite - perhaps, pushing a book at you that you would never have read otherwise. But it can also push books at you that you'll detest. And the worst? You'll be suffocating in the hype afterwards, being one of the few who did not care for said book. *shudders*

The latter is what happened to me in the case of the following books, and it's noooot a pleasant feeling, so if you agree with me? FEEL FREE TO RANT IN THE COMMENTS, I like rants. 

Flat-Out Love

To be fair, this one hit me harder than a usual disappointing read, so if I sound bitter in the next few mins? SORRY. I massively enjoyed the author's more recent release, 180 Seconds, and fully expected to love this, as well. Unfortunately... I did not, and here is why: 

💔 Julie was an atrocious person. YES, I love unlikable heroines, LOVE THEM, but this girl, damn, this girl was horrid. She was a judgmental, condescending, know-it-all piece of shit, who, for whatever reason, believed herself to be this exceptionally intelligent, witty and fantastic person. She had a complete disregard for her mother - who never did anything to wrong her - and well, see this quote for yourself: 

"Mom is OK. A little... lacking depth, maybe? But nice." 

I was so fed up at this point, whyyy did I keep reading??

💔 I was massively horrified by the way Celeste's issue was handled. I'm not going to go into the representation of her mental health, because I am not an expert, but... the rep did feel shady. Especially considering that Julie, SOMEONE WHO "LOVED" CELESTE, constantly was referring to her (in her mind) as a "n*t job" and the likes. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF MESSAGE DOES THIS SEND TO PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!? 

Moreover, Julie had this idea that Celeste has to change herself to be accepted - she made Celeste listen to the top songs, convinced her to change her appearance and even kept berating her for the way she talked, because it was "too formal" according to Julie. Well, Julie, you know what? Fuck you. When you have a young person who LOOKS UP TO YOU, you should NEVER send them the message that they need to change themselves to fit in. NEVER.

💔 Other Cringe-Worthy Elements: stilted writing, the "funny" facebook updates, the romantic relationship(s), Julie trying to 'diagnose' Celeste with a mental illness AFTER TAKING A SEMESTER OF PSYCHOLOGY. 

❤ The Good: The mother takes prescription for her depression, so at least, there was some resemblance to therapy/treatment positivity. Yay!

13 Minutes

When I picked this up, I was going through a period in which I was desperate to find an edge-of-your seat, dark thriller. The results were... mixed, to say the least, and 13 Minutes wasn't one of the better ones. 

💔 Fair warning: I think I went into this too hopeful, which made the experience ultimately worse than it would have been otherwise.

💔 With that being said, this was far from great, actually, it was quite boring and commonplace, there was not one truly original idea to be found. 

💔 The characters were plain, uninteresting and annoying. I adore unlikable characters, but when they are unlikable and are acting dumb as fuck? Ahaha, go, get tf out. 

💔 And wow, the twists were painfully easy to guess!! The biggest twist at the end could be seen from nearly the beginning, which ruined the whole book basically. 

💔 No other comments - this was just... ordinary, I cannot even complain properly about it smh. 

BUT!! the book did keep me intrigued - at least enough to keep reading. Plus, it was kinda fun to wait for these assholes to crash and burn, which was obviously going to happen. 

Have you read these novels? Did you like them? What hyped novels have you read lately that you absolutely could not stand? 


  1. Quote: "Plus, it was kinda fun to wait for these assholes to crash and burn, which was obviously going to happen."
    Haha, I love when you pull no punches.

    Why some authors still write "shady reps" (or flat-out wrong ones) in this day and age is beyond me. And I do agree about unlikeable heroines - they have to have something that makes them worth reading least be good at behaving badly LOL. I mean, be real badasses or devoid of a conscience, but NOT annoying pricks.

    1. Thank you!! I feel like I haven't posted a negative post in a while though, SO I BETTER START WORKING ON IT.

      This girl, Roberta, this girl was just so freaking horrid. *cries* I want to punch myself for finishing the book, tbh lol.

  2. I've seen a lot of criticism for Flat Out Love - and it all seems to be directed at the main character. There's nothing wrong with having an unlikable character but it seems like the author too it several step too far with Julie. Ugh!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. Yeah, unlikable is great, but I just can't take someone who is so horrid to EVERYONE, including kids. I was so so SO mad reading this. :|

  3. I haven't heard of either of these books before but I'll probably end upstaging away from them based on your comments as I don't like those things as well.

    1. I don't like to tell anyone what not to read, buut.. these were BAD. :(

  4. I haven't read Flat-Out Love (because of the hype). I rarely love what everyone else does and this didn't seem like my thing from a few reviews that I read. I think I would feel the same.

    I haven't heard of the second one though.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I originally stayed away from Flat Out Love because of the hype, but my love for 180 Seconds by the author made me believe I'd love this. THE DISAPPOINTMENT. *cries*

  5. I liked 13 Minutes, but didn't love it. The first 1/3rd was SO BORING and I almost DNF'd. I feel like it got better, but I also found some of it pretty predictable and some of the characters being painfully stupid.

    If you ever get in the mood for a dark thriller I totally recommend BAD GIRLS WITH PERFECT FACES by Lynn Weingarten!

    1. Totally agree - if I remember correctly, I rated it 3 stars, because it was okay, but I found it dragging at parts + who was the real 'bad guy' was so darn predictable. And yes, how dumb were the characters!?

      Thanks for the rec, I've heard a lot about that one, and will check it out! :)


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