Tuesday, July 31

{Royal Rantings} Popular Series, The Hype & And Why Am I Like This *cries*

I'm an avid reader of Roberta's blog, Offbeat YA, which is where I first heard about Tell Me Something Tuesday, a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings. Each week Heidi, RDR's owner, writes about a new topic, and anyone can join in with their own posts.

I absolutely love what Roberta does with these discussions, and I've been meaning to write one myself, and guess what!? The time has come for me to actually do it.

This week's topic has all to do with popular series - particularly popular series I have no interest in reading. I tried to take this topic into various directions, and I hope you'll enjoy! 

First of all, let's get this out of the way - many times I do actually end up buying series I'm unsure about, or outright uninterested in. Thus I own multiple first-in-a-series novels that originally didn't catch my eyes, but for whatever reason [let's be honest, it was either a) a massive discount, or b) the cover] I still bought.


I could slap myself sometimes ahahaha...

No, but seriously, why on earth do I keep doing this? 

One word: the hype. I follow a ton of book blogs, bookstagram accounts and I (mostly) keep up with book twitter. When people on all three - and goodreads! - keep screaming about the same book, I usually end up being convinced that it must. be. good.

Which, no, doesn't truly work that. *sad face*

Now, the hype convincing me to pick up a series is NOT always a bad thing - actually, I have discovered many a favorite this way. Such as: 


On the other hand, I know my style, I know what type of books I like, so when I am totally uninterested in a book/series, it usually signifies that I won't like it. To sum it up - I can be pleasantly surprised, but more often than not, I'm just not. 

Just as in these cases: 


The one thing I'm super-happy about, and just now realized while working on this post is that most of the books in this category are ones I read a while ago, so it looks like my self-control has become better!?

With that all being said, there definitely are series that are super-hyped, but do not interest me at all. 

The weird thing about these is that I can't always pinpoint why I'm so indifferent to them. 
When they contain a pet peeve of min, or when key elements of a series are spoiled for me it makes sense that I'm uninterested.

But generally speaking, there are a lot of series where I have nothing against the story or the author, yet, I can't seem to conjure even a tiny bit of excitement for them. 


Now, let's talk about you!
What are some popular series you don't care about? Have you read any of the novels mentioned here? 


  1. AWWWWW. I didn't expect a mention in this one. much less a praise! *sends big hug*

    Of course I haven't read any of the above series LOL. It's not done on purpose, you know. I just...no.

    It's funny how there are books you aren't interested in without a particular reason (I loved this discussion's title BTW 😁). For me, it's usually the romance/love triangle, or some trope, or the genre (fantasy does very little for me), or the reviews mentioning things I know I can't stomach...Either way, it's a good thing that your self control has become better LOL. Seriously, from what people who have been blogging for longer than me have to say, after a while one starts to be pickier, what with the huge number of new releases and the realisation that many of their plots sound like they've been done before...maybe it's that feeling of deja-vu (or deja-lu, in this case) that steers you clear from certain books/series?

    Keep those rantings coming! They're always entertaining, and this even without your having to slate the books you mention...😉

    1. *hugs back*

      Thank you! I KNOW, it makes no sense when there's no logical explanation why I don't want to read a book. :| Yeah, I totally agree with that - also, I find my taste not only change but broaden, and with more genres slash age-groups to choose from, I'm only going to pick up the books I TRULY think I'll love.

      I have some other discussion ideas coming, so you'll likely get that. :D

  2. A lot of the series you have on here are ones that I really love lol!! I understand that hype can make you very weary of book series though, so I’m not going to insist you read any of these. I just personally have found the Ember series to be so beautifully written and with some extremely lovable characters!

    1. Ah, the Ember series - that's one IDK why I'm so uninterested in *cries* I heard nothing but great things + a friend of mine adores it + it does sound like something I'd enjoy!? I AM WEIRD.

  3. I'm totally the same. I have so many first books in series which I've not even read! The hype persuades me too easily when I see a good offer on Kindle. And don't even get me started with the series I've bought the whole series before even starting the first book. I have regrets on that front. Hype is a blessing and a curse for popular series. I hated the Grisha trilogy but the hype convinced me to read all the way to the second book (and I reread in case I made a mistake) and absolutely hated it. But hype also helped my to discover awesome books so it's not all bad. And sometimes hype helps me hold off buying a book until it's on offer because the hype is too strong at release.

    1. Yes, same - for me: a good offer + a beautiful cover? My dumb ass will actually buy the whole series at once EVEN IF I'M UNSURE IF I WILL LIKE IT. Smh.
      I was the same way, not with Grisha, but with The 5th Wave. Everyone was raving about it, so I went back and started to reread it. I stopped when I disliked it just as much as the first time, but still - I shouldn't have read it in the first place!

  4. Oh this is such an interesting post, I love it <3 I get it, it's hard sometimes not to give into the hype and get this series everyone is talking about, just to see what the actual fuss is all about haha. I have been tempted too, more than once, but I feel like, as I grow as a blogger, I tend to know my taste better and really go to the books I feel like will appeal to me the most <3 I'm so glad you loved Six of Crows, I was so nervous about that one, but I ended up really loving it :) <3

    1. Thank you! :D I'm also better at telling myself I don't have to read something just because everyone else is loving it, but when I started blogging I was the worst at saying no to the hype. I was super looking forward to SoC because everyone was raving about the characters and the ships, and omg, the duology more than lived up to my expectations.

  5. Man, I know exactly how you feel. It seemed like it took me ages before I even thought about reading the Hunger Games trilogy, because of the way that it had been hyped up so much. I was afraid that I wouldn't liked it or there would be something about it that would totally disappoint me, but it turns out I absolutely loved them to pieces once I finally did get around to reading them. I was pleasantly surprised. I think that what gets me the most, is if a series is like four or five books already into it and I haven't started it and I already have like the first two either on my shelf or in Kindle form I start find it a bit daunting to try and find the time to start reading it when I already have a lot of books and other series that I've already started reading on top of review books as well. Fantastic post and your blog is beautiful. I'm definitely a new follower for sure.

    If you get the chance, come check out my TMST post.
    Suz @ Bookish Revelations

  6. I have started a bunch of series, but never finished them. It's on my bookish resolutions every year, but I still suck at it. I am trying. SoC was a hyped read for me, and I loved it. I was talked into reading ToG and now I am a fan. I am too many pages in to quit now anyhow. XD

  7. I do TMST posts from time to time, so it's nice to have another person joining in on the fun. Congrats for doing your first one!

  8. This is such an interesting post. Hype is such a tricky thing! I really loved Graceling as well but like you - there were others that disappointed me like the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (I was not a fan at all). It's often really just about knowing your own tastes - which is so hard (for me)! But sometimes books I think I'll hate I end up loving... ahhhhh!


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