Thursday, June 7

On Why I Haven't Been Reading As Much As I Should and K-dramas That Have Taken Over My Life

I hereby declare I'm out of my reading slump. 

I've been in various slumps on and off for the past year and reading has been the most worrying of it all, so colour me extremely excited to find myself capable of picking up a book and staying invested in it for two hour straight. 

However, in a worrying turn of events, I've come to realize that slump or not, I'm unable to actually read unless I know for a fact that I can read at leisure, that I'm in the right head-space for reading, that I'm not flooded with things to be done immediately, and therefore, I don't actually pick up a book unless I see myself spending at least 30 mins on it at a stretch. 

Uni has been tiring, to say the least, and the coming months only prove to be more hectic with deadlines looming up and it's Ramadan which means I have less time for myself AND I'm constantly tired. Stress + Me is definitely not the recipe for reading. Add physical books and ARCs to the equation and reading is pretty much out of the question because I don't read physical books at night (and I'm not into e-books at the moment), and review copies mean I need to be doubly conscious about how I feel about anything related to the book, so yeah. ISSA DILEMMA. 

I still am very much capable of feeling excited about books, hoarding them, picking them up and fondly stroking them but I really am not reading as much as I should.

What I do find myself capable of doing, though, is watching K-dramas, and hence why you're blessed with this post today. I have given up on watching dramas that have been already aired completely for the time being because I can't help but binge them and that doesn't go too well with my sleeping schedule. Therefore, being the genius I am, I started on a few currently airing ones so I can't devour them all at once even if I want to. Clever, huh? Well, not really since I ended up way too much on my plate but I'm taking it slowly and absolutely adoring it all. 

Today I'll be sharing with you the k-dramas I'm currently watching and loving with the hopes of maaaaybe dragging a couple of y'all down the k-drama hole too. JUST KIDDING. I'm just sharing what I love, okay? No ulterior motives whatsoever. Nuh-uh. Without further ado, here are five of the most promising K-dramas that are currently airing!


- Official remake of the US television series "Suits".
- Pretty much the same storyline + set of characters as the original but has a distinct Korean flavour to it (obviously).
- Stars Park Hyung-Sik, whom I absolutely adored in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (watch it!) and a whole lot of other brilliant actors
- Just the right amount of fun and serious. 
- Romance takes the backseat but is still super cute, and plenty of work and other relationships that are heartwarming. 
- Watch out for the bromance!
- 12+ episodes aired already, so if you'd rather watch it after it's completely aired you can do so in just a couple of weeks!

About Time

- Had my doubts about this one primarily because of the main lead but he's superb, and the chemistry is on point!
- Stars the fantastic Lee Sung-Kyung from Weightlifting Fairy which I loved.
- Basically a romance with fantasy incorporated into it- the female lead has the unique ability to see the lifespan clocks of other people, and along comes the male lead who can stop her countdown.
- Extremely real characters, so much emotion and just enough drama to keep you hooked.
- 6 episodes aired, so you won't have much to catch up with should you jump on the wagon ASAP!

Lawless Lawyer 

- I wasn't at all sure about trying this because it seemed like entirely too much action and anything but, but I finally caved because it's Lee Joon-Gi after all, and I abso-freaking-lutely loved him in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, and he was cool in Criminal Minds, the Korean version too, and am I glad I did!
- The male lead, played by Joon-Gi, is an attorney who's highly skilled at finding and using any loopholes in the law to achieve his means. His sole motive is avenging his dead mother.
- Lots of interesting characters, kickass female lead (also a lawyer) and a highly entertaining gang of thugs who provide comic relief.
- Has a predominantly dark atmosphere, but this is beautifully balanced with family sentiments, romance and like I mentioned before, the antics of the gang.
- I've watched only 3 episodes (out of the 8 already aired) but they've been increasingly more engaging so I have high hopes for this one! 

Ms. Hammurabi

- Based on the novel Ms. Hammurabi (which I have absolutely no idea about, lol)
- A courthouse drama centering two judges- one that strictly follows the rule book and another that rebels against what's considered the norm.
- I wasn't entirely too impressed with Go Ara in Black but she's proving to be really good here! Her characterization certainly helps- she's brilliant with her comic sense and spunk.
- The male lead is amazing too, and I'm loving Lee Elijah who's in a role entirely different from what she played in Fight My Way, which is where I saw her first.
- I watched just the 1st episode so far (6 aired already!) but it had me hooked because of just how well-balanced it was. It hinted a lot about the main leads' backstories and I'm definitely intrigued!

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

- Based on the webtoon of the same name, this is about a narcissistic vice-president of a company whose secretary of nine years suddenly announces that she'll quit working with him.
- The synopsis doesn't give away much (and I didn't want to spoil things for myself so I didn't hunt down more details about the webcomic either) but the promo teasers have been extremely promising~
- The chemistry between the main leads seems fantastic already and I'm so here for it! Also hoping this would be as hilarious as the promos hinted it would be.
- Stars Lee Tae-Hwan who I loved in W: Two Worlds, but sadly had quite less screen time. Hope he gets the kind of attention he deserves this time around!
- This just premiered yesterday, so I haven't gotten around to it as yet but the male lead is Park Seo-Joon who's pretty much my mostest favourite K-actor at this point so unless it's the worst drama in the history of K-dramas there's no way I'd not like it.
- UPDATE: Just watched the first episode and it's pretty perfect- the main leads are terrific (I fell in love with Seo-Joon all over again!) and the side characters introduced so far are promising. Loved how they cut straight to the chase; a simple yet unpredictable storyline with lots of LOL moments. I feel this and About Time would perfectly balance out the other three dramas I'm watching which are relatively more serious!

♡ ♡ ♡

Well, that's it! These are my picks out of the many, many promising Korean dramas currently airing and I have to say I'm extremely pleased with them all so far. 

Have you watched any of these? Are there any new K-dramas I simply must add to my list? Do you watch k-dramas at all? If so, why yes/no? Let's talk in the comments below! 

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  1. Amazing list Ruzaika! I have Lawless Lawyer and Suits on my to-watch list, especially the latter since the US one is my favorite. However I'm worried about how will they end it, since the US one hasn't end yet. I'm still watching While You Were Sleeping and despite wanting to continue, my sister is luring me to watch Are You Human Too? which totally works! It's just 4 episodes now, but I'm liking it so far :D

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Thank you, Tasya! I'd personally recommend Suits over Lawless Lawyer, but they are both so gooood!
      I'm pretty sure you'd love the remake because while they have retained the original characters, the storyline is obviously more concise and a bit different, from what I hear from those who watched both!
      And ARGH- I really want to try Are You Human Too? but I REALLY can't afford to right now. It looks so promising, though- I hope you love it!

  2. I used to watch K-Drama's with a friend who was learning Korean for a move there (as an English teacher).

    I haven't watched in years because I looked to her for rec's. I'll have to look into these.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Ooh that's fantastic!!! Any of these would be a good starting point tbh, or you can check my list here: for more recs- OR you can always get in touch with me! :D <3

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the reading! But yaaaay k-dramas! I've sadly never heard of or watched any of these :O so I'll have to possibly add them to my to-watch list!

    1. YOU HAVEN'T? Fair enough, though, because these are all very new! Hope you get around to at least some of these and hope you love them when you do! <3

  4. I have never watched any K-Dramas (I actually don't watch too much TV at all), but I am curious because people who watch them are so dedicated and love them so much. I am glad you are out of your slump, and I give you credit for trying to balancing everything and work on your degree.

    1. It IS fascinating how willingly people jump into and stay in the kdrama hole, lol but I think it's mostly because they cater to all kinds of audiences? And are easy on the eyes xD And thank you! I really hope I can continue successfully juggling everything life throws at me, argh.

  5. Yay, congrats! When a reading slump ends, it always feels like a miracle. I can easily get caught up in a show as well. I haven't watched any of these, but these look fun.

    1. If you ever plan on trying any of these at all or kdramas in general, do hit me up! xD

  6. I relate so much about needing to be in the right headspace and having enough time before starting to read! No wonder my reading has gone down a ton, with kdramas being the other half of the problem ofc. Also this line broke my heart: "I wasn't entirely too impressed with Go Ara in Black" but I forgive you lol. I love that we're watching most of the same things! I'll get on that Suits bandwagon eventually.

    1. I'M GLAD YOU UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE TOO! I honestly haven't been able to make time for reading and it's been eating away at me since idek when :// I'm sorry I broke your heart with that but skjskjsdhjks Go Ara has very limited expressions imo I'M SORRY!


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