Tuesday, February 20

10 Books I've Recently Deleted From My TBR & Here's Why

If you're a bookish person you very likely struggle with keeping your TBR in check, and boy, do I relate to that! After joining the book blogging community my Goodreads to-read shelf became unbelievably hectic, filled with hundreds of books that I didn't even remember adding in the first place. Pulling up my to-read list became something to dread, because it was painful to find the books I was actually interested in between all the titles I added on a whim. 

It probably won't surprise you that cleaning up that mess took me hours and hours of painful work, and woah, it made me never want to go back there again. (Also, this is no "shade"!! If you have that many books on your to-read shelf, and it's fine by you then that's great! It was just something that bothered me.) In the past two years or so, I've "challenged" myself to have no more than 300 books on my Goodreads to-read list, which is... harder than it sounds! 

As of today, on the 4th of February, 2018, I have 291 books on my shelf, which means that it is time to get rid of some of them. Here's how it went.

  • Negative reviews pooling in are usually a sign that I should stay far, far away from a book, especially when some of them are coming from reviewers I trust. 

  • I just lost interest... which happens A LOT, because my mood and opinion changes all the time. 

  • THIS IS THE TOUGHEST CATEGORY, because these books were recommended by friends, and I am failing them in a major way not picking them up. *cries* Apologies to the girls of Dual Reads.
  • Another tough category, but, thankfully, it only has one book - Vanguard is a sequel I am no longer interested in, because a) I just don't really care about the character it is about, and b) I don't remember shit from the first three books, and I didn't love them enough to reread them. 

Huh, that was HARD to do!! I hate "letting go" of books I was super-excited for at one time, but it needs to be done, or we'll be back with the 600+ titles to-read list. 

Have you read any of these?? SHOULD I RECONSIDER MY CHOICES? Did I decide well? Let me know in the comments down below!! 


  1. I've recently borrowed Marie Lu's Batman from the library, so I'm hoping I'll enjoy it! I hated The Dark Days Club, though - if you hadn't recently deleted it, I would have been forcing your mouse towards the button :P

    You can find my Top Ten Tuesday here.

  2. Jackaby is on my list this week. I'm just not interested in it anymore!

  3. Winterspell has a nice cover but probably not my thing. The Dark Days Club sounds kinda good actually but I probably wouldn't get around to reading it...

  4. My TBR has never been so long and I reallyyyy need to start deleting books �� So many of them I don't even remember adding??

  5. I really like the Jackaby series, but I read it when it first came out, sometimes if too much time passes it's just clear it's not going to happen. I DNFed Winterspell because it was like eye torture (for me, at least).

  6. I loved what Leigh Bardugo did with Wonder Woman, so I`m hoping Batman will be just as good. I`m not that familiar with Marie Lu`s writing, but many people love her books.

    Carmen`s Reading Corner

  7. I have read 'Jackaby' and it was a good book but I dislike the protagonist, so I didn't bother finishing the series. 'Winterspell' sound good but then I started reading the book and it just feels weird, especially the part about a certain male character that somehow blames the female character for his lustful thoughts and feelings towards her and she somehow agrees which is just plain stupid, couldn't even finish that book.

    your reasons for not reading these books are very reasonable. I have tons of books that I was interested in reading but somehow just lost interest. reviews are very helpful and if a book have tons of negative review, I know to stay away too.

    have a lovely day.

  8. Sometimes I think you two and I are the same people - I feel the same way about taking books off of my TBR. Glad you forced yourself to purge!

  9. I think going crazy buying or requesting books is typical when joining the book community. You just feel the need to read it all but eventually, you have to check yourself. Time, unfortunately, is limited. From your list I've only read Jackaby and it was just okay.

  10. Not sure why but I lost interest in Jackaby as well. I took a different route for my TTT: https://mwgerard.com/top-ten-tuesday-book-festival-wrap-up/

  11. I have a hard time letting go of books as well! I always hold on to them thinking I'll be in the mood to read them someday. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  12. I haven’t read any of these. But yes, I want to read Batman at some point. I am not sure though when that time will come :P
    I guess it is fine to let some books go. After all, we can't read all the books in the world :)

    My TTT: http://flippingthruthepages.com/2018/02/ten-books-want-read-beautiful-covers-featuring-black-women/

  13. I have avoided Shadow Girl for the same reason. It sounded so promising when I requested it, but the longer I waited, the more meh reviews I saw. I really enjoyed The Authentics. I am a sucker for books where the protagonist takes that trip to self-discovery and I really appreciated the cultural angle. I did enjoy Jackaby as well, and am hoping to catch up with the series soon.

  14. Jackabby and Winterspell have been on my tbr for so long too but I just couldn't remove it! I guess I still have hope that I want to read it someday :D

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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