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Let's Talk 2017: 7 of My Favorite 2017 Movie Releases

As you might have seen, Ruz and I have been doing a series of "end of 2017" posts, and as I am a huge fan of movies and saw quite a few AMAZING ones this year, I decided to dedicate this post to 7 drop-dead-fantastic 2017 movie releases I saw this year. 

I swear to god, I tried to order them from least favorite to most favorite, but I failed. Miserably so. So while there is an order, it is IN NO WAY strict, and especially the first three movies were equally good. 

I'm gonna be honest and straight out say that The Conjuring franchise shouldn't even exist to begin with. The first movie was AMAZING, but both Annabelle and The Conjuring 2 were awful, in my opinion. AND NOW THE NUN IS GETTING A MOVIE??? I mean, know when to stop, people. 

So, I guess, it is no surprise that I wasn't THAT excited for Annabelle: Creation either. I mean, I did go to see it at the cinema, but only because there is a very limited amount of horror movies playing in Hungarian theaters. Imagine my surprise when Creation turned out to be actually good??  I ain't gonna say it's the best of the best, but it is a very enjoyable horror movie that does have quite a few scary scenes, and a creepy atmosphere all through it. 

Are the Descendants movies cheesy? Yes. Are they of the highest quality? No. Do I enjoy the hell out of them, though? ABSOLUTELY. The songs are such bops and the acting is pretty good, as well. Also, how original is the idea to have the kids of four of the most famous Disney villains as main characters?? This is Disney's best in a hella long time, and Descendants 2 is even better than the first movie. The outfits, the songs, the moves, the characters... everything is just so damn enjoyable.

I'm going to admit that I did not find Wonder Woman perfect, HOWEVER, it was a pretty solid movie, and I'm glad it's doing well. The visuals were amazing, the fight scenes impressive, and so were the costumes, and I truly enjoyed the plot, which was fast paced and intriguing. 

As for my problems... for one, the "scarred villain" trope should die asap. Moreover, I would have loved to see more people of color in the cast, as well as more women in the main cast. Yes, the Amazons were obviously all badass, powerful women, however, the group Diana worked with after she left the island only had ONE other woman... that is, if we can even count the secretary, who didn't really have a big role. 

Before I Fall is one of my favorite contemporary novels ever, so I was obviously very excited for the movie, and it didn't let me down! The actors did such an epic job of portraying the characters, and I felt like the movie stayed true to the book. I was surprised to see how strong the MC's development was on screen, and I'll admit that I was VERY NEAR tears at various scenes.

You know a movie is absolutely fantastic when you start watching it with massive expectations, and it not only lives up to them, but exceeds them. THAT is Get Out. Honestly, everything was on point, and the actors did such a good job. Honestly, one of the most impressive movies I've ever seen, and I hope there'll be many movies centering around black characters, made by black people in the future.

BEST! THOR! MOVIE! SO! FAR! There was so much Loki, and Thor was finally not annoying?? I mean, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT that was possible? Then there were new characters such as Valkyrie and Korg, who STOLE THE SHOW. So many laugh-out-loud scenes where the whole room was laughing, so many epic moments.

Again, I must note that the acting is freaking fantastic in this one. The kids had amazing chemistry, and It become so freaking scary BECAUSE I believed that they were so disturbed by It. Somehow the movie does an amazing job of mixing realistic/heartbreaking scenes together with some scary ones AND some funny ones. 

Question time!

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think? What have been your favorite 2017 movies? And least favorites? What 2018 releases are you looking forward to?


  1. I absolutely adored Thor Ragnarok. Considering how dark the Thor movies are I was surprised by the change of genre. That movie was pure comedy. But I know Chris Hemsworth was planning on not reprise the role and he demanded a change. I'm glad he did.
    I also loved Wonder Woman but I'm so tired of seeing villains being represented with disfigurements. You don't need someone with a scar all across your face to make them look villanous. I hope Hollywood and the industry as a whole would drop that trope.
    I recently watched Star Wars 8 and really enjoyed it but I prefered episode 7 and Rogue One. And I also saw a Spanish movie called 'La Llamada' (The Calling) and it was hilarious!

    1. They definitely changed things up in a major way, which was weird, but in a good way. I didn't like Thor before, but Chris Hemsworth did a really good job portraying a funnier, less serious Thor. BUT LOKI IS THE BEST STILL.
      It makes me so angry. And, actually, similar thing was happening in Annabelle: Creation. The character didn't turn out to be a villain, but she was scaring the children because of a similar masque she was wearing to hide her scar, and ugh, this is such a pointless, awful trope that should be dropped.
      I have never watched a Star Wars movie in my life, but all the hype makes me want to haha. I've just checked out La Llamada on imdb, and it looks great! Especially bc I've been looking for musicals to watch. Added to my to-watch list.

  2. I felt the same way about Wonder Woman: it was really good but by no means faultless (like any movie). I'm just really jazzed about getting the whole female superhero representation moving (Black Widow movie anybody??). I still need to see the new Thor and I'm so excited! My favorite character, by far, in the Marvel universe is Loki so I relish any and all appearances made by Tom Hiddleston. I also have yet to see It but I'm hoping I'll be able to see it soon. I wanted to finished reading the book first but that book is a MONSTER. I'm just over halfway through and loving it though so I should be done soon enough.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I think they said the Black Widow movie might be happening? So that'd be cool!! SAME. Loki is the best character hands down, and he is in Ragnarok quite a lot, so you'll probably love it! :) Argh, I hate to admit, but I haven't read IT, and I'm not sure I will, because, like you said, that book is enormous. Super-intimidating. I'm glad you're enjoying it, though!

  3. Awesome post, Veronika. 💖I love that you did movies, omg so cool. I will not, not, not, not be watching "Annabelle: Creation"😱 nope, nope! ğŸ‘Ž lol, I'm such chicken shit, especially if the story is based on reality, FORGET IT!😂😂😂 And that goes for "It" as well.😂😂😂 "Descendants 2", I've seen around but never really knew what it was about. I like that it's about the famous Disney villains kids, that is a very original idea. "Wonder Woman, Before I Fall and Thor: Ragnarok" 🙊 I ought to say that those movies were my most anticipated movies of 2017 and guess what? I STILL haven't seen them, lol. 😂 Horrible, I know!😱 I never hear about "Get Out" but I'll definitely check it out just from your excitement alone.
    Thanks so much for this awesome post, Veronika. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Happy New Year.
    -Helena 💋 xoxo

    1. Thank you! :) Haha, that is understandable, although IT wasn't that scary IF you aren't scared of clowns. The Descendants movies are SO FUN. Obviously, much lower budget than the rest on this list, and that shows, but the choreography and the songs and the characters are great. Hope you can watch those three soon, and omg, yess, watch Get Out, it was so good. Happy New Year to you too! :)

  4. I really liked Ragnarok! The movie was sooo good but I do feel like it lacks emotional depth :') I still have yet to watch Creation and It. My favorite movie this year is The Last Jedi, it's surprisingly so good!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Tbh, THAT is very true, although, I still liked this way better than the previous romantic drama between Jane and Thor. I have not watched any of the Star Wars movies, but maybe I should give in to the hype, because they receive such high praises.

  5. Wonder Woman and Descendants 2!! I was actually really surprised by how much I enjoyed the latter. The first Descendants movie was solid but the songs and the plot in the second one were even better imo.

    1. I agree! The first movie was good, but the second was so much better, with a less "basic" plot and amazing songs. :D


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