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October Recap With Lots of Fangirling, Some Scary-ish Movies and Not So Fantastic Books

Hello everyone!! This is my second official recap in the blog, and, first of all - thank you all for the great feedback on my September Recap! I love doing these, so the fact that y'all seem to enjoy them makes me super-happy. 

Anyhow, October was a rather disappointing month, to tell you the truth. I don't think I did a lot of stuff, to be honest. Partly, because I've been trying to concentrate on my studies with more or less success. Also, with the weather turning colder and colder each week, I've had very little desire to leave the house and meet people. I just cannot stand the cold at all, AND IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER. *shivers* Speaking of November - THAT IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, so, obviously, I am pumped to start the new month.

With that, let us jump into this massive post about the books I read, the shows I watched, the music I listened to & lots of other things I did or heard about this past month. 



HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA: Welp, IDK how to feel about this one. I was just a bit let down by it, and felt like many parts of it were hella unrealistic. Also, the mystery, aka the most important part, was really obvious, thus I guessed the killer incredibly early on. :( That said the atmosphere Maniscalco creates is spot on, the characters are interesting and I SHIP THE ROMANCE SO MUCH. Would recommend to those who enjoyed the first book. ★★★★

THE BLACK CAT: REREAD! This is one of my all time favorite short stories. It's from the perspective of a man who's on the death row, and is basically telling the crimes he committed to get there. AND IT IS DARK. Like, honestly, so so so dark. Edgar Allan Poe at his best. ★★★★

A SEMI-DEFINITIVE LIST OF WORST NIGHTMARES: By far the weirdest book I've read this year, and I'm still confused about some parts of it. That said, that was obviously intentional, so it is NOT a complaint, even though I personally like when everything is clean and clear. In any case, this was still a pretty cool book, with truly well-written characters. Trigger warning for self-harm, suicide and anxiety★★★

THE COUNTRY WIFE: Honestly, the fuck was this!? I legit couldn't finish it, because it was THAT bad. To be honest, I'm not a fan of reading plays - WHEN THEY WERE OBVIOUSLY MEANT TO BE WATCHED IN THE THEATER - but the whole plot was just ridiculous. I mean, I know it's a comedy (another thing I don't necessarily like), but it was just so bad. 


THE RAPE OF THE LOCK: 18th and 19th century British Lit has been kicking me in the butt, this one was another horrid story. I'm just... I don't get why this is praised!? I'm not saying it's not creative, or that Pope sucks, but yeah, I was not very impressed. *shrugs* 

BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS: Disappointment. *sad face* It was a fine story, and I enjoyed it quite well, but, at the same time, I didn't feel like it was truly captivating or exciting. Plus the characters and the romance were a bit meh. 

MOLL FLANDERS: Again, British Lit seminar, why do you keep hurting me this way?? Having a very unconventional woman telling her life story sounded pretty cool to me at first, but the writing annoyed me from the get go, and Moll was getting on my nerves, as well. I appreciate all the different topics one could discuss after reading Moll Flanders, but I still didn't like this. 

ALL THE CROOKED SAINTS: Honest to god, one of my least favorite books of the month. I'll have a review of it up on the blog soon, so do look out for that, but until then: bad latinx representation, boring plot, cringy romance and under-developed characters sum up my thoughts of this pretty well. 


THE DIVINERS: Buddy-read with Clare from Dual Reads! One can always count on a reread of an old favorite to cheer her up, and cheer me up The Diviners did! It took me a looong time to finish this, BUT NOT BECAUSE I DIDN'T ENJOY THIS, I SWEAR. It's just, I wasn't in "physical book" reading mood?? If that makes ANY SENSE whatsoever. Anyhow, The Diviners has been one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE novels ever since I first read it, and this reread only made me love the book even more. 

PLAY ON: So, this was yet another disappointment. IDEK what was up with October, but it was filled with let downs. *sad face* In any case, this was an okay-ish romance, but not very original. Also, it didn't help that the freaking blurb literally spoiled the whole story. Stuff that only happened after more than halfway into the book WAS OUTRIGHT MENTIONED IN THE BLURB. I mean, stop with that blurb-writers, just stop. 

WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE: I've wanted to read this FOR YEARS, but kept on postponing it, because I was never really in the mood for it. However, this year, I finally picked this up, and IT WAS SO GOOD. Incredibly dark, disturbing and twisted. Perfect for Halloween. 

THE LOTTERY: I actually read this for the first time more than a year ago, because I kept hearing awesome things about it, but after finishing We Have Always Lived in the Castle I wanted to revisit this tension-filled short story. I did not regret rereading it, just as good and, well, twisted as it was the first time. 

THE KIND WORTH KILLING: I've had this for a while now, and was really excited, but also scared, because whenever a book is said to be the next Gone Girl, it fails me completely... khm, The Girl on the Train, anyone? BUT THIS WAS SO GOOD! Full of surprises, reveals and a truly fascinating heroine, Lily, who I couldn't help but root for. I do wish the author had gone deeper into the character's psyche, but otherwise, this was perfect. 







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Where I share 5 of my favorite songs of October.



Fun fact: I only started this, because the trailer looked bad, and I thought it'd be a show to laugh at and then quickly abandon. HOWEVER, it is actually really good! I've actually been surprised by a few twists so far (three episodes are out as of when I'm writing this post), and the show itself is very addictive.


I started the fourth season of How To Get Away With Murder, watched three episodes so far, and while the very beginning was a bit lukewarm, the plot seems to be getting better, and I just love seeing these fantastic characters again. 


I FINALLY started the new season of American Horror Story, and I'm sort of into it, but at the same time have VERY ambivalent feelings? I'd be really interested in your thoughts, because I'm struggling with making up my mind about this.



Okay, yes, I am one of those weird people who somehow haven't yet seen The Sixth Sense, but I watched it finally, and it was pretty awesome. I managed to survive to this age without the twist being spoiled to me, too, so yay, I was actually surprised at the end! 8/10


Ah, this was SO GOOD. It had like, two scary moments altogether, so not exactly the movie that will make you scream. BUT THE ATMOSPHERE was so well-done, and the plot was really intriguing and fantastic, with some shocking reveals on the way. LOVED IT. 9/10



  • The Simon vs. movie HAS A NEW TITLE - Love, Simon. I do like it A LOT, though, there is a movie/book called Love, Rosie, so I probably not the most original movie title EVER, but pretty short and catchy?? Let me know what YOU think.
  • Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera CO-WROTE A BOOK!!!. It is titled What If It's Us, and it is going to be published fall, 2018. First of all, I'm SO EXCITED I CANNOT COPE, and secondly these two are freaking #friendship goals, are they not!? They've been planning this FOR THREE YEARS, FOLKS. 
  • Daniel José Older is writing Star-Wars themed book, details are "top secret" as of right now. He confirms it here.
  • There are more and more pictures being released from The Hate U Give movie & cast, and omg, I AM SO EXCITED. Angie Thomas shared a pic of Starr and Sekani together here, but you can find even more at @TheHateUGive.
  • The cover of Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi has been revealed, alongside an excerpt, see all that here.
  • Delacorte has acquired world rights for Kiersten White's new book, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. It is set to be published in fall, 2018, and it is from the POV of Elizabeth "a girl who is taken in by the Frankenstein family to be a companion for their son, the volatile and mysterious Victor". *goes and puts it onto next year's Halloween tbr*
  • Heather Demetrios is editing a collection, titled Dear Heartbreak: YA Authors on the Dark Side of Love, consisting of real life letters from teens that are answered by some of the most popular YA Contemporary authors, e.g. Sandhya Menon, Nina LaCour, Becky Albertalli, Adi Alsaid and Libba Bray. See the full deal/list of authors here.
  • Catherine Doyle, author of Blood for Blood, opted to write Middle Grade, apparently, (I wanted her to go darker, dammit, not lighter!). Bloomsbury Children's Books will publish Doyle's two-part series about Fionn Boyle, "who is sent to stay with his grandfather for the summer on a remote island, but after his arrival awakens an ancient magic buried deep in the island, he must embrace his destiny as the Storm Keeper's heir." Umm, whatever that means, I am intrigued. 
  • Joan He is going to publish Descendant of the Crane, a book that is pitched as 'a Chinese inspirited Game of Thrones' in which a young princess searches for her father's assassin, investigating various suspects, including some within their own court.
  • CG Drews, aka Cait @ Paperfury, will have her first book published! IDK about you, but I'm SO READY to see an actual book by her, because the little snippets that she's shared of her novels before were AMAZING. This one is a contemporary, titled A Thousand Perfect Notes, and ah, just read her announcement tweet to get to know more about it.
  • Harper Collins/Tegen will publish a new book by Mindy McGinnis about "a small-town softball star's easy slide into drug addiction, set amidst the opioid epidemic in America's heartland". Publication is slated for winter 2019 & the title is Heroine and I am HYPE basically.
  • Sourcebook Fire has bought Bone Kingdom by Amelinda Berube, a book pitched as The Bone Witch Project meets Imaginary Girls. Publication is slated for August 2019.
  • Samira Ahmed (author of Love, Hate & Other Filters) has sold her second novel, titled Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know, to Soho Teen! The novel is described as "twisty" and it will follow a Muslim American teen who partners up with a descendant of Alexander Dumas "to unravel the mystery of a 19th-century Muslim woman who appears in letters between Dumas and Eugene Delacroix." Publication is slated for 2019 fall. 
  • Simon St. James is set to publish two suspense novels at Berkeley. I'm a bit confused by this piece of news, to be honest, because I've known about The Broken Girls (set to be published in March 2018) for quite some time, (you can see the Goodreads page with the cover + full blurb here), BUT I AM NONETHELESS EXCITED. The other book is going to be about a woman who "takes a job at the same motel where her young aunt disappeared 35 years ago, determined to find out what happened to her." 
  • The freakishly gorgeous cover of Sara Raasch's new book, These Rebel Waves, first in a duology, was revealed, and my eyes cannot take this beauty. 
  • Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are writing a collection of short stories that take place before the Starbound trilogy, featuring our beloved main characters. The title is The Threads We Wave, and it is set to be published on January 9. Learn more and add it to your Goodreads TBR here.

How was your October? Any exciting - or dreadful - books you've read? How about movies or shows? What are some of the tv shows you are up-to-date with? Also, did any bookish news released in October made you INCREDIBLY excited? LET'S CHAT!


  1. Well this was a very complete recap! I'm won't be reading All the Crooked Saints and I bloody adored her raven king cycle but I'm not wasting my time in bad representation. No way jose. I've been also thinking about re-reading The Diviners. The hype around the latest novel is getting to me and I wanna see if I think differently on the book now. I wasn't very impressed but maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it?

    1. Thank you! You're right not to, I wish I hadn't either. :| I've just finished Before the Devil Breaks You, and while it isn't my fave from the series, I do think you may want to give another chance to The Diviners. Especially if you think you might like it more now.

  2. Thanks for sharing my post, Veronika! I’m so looking forward to November now because it’s one month closer to my birthday month, December lol! I saw the Love, Simon clips on twitter and omg I just cannot wait for the film! And THUG movie, omg there’s just so much to look forward to!

    1. Ooh, that's cool! PLUS, Christmas is fast-approaching, too! December must be a super-cool month for you! IRK? IT IS SO ADORABLE. And ah, the pics of the THUG cast are ALWAYS so amazing. Exactly how I imagined the characters. I cannot wait for these movies.

  3. Hey, better late than never. I remember seeing the Sixth Sense when it first came out. I loved the twist, which was sort of similar to The Others, but I still loved them both.

    1. Yep! I did like the twist in The Others more? I felt like the execution was better - in the Sixth Sense after learning the twist there were some things that didn't make much sense. (Like, how he was driving the kid one time.)


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