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YA Series With Sucky Last Books

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Hello loves! Today I'm here with a bit of a negative post about series finals that left a lot to be desired. No, like, A LOT. These series have one thing in common besides the let down of the last book - they were among my favorites once upon a time, heck, I love two of these so much that, to this day, they are some of my favorites despite the disappointing finals. SO THAT SHOULD GIVE YOU AN IDEA ABOUT JUST HOW DISAPPOINTED I WAS BY THESE LESS THAN PERFECT FINALS. Gah, there's nothing worse in a bookworms life then being let down by our favorite series/authors. *curls up and cries*

I definitely think this is something we all go through once in a while, which is why I decided to create this post, rant away and then you can do the same in the comments and we can cry together. 

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Do you guys know that feelings when you love a series SO MUCH, but then it starts to go kind of downhill? The quality isn't the same, the characters aren't as amazing as they used to be and the plot is suddenly all over the place?? THAT was Bloodlines to me. 

I absolutely adored the first three novels, loved the fourth, but was let down by the fifth. Whatever, I thought, this one only sucked, because Mead is holding off all the magic for the finale. Ahahahahah, I WAS WRONG.

The last book, The Ruby Circle, was such a major disappointment that I'm still reeling from it. It was boring, the plot was poorly crafted and the characters did NOT shine. The original squad from the first couple of novels that was, hey, one of my favorite things in the series never truly reunited, and don't even get me started on Sydney and Adrian. ONE OF MY FAVORITE OTPs OF EVER BECAME SO CHEESY AND HORRIBLE. Like, why??? I just, I can't. The Ruby Circle was a shitty final... a shitty book, period. 

Would I still rec the series? - Umm, I think so??? The beginning is SO GOOD, and maybe, just maybe, I was expecting too much from the last two novels?? Tell me in the comments your thoughts on this series, because I'm curious as hell. 

Burn for Burn trilogy by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

This one right here deserves THE biggest disappointment of all time for me. See, I really-really enjoyed Burn for Burn, but something was missing from it, but then came Fire with Fire, one of the best sequels I've ever read. It had everything Burn for Burn did, and then turned that up a notch and created one hell of an emotional, mind-blowing sequel. 

I was so excited for Ashes to Ashes that I put it aside until I could read it in one seat, and was eagerly awaiting to see my favorite story at the time, along with some of my favorite characters to find their happy ending. LOL was I fucked over. 

Now, see, I'm not going to spoil this gem, but the thing is... nothing turned out the way that'd have made sense TO ME (and to many other disappointed fans, because I'm so not alone in this). The relationships were messed up - and I'm not only talking about the romantic ones - whilst there were several aspects of the story that made zero, ZERO sense. 

Yes, I'm still incredibly bitter about this, because to this day, I've never read another series in which one book I'd call THE BESTEST sequel of ever, just so the final novel can leave me a disappointed mess. 

The Winner's trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

This is one of the better finales on this list with a four star rating, but still, hella disappointing. I mean, it was fine, but that's just it - fine is NOT enough for me when I'm a fan of a series, it just isn't.

There was this huge, sort of event-less, build up to the end... and then everything was quickly wrapped up? WUT. Also, a character I 1000% detested was sort of forgiven and I just couldn't deal with that.

(On a side note - I sound so insufferable, as if things don't go the way *I* want them to, I hate books, BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE, I SWEAR.)

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

The first three books of TMI were fantastic, some of my favorites at the time - Malec and Clace were two of my biggest ships, and I reread my favorite scenes tons of times. However, starting from the fourth book, I just didn't love the series all that much. 

YET, I was sure the finale would redeem the second part of the series, because, after all, the third book, the original ending to the series, was still my favorite. Unfortunately, it was an even bigger disappointment than the rest of the books. *sobs*

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyes

I feel like this pick might be surprising to many of you, because I do still love this series - I'm actually planning on rereading it soon - and it IS a very good series. Buuuut, I don't think Winter is a particularly good finale. 

TLC, for me, was typically one of those series where each book was better than the previous one, which is why the disappointment of Winter - rated 4 stars, because of my love for the series as a whole - hit me really hard. 

The pacing was very inconsistent, in my opinion, and, to be honest, it was way too long. Is it just me or when you read a long book, even if it's so good that it doesn't feel long and you fly through it, it has a certain aspect - like complicated plot, or really detailed characters - that explain WHY it was so long?

For me, Winter was lacking a proper reason to be quite this long, and mind you, this was 800+ pages long (!) book, so that's incredibly sad. Another thing - in the first three books Cinder, Scarlet and Cress all had a lot of time to shine, I don't think Winter had that, though. Moreover, all the ships had these cutesy conclusions, BUT Winter and Jacin. Can't believe there was no time for them in this monster of a book. :| 

I'd love y'all to tell me in the comments YOUR favorite, or, at least, a well-liked series that didn't exactly go out with a bamm. Btw, do you agree or disagree with my picks? 


  1. I agree with you, the original TMI trilogy was SO GOOD and it was the perfect ending. I really wish Clare didn't extend the series. The second half was a mess.

    1. Exactly! I loved the ending so much, because it was totally closed, but YOU KNEW that they had many adventures coming. The next three books were so boring. :|

  2. Oh yeah, Ashes to Ashes was a shitshow. I was so into the series up until that point, but then they started bringing in the paranormal and I was like... this just doesn't make sense.

    1. Yeah, I was actually excited for the paranormal stuff back in Fire with Fire, BUT THEY BUTCHERED IT.

  3. Quote:
    "because, after all, the third book, the original ending to the series, was still my favorite."
    So much for milking the cow...seriously, sometimes authors (or presses *sighs*) should knows when to stop. I have this book by Christopher Pike called Remember Me that I love to bits - it's the reason why I started reading YA in my adulthood, go figure. But Simon & Schuster demanded sequels...even if the main character had been DEAD and a friggin' GHOST all along, mind you...and everything sort of derailed.

    You love a good rant, don't you? I've seen a few on the blog lately haha.

    1. Ugh, it's the worst when it's a book you TRULY adored and then the sequel(s) feel unnecessary and let you down. :| Haha, yes, I do. :P

  4. I didn't think Ruby Circle was sucky. I actually liked that Mead incorporated so many characters from VA in the book, but I will say, it ended sort of with a whimper. I felt the same way about Bitterblue. The first two Graceling books were so dynamic, and Bitterblue had this very quite ending. Ditto for Wayfarer. I liked CoH too, but I am not disenchanted with the franchise. I thought Clare did a nice job giving us endings for all the characters we had spent a bunch of time with. Finales on my hit list: Allegiant and Requiem are two that come to mind.

    1. Omg, ALLEGIANT, can't believe I forgot about that shitshow. Divergent was one of my favorite books when it first released, but Allegiant was AWFUL. I never continued Delirium, to be honest, because I read about the love triangle and all, and decided to skip haha. As for Ruby Circle, I think I rated it 3 or 4 stars? Buuut it was a HUGE disappointment after how much I loved the rest of the series, esp the first three books. I still haven't read Bitterblue, because my friend who LOVES the first two books - more than I do, actually - wasn't a huge fan, so I feel like I should pass on that.

  5. I totally agree on TMI. I never understood why she extended the series. It seemed forced to me, all the drama and everything. And, I hated the ending. I think it would have been perfect as just a trilogy.

    1. I'm not sure why there are so many books to begin with. Like, I'm happy for the fans, but surprised there are still fans!? *hides*

  6. SO SORRY I'M VISITING AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME!! It's just I've been so busy with college stuff that blogging had taken a backseat and I couldn't blog hop at all!!

    Okay so I'm a huge Vampire Academy fan so I'm scared to start bloodlines even though I have books 1-3 :P I'm sad the finale was such a letdown! With TLC I'm yet to start Cress! I think The Raven King was kinda disappointing? I mean I gave it 5 stars and it was pretty awesome but not the best finale! Books 2 and 3 were more awesome than the last!

    Great post :)

    1. No problem, Ruzi and I can both relate to that. :)

      Omg, nooo, don't be scared! It is worth reading - I actually think I liked Bloodlines better than VA!? Like, the build-up of the series as a whole is BETTER in VA, but the characters and story were more interesting in Bloodlines. OOh, Cress is my fave, so def continue TLC when you can!! And Winter wasn't horrid, just nowhere near as good as the rest.

      SAME OMG. I truly enjoyed The Raven King & rated it 5 stars, but after the previous books it fell a bit flat. Blue Lily will forever stay my favorite, I think.

      Thank you! :)

  7. This is one of those things that I particularly hate - and, usually, when a series gives me a disappointing to terrible final book, I can't ever love the series as much as I used to. I do agree with you on Winter (the only one of these books that I've read). Even though at the time I gave it five stars, I can see problems and issues that I didn't pick up on then. And, truthfully, you are so right about Winter not really having a good reason for its length. I've only read the first book in The Winner's trilogy so far, but it does give me hope because at least you didn't think the third was AWFUL. (But, sometimes it's easier to deal if a finale is awful than just merely disappointing.)

    I just finished up four series and I was only truly happy with the ending to one of them. I think one of the things that happens to me is if a series starts going down hill after the first book, I remain in denial until the last book because I keep expecting/hoping the series will recapture the magic of the earlier books. When I reach the finale and it's as disappointing (or more) than the previous one or two, it gets all my ire. Also, I have to admit, some of this could be my own fault because I wait so long to read the finale at times that my tastes have changed and I'm no longer that interested in the story being told.

    1. YES, I so agree with that - it IS super-hard to have a lot of love for a series that ended up disappointing you in the end. Honestly, The Winner's t. could have been wrapped up in one long-ish book. #SorryNotSorry THE DRAMA WAS UNBELIEVABLE BY THE END. The miscommunication, particularly in the second book killed me.

      I can relate to that, to be honest. Someone mentioned Allegiant before - which I forgot to include here - and the Divergent series was EXACTLY like what you described for me. I adored Divergent, and was thoroughly disappointed by Insurgent, but still 1000% believed the final wouldn't let me down haha. AND THEN I TRIED READING THE SHORT STORIES ABOUT THE MALE LEAD, BECAUSE THOSE MUST BE GOOD AT LEAST. IDK when to stop with series I TRULY loved for a while.

  8. Aw, darn. I have exact same feelings about Bloodlines and The Mortal Instruments: I used to love both series sooooo much, but the last two or three books were just a downhill trip to massive disappointment. TMI especially was perfect as the original trilogy, sob.

    And to this day, I have no idea what happened to Bloodlines? It used to be so good, both plot and romance wise. But then even the characters started to annoy. Maybe it's like you said, they had become cheesy and horrible. Or maybe it was the plot that lost any excitement? At this point, I can't even recall what happens in the last book, that's how much I just didn't care.

    But this does make me worried because I do have two last Lunar chronicles books to read... Haha. Fingers crossed. The idea and the universe is so unbelievably good and Sailor Moon-ish.

    1. TMI is probably the biggest downhill ever for me. I felt like CC packed EVERYTHING, including exciting plot-elements and all the interesting aspects to the characters, into the first three books, and when she & the publisher tried to milk that cow with the next three they were bound to fail.

      For me, Bloodlines wasn't THAT bad, but I do agree with you - the characters WERE annoying. I felt like, after they got together they sort of lost themselves? IDK. It was weird. And also, Mead should NOT write male POVs - or alternating POVs, really - because Adrian's voice was cringy as hell. One more thing - the latter three books did NOT stand well on their own. Especially the 5th, where Sydney was locked up, dragged on really badly. Somehow, imo, Mead should have created two books out of the three or something ugh.

      Haha, hope Winter doesn't disappoint you! But, I mean, even if it does, you'll have Cress before that, and that was my fave novel :D


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