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Eight Fantastic Diverse Novels You Probably Haven't Read But 100% Should

Hello everyone!! A few days ago I was browsing through what I've read so far this year and found that many-many titles that I absolutely adored are quite underrated. I thought back to how perfect each of these books were, how complex and diverse the characters are and how freaking well-written the story is, and I got so damn mad, because less than 5000 Goodreads ratings is NOT what they deserve. No way. Nuh-huh.

I figured, as a book blogger/reviewer, the least I can do is try to convince you all to give these titles a chance, because they and their authors sure as hell deserve to be supported. So, without further ado - let me present the 8 most underrated DIVERSE books I've read in 2017 so far. 

This post contains heavy fangirling and flailing. Expect to be convinced to pick up all these titles. Read at your own risk.

TRADE ME by Courtney Milan

- NA romance where the MCs, one poor, one wealthy, trade lives for three months

Tina is Chinese-American (#ownvoices), Blake deals with an eating disorder THERAPY POSITIVE

- explores different social and economic backgrounds + different family dynamics

- parents aren't perfect, nor are they demonized - they are humans, they make mistakes 

- hilarious dialogues and HOT chemistry between the characters

- book 2, Hold Me, is about Maria, Tina's best friend who's transgender

PETER DARLING by Austin Chant

#ownvoices NA Peter Pan retelling (novella) of my dreams where Peter is a trans, gay boy who happens to fall for his mortal enemy Captain Hook 

- these characters will melt your heart, then break it, but, don't worry, they put it right back together

- Neverland is a weird and creepy place, maybe worse than ever before, because it really fucks with the characters' head

- Austin Chant has another #ownvoices novella called Coffee Boy out, GO READ THAT, TOO.

- Seriously, support this author, he's absolutely fantastic and deserves more recognition!


- YA Sci-Fi where neither the superheroes nor the villains are what they seem to be

- so so SO cute F/F romance

- Jess is a Chinese-Vietnamese girl who's also openly bisexual #ownvoices

- kickass group of friends and supporting/wonderful parents

- next book is about one of Jess's best friends, Bells, a trans boy who changes his hair color as often as possible. IS THAT NOT AWESOME.

- NA, Contemporary novella

- cute F/F romance - pansexual main character with lesbian, Filipina love interest 

- literally the definition of #girlpower - girls supporting girls all around

- MC works in a bookshop AND MEETS HER LOVE INTEREST THERE #goals

- MC is undecided about her future, aka she's MANY of us

- sex positive

BURN BABY BURN by Meg Medina

- YA, Historical Fiction, Coming of Age

- set during the 70s when a serial killer, Son of Sam, kept the city of New York in fear

- #ownvoices latina rep

- A+ friendship, Nora and her best friend are FIERCE together

- all about going for what YOU want

- some inclusion of feminism


- YA Contemporary that takes place at a book convention


- 2 narrators - Charlie (Chinese, bisexual) and Taylor (fat and on the Autism spectrum) as they find new/old love AND ARE SUPER-CUTE WHILE DOING THAT

- problematic behavior is called out

- #ownvoices autistic and bi rep

MY SISTER ROSA by Justine Larbalestier

- YA Thriller where the MC's little sister is a psychopath, and he's trying to keep her in line

- VERY diverse list of characters - Korean-American characters, lesbian character, gender-fluid character, African-American love interest who has two mothers

- Che is such a realistic teen boy, not perfect AT ALL, he was so so cute and could get really emotional and had acne and was just clueless at times

-  Che and his love interest are kickass boxers, and she's actually better and I loved that + the description of boxing

LAST SEEN LEAVING by Caleb Roehrigh 

- YA Mystery where the MC's ex-girlfriend disappears and he does his best to uncover the truth

- #ownvoices gay rep with THE CUTEST ship

- GREAT, all around supporting parents

- a lot more complex plot than you'd expect at first, the stakes get SO high by the end, seriously A+ build-up

- humorous at many parts 

Have you guys read any of these books? What did you think?
If you haven't read any of these yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?? Give these a chance and then come back and tell me how much you enjoyed them!


  1. Peter Darling looks so magical!! I need that in my life!!

    1. YESS, you do! It's so cute and gorgeous and fun!

  2. I have not read many of these (though I really want to read Queens of Geek), but I LOVED Last Seen Leaving. It was a mystery but also a great coming-out, coming-of-age story.

    1. You totally should read QoG, it's ADORABLE. Yes, that's exactly why I loved LSL so much and why I think it stands out from all the books I've read this year. :)

  3. Trade Me has been on my TBR FOREVER! I've been dying to read it but can never seem to find the time...maybe I'll add it to my list this month :)

    1. Please do read it & then tell me how you liked it!! I actually have just read the second book AND IT WAS JUST AS GOOD. Totally recommended!

  4. Not Your Sidekick sounds awesome, I've heard nothing but good things about it. I look forward to getting around to reading it.

    1. It was fantastic! I'm so freaking excited for the sequel!

  5. No one I talk to has heard of The Melody of You and Me which makes me sad :/ Like... IT'S SO GOOD.
    I literally need to read all of these WHY IS THERE ONLY 24 HOURS IN A DAY *flails around*
    Fabulous post <3

    1. SAME!! No one I know appreciated how adorable The Melody of You and Me is. That reminds me - I need to get around to reading the sequel, I'm SO EXCITED for it. IKR!? Not nearly enough time to read! Thank you!

  6. Hey guys! Sorry I've been pretty MIA for a while! I started my postgrad and boy it's a lot of work! I'm literally exhausted every minute of the day..I've only recently managed to find a balance between studies and all my bookish activities!

    And yay for all these novels! I haven't read any of the above but I'm extremely excited to read Queens of Geek and Not your Sidekick soon :) I've heard of Peter Darling and I love the premise of it! I can so get onboard with a Peter-Captain Hook ship <33 great post!!

    1. Ugh, sounds really stressful and tiring, but I'm glad you managed to find the balance!

      You should definitely read those two, and please give Peter Darling a chance!! It's short and fantastic and the ship is A+! Thank you!!


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