Friday, July 21

24 in 48 Readathon TBR (Let's cheer each other on!)

Hello everyone! I'm here with an update/announcement today about a readathon starting this very day, in just about two hours. It's called the 24 in 48 Readathon (find out more here), and the participants' aim is to read at least 24 out of 48 hours. I KNOW, SOUNDS BRUTAL, buuuut I did the maths (literally anyone who knows me would go through those numbers VERY carefully, because I'm bad with numbers, but I swear this will be correct!!) and it seems totally doable if you think about it. 

What I'm personally aiming to do is to read approx the same amount of time on both days, which would mean around 12 hours each day. Sounds hard, BUT not if you look at it this way: if I sleep six hours, which is perfectly enough for me as long as I don't do that for days and days, I'll have 18 hours left of each day. That means that if I can keep up the 12 hours/day schedule, I'll have 6 hours left of each day to eat, update on my progress etc. SEE? I just made the impossible look possible. Thank me later. 

On a side note, this is actually my second time participating, and the last time I was in a smaller reading slump, so I failed spectacularly, but this time around I'm a lot more prepared, which means that I have a whole TBR ready, full of books I'm super-duper excited for. 

I picked 5 copies I own in physical form and 5 that I own in ebook form. I contemplated adding review copies to my list, but I like to write my reviews soon after finishing a book, and that obviously wouldn't be possible here. Also, I'm not sure if ten books is too much or no (pretty sure it is), but I'd rather have more than less. 

To be honest, knowing myself there's a huge chance I won't read the majority of these, but rather pick up other novels.. yeah, I'm that much of a mood reader. But still, let's take a look at them together!

See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt - A recently published Historical Fiction book centering around Lizzie Borden from the perspective of various characters who were involved in what happened. Buddy read with Clare from Dual Reads, and if this is disappointing we'll both weep like babies, I tell you. 

The Merciless III by Danielle Vega - Horror? Gore? Demons? Possessed characters? A sort of prequel to The Merciless? GIMMIE. 

Girlhood by Cat Clarke - I love most things Clarke comes up with, especially her darker novels, and this one certainly seems dark. 

Hold Me by Courtney Milan - NA romance with a trans female blogger who has knows the male lead through her blog for a while, but they never shared their real identities with the other... and they actually hate each other in real life. I'm so pumped for this premise y'all!

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu - I love the author's works SO MUCH, so a novel by her about girls supporting girls and standing up against sexism sounds like the best thing ever. Another buddy-read with Clare! 

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James - I heard this one is a hit or miss, but I'm really excited, because it's supposed to be a bit of mindfuck? I sure hope so. 

The Martian by Andy Weir - I added this one to my list because I've been wanting to read this for the longest time. I also heard that the narrator is witty and funny? I really-really hope that is true, because being all on your own in space - on Mars - sounds fucking scary so a good narrator could definitely make the situation more bearable.

An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole - In this one the MC, Elle, is a freed slave who has an eidetic memory and who becomes a spy. I already love her, tbh. 

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli - Okay, so I don't know that much about this, besides that it has #ownvoices fat rep, and that it'll be amazing, because we're talking about the woman who wrote Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. 

Follow Me Back by A. V. Geiger - I'm pretty sure this one is supposed to be dark-ish? I hope so, at least. I just hope the heroine's agoraphobia is treated/portrayed with respect. 

I'm kind of thinking about doing a binge-read of a series if the mood strikes me... I'm thinking either Angelfall or the Grave Mercy series. We'll see what I feel up to. Anyhow, WISH ME LUCK!! And best of luck to everyone who's participating! 

Have you read any of these? Which one(s) should I push to the top of my TBR? Are you participating in #24in48? If yes, what books are on your TBR? Where will you post updates? Give me your links & I'll try my best to check them all out! If no, do you have any plans for the weekend?

Want to see more updates by me? Great! Head over to twitter and follow me, @VVeronika96 & I'll try my best to give frequent updates on my progress!

Don't forget to check back Sunday night when I'll be back with my progress & we'll hopefully celebrate together! 


  1. oooh good luck veronika! i truly admire you for committing to this...i don't think i would have the discipline to read for 12 hours for two days. i believe in you though!!!! best of luck!! :)

  2. Good luck, Veronika! I don't think I could do this challenge, it sounds pretty hardcore, but it would definitely make a dent in your TBR. I loooved The Martian and the protagonist is indeed very funny. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I have read Upside, which was adorable, and Follow Me Back, which had a fairly shocking ending. I am looking forward to Moxie. I love Mathieu! Good luck with this challenge.

  4. Good luck with the readathon, Veronika! The only one of these that I've read is The Upside of Unrequited - which I loved! It would definitely be a quick read for a readathon.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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