Thursday, June 1

YA Books Releasing in June 2017 We Just Need in Our Lives (& We're Going on a HIATUS)

Well, hello there you lovely, lovely people! June's upon us already (because we obviously love to rub it in your faces on a monthly basis about how time's just flying) and we are here with all the new releases we are looking forward to this month. But before that we have a small, small announcement to make. 


So, we just might not be around on the blog for a month from today- we'll basically just go 

on you. Uni, exams (for Vera), a little bit of a burnout (for Ruzi) and just overall stress, you know? But fear not- you can always catch us being our awesome selves on Twitter (@VVeronika96 and @RuzaikaDeen14) and perhaps on Instagram (@theregalcritiques) though god knows we still haven't got the hang of that tiring, tiring, tiring thing. Anyway, that's it. We are officially on a hiatus at The Regal Critiques. We'll be back in action in no time (read the 1st of July) so till then, just keep drooling over these beauties we've handpicked for you!








Hah. The hiatus is no reason for you to wheedle away from commenting here though, so go ahead and tell us what you think of these beauties! Looking forward to these too? Or perhaps you've been lucky enough to read any of these? TELL US. 

We love you. 

See you soon, 


  1. Oh you guys I'm gonna miss you in the blogosphere! But we all need a break for when actual life intervenes :P Good luck Vera with exams and take a well earned rest Ruzi <3 I'll stay in touch with you guys on Instagram :) I'll be travelling for a week now too and will DM you guys on Insta :) Enjoy your blogging break <33

  2. I want EVERY book on this post!! And have a great hiatus both of you! <3

  3. Spellbook of the Lost and Found appeals to yours truly...also, the sneak peek on Amazon sounds really great - the writing is enchanting. Enchanting...spellbook...see what I did here? ;D

    Have a nice and cozy break you lovely ladies. And break a leg with exams and the likes!

    1. Ooh, The Accident Season - the author's debut - was FANTASTIC, as well, so I'm super-duper excited for Spellbook! You should totally read that one! Thank you!!

  4. *hugs* i'll miss you guys! But I'm sure this break will be very well worth it and good luck on your exams, Vera! I'm sure you'll do excellent:)

    1. Ahw, I'll miss you, too, Em! I've been horrible at visiting blogs lately, but hope to be back in the game in July. Thank you!!


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