Tuesday, June 6

The World's Shortest Hiatus Ever

I'm officially calling off the hiatus from my end.

I know, I know- it's been less than a week (5 days to be precise) and what am I even thinking, playing with your poor feelings?!


Um, okay- let me try better. I really can't pinpoint exactly why but this hiatus feels too much like abandoning the blog altogether and it just so breaks my heart. Also, I know I probably might be needing a little break (Vera certainly thinks so), but there are just so many books that need flailing about and so little time that letting this whole month go waste seems like such a pity. 

I might also be needing a hiatus more sometime later this year (it's the final year of my BSc, in case you're wondering) than right now. See my dilemma? I could slack with the blogging now when things are relatively less busy at uni and regret it later or just go on blogging like I always do (last minute posts and what not) and take a break- maybe take a break- later when I'll really need it. Well, I could take two hiatuses (hiati would sound so much better), but that's out of the question- I physically cannot.

Or maybe I just have attachment issues. Say what you may, and I'm sorry, but you're having to put up with me much sooner than you anticipated. 

Hello! It's nice to be back.


  1. Quote:
    "and what am I even thinking, playing with your poor feelings?!"
    EXACTLY. [insert stern look here]

    Haha, a short hiatus indeed. Even my normal pauses between posts are waaay longer ;D. (Then again...am I even normal? Erm).

    There are so many types of post you can write without stressing out too much. (Of course, this should be true for me too...but I'm complicated). Then again, you don't need to feel like you're neglecting your blog if you stay away for a little. There's no harm in taking two hiati (YES. I love the word "hiati". I'm purposefully using the word "hiati". Let's make it a thing! ;D).
    P.S.: according to Wikipedia "Hiati is a village in Bahmayi-ye Sarhadi-ye Gharbi Rural District, Dishmok District, Kohgiluyeh County, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran.". So you just had me learning something new LOL.

    1. Ahh but here's the thing- I've had actual pauses between posts up to even two whole weeks!!! It's just that when I do it under the name of hiatus I feel all jittery- I'm weird, I KNOW!

      And yesss, I haven't don a book tag or discussion in ages, I just might do a bit of those till I feel like reviewing books XD We should TOTALLY make the word hiati a thing- and thanks for that not-so-little fact- I was too lazy to check google for it myself! :D

  2. Aw well I'm glad you're back, Ruzaika lol! But don't stress yourself. If you feel you need a break, please take time for yourself. We'll be here patiently waiting for you to get back :)

    1. I'm glad I'm back too omg xD Thank you for your support and kind words alwayyyyys! <3

  3. We have to put up with you sooner than expected? No complaints here! :)
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  4. Aw :) we'll, everyone needs a day off now and then, but blogging really does give us so much, I can see how you wouldn't really want to stay away too long :)

    1. I'm glad you understand, Evelina! The hold the bog has on me is certainly very strong ahaha xD


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