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Claire Barker - Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog: Best Friends Forever

Knitbone has a problem. His beloved owner Winnie and her bonkers parents may be forced to move and leave Knitbone behind! Can the spirits of Starcross, a gigglesome gang of ghostly animals, help Winnie save her home?
A wonderfully whimsical new series, jam-packed with mayhem, chuckles and woofs!

Received with many thanks in exchange for an honest review from Usborne Publishing UK.

The story starts with Knitbone Pepper wondering about Heaven being nothing spectacular- it only seemed to be full of stripy socks, jumpers and the smell of washing powder. Huh? No squirrels, sausage sandwiches, delicious bones, or even a single squeaky ball? He soon comes to the realization that he wasn't in Heaven after all!

Knitbone Pepper wasn't very good at maths (he was, after all, a dog), but even he had to admit that 
Dead + Still Here = Ghost

While feeling young and sprightly was all good, Knitbone is very miserable ghost dog indeed because his best friend and owner Winnie Pepper misses him terribly and doesn't know he is still stuck at Starcross Hall. Try what he may, he just can't get through to her and that makes him incredibly sad. Things are looking very awful for Knitbone until one day a note is slipped under the door of the wardrobe where he mopes around, inviting him to be a member of S.O.S. (Spirits of Starcross). S.O.S. turns out to be a group of Pepper Beloveds with a penchant for ginger biscuits.

A Beloved's love for their special human is so strong that they do not fade away. They are the most loyal and brave of animal ghosts and will defend their people and their home to the last.

Knitbone suddenly finds himself in the company of a gang of animal ghost friends, and he feels life could just be bearable in limbo after all. However, the Peppers are soon under the threat of losing their home, and it's upto Knitbone and his new ghostly friends to prevent Starcross Hall from falling into the wrong hands.

Peppered (see what I did there?) with the most lovely illustrations, this first book in the Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog series is packed with fun, hilarity and endearing characters. I loved Winnie and Knitbone's relationship, and a tough subject such as the death of a beloved pet was dealt with very well indeed. Apart from Knitbone, Winnie and Winnie's gloriously nutty parents, the other ghostly animal characters turned out to be very, very adorable too. 

All in all, while this book is no doubt meant for a much, much younger audience (age 7+), it still proved to be extremely entertaining and didn't fail to keep me glued to its pages. Paw on heart, this book was just pawsome! 

As he saw it, the Peppers were his family, and families stick together. Blood was thicker than custard, or something along those lines. So (in a move that was not dissimilar to sticking his paws in his ears and going tra-lalalalalalala), Knitbone simply decided to ignore being dead and cary on as if nothing had happened.


  1. Awww..This sounds like such a cute story! I love dogs and dead dogs are very depressing to me but this book looks like it makes it work! Knitbone sounds adorable and S.O.S sounds like a hilarious group :) Great review Ruzi and thanks for bringing this book to my attention :)

    1. It really was very, very, VERY cute, Uma! In spite of a dead dog being involved, it wasn't awfully sad or anything- the dog does come back as a ghost in all its pawsome glory after all! xD Hope you pick this up someday!


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