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L.A. Weatherly - Black Moon (The Broken Trilogy #3)

Welcome to New Manhattan, home of dictator, Kay Pierce, and her enemies in the resistance...

Leading them is Amity. Working undercover for them is the man who betrayed her.

Because even when her world is broken, Amity will risk her life to fix it. 

Set in a daring and distorted echo of 1940s America, Black Moon brings this epic series of corruption, romance and intrigue to an explosive finale.

Received in exchange for an honest review from Usborne Publishing UK.


Well. You can't say I didn't try.

But since just yelling at you to read it won't do it, let me elaborate. Black Moon was adjfklmnqrtyamazing and you should consider picking this trilogy up right now if you haven't already. Okay? Okay. And now that that's out of the way, bear with me as I try to explain just why I think Black Moon is the best series-ender ever.

Loose knots? Nope, never heard of that one.

Writing the last book in a series- especially if it's a trilogy- can be tricky. You have to ensure that you wrap everything up properly, you should be sure you didn't just let a few characters fall off the face of the earth accidentally and you have to make sure you haven't left a few plot holes here and a few there. The author had her work cut out for her and she does a terrific job in tying up all the loose knots in this book. All questions are answered and all the things you'd ever have wondered are clarified. I loved how every little thing mentioned, right from the first book, played a part in the whole story folding out like it did. Everything has been built up to perfectly and that alone, makes this book stand apart from other series-enders. I almost always have a problem with how series are wrapped up because the authors somehow always manage to miss out on something important or falter with the pacing. Here it was all just on point.

Fantastic World-Building be my middle name.

The 1940s vibe is as strong here as in the rest of the trilogy, and the way the author incorporates what actually really truly happpened during that period in the book- nope, not historical fiction, not an alternate universe either- is definitely something to be lauded. The world-building is just fantastic and you'd have no difficulty conjuring things up in your head as you read it all. Throughout these three books, I've come to be so familiar with this world and it's all thanks to just how much thought has been put into building the world.

I might be crazy, but hey I keep things interesting.

The story line and plot would make your head spin- the twists keep coming and every reveal would make you question your judgment over and over. The author doesn't shy away from depicting the ugly and the bad, and horrified as you might be, you'd be even more appalled to know that these things actually happened in the past. It was just unnerving reading about, but to think people actually went through that? Whoa. The other uses the POVs of many characters in this one, and it helped a lot towards the narrative process. I loved being back in Kay's head in this one- that's something that was sorely missed in book two. 

Characters, like photographs, develop in darkness.

The characters deserve a special mention and I could write pages and pages and pages about them, but hey- I don't do spoilers, so trust me when I say they are all done so, so well. Amity has grown a lot as a character and even if you may not have exactly warmed up to her in the first book, by the second or at least this book, you'd know her inside out. You know where you stand with her- she's dependable, spunky and just plain awesomeness. And then you have Kay. You think you know her? Haha, joke's on you. You don't. No one does, and that's the best thing about her. She's what you'd call a true enigma wrapped in a mystery, and if you think you knew her you're really in for a surprise. She's positively ruthless, but you also see her other side, and even though you'd not agree with all she does, you still see where she comes from. 

The same can be said of Collie- that guy never fails to take me by surprise. I won't say no more about him but his character arc was the bestest. This is probably the only series where I'm unable to choose a favorite froom the main leads- I love Amity, Kay and Collis equally, twisted though it may seem regarding one (or two? You never know *evil laughs*) of them. Ingo, again, was crucial to the story and trust me when I say you'll grow to love him even more in this book. There are a whole lot of other characters, including some that appeared in book one and some new ones and they were all crucial to the story. No one was there just for the sake of it, and I loved how the author dealt with them all. Mac, Sephy, Harlan, Vera, Hal and Dwight were some of my favorites and hey- the cast is diverse too! 

We don't do silly romance.

Love triangles? Please. The author deals with what could have been a potential (very messy) love triangle very well  indeed and I loved it.. You'll definitely appreciate how things transpired- I don't want to spoil anything but AHHH. It was very satisfying how they were all so mature and the way their relationships grew over time. There were also a couple of M/M relationships and I loved how they were portrayed.

Family is not an important thing; it's everything.

There's much importance given to family here- be it Amity's or Ingo's or why, even Collie's. We see how family matters, be it for the better or for the worse. In fact, familial relationships proved to be a constant all throughout the books. I loved how the author dealt with the relationships and portrayed the family dynamics. 

Only boring people get bored.

HAH. That caught your attention, didn't it? *snickers* Well, I take back what I said there, but seriously though- you need this trilogy in your life. This book, in particular, was just so good that it's been a couple of days since I finished it and I'm still hungover. In the best way possible. The characters, the plot, the's all just fabulous, and this is one truly explosive epic of a finale indeed.

The story idea: 5/5
The realization of the story: 5/5
The characters: 5/5
The cover: 5/5
Enjoy factor: 54781989468499/5


  1. I saw you recommended this to me on Goodreads!! This series looks so good and something such my taste! I can't wait to try it out :D

    1. Ahh, I really, really, REALLY hope you pick this up someday soon, Em! You can throw all the recs I've ever made you out the window and just pick this one up- it's THAT good :D

  2. Great review. I'm glad to see this book didn't fall into the love triangle trap.

    1. Thank you, Amal! I was really happy about how the author evaded the potential love triangle too- it was such a relief! xD

  3. Oh your reviews of this series is making me want to go pick up all of Weatherly's books! Great review and wonderful gifs :) And a huge HURRAY! for no love triangle :D


    1. AHHHH I'M SO GLADDDDDDD :D I don't know about the author's other books, but I'd bet my life on this trilogy- it's a must read, Uma! xD Hope you pick it up very soon xx


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