Saturday, December 3

My #DiversityDecBingo TBR!

A random scroll through my Twitter feed on the night of 30th of November turned out to be one of my best decisions ever as I stumbled upon the hashtag #DiversityDecBingo. Instantly intrigued, I clicked on it, only to see a whole lot of tweets celebrating a variety of diverse books. A month long challenge, this is all about reading and promoting diverse books- you just have to choose one row, column or diagonal line from the card above and get reading! You can check out the hashtag #DiversityDecBingo for more details and recommendations.

After much thought and consideration (and research, because of all the various genres involved), I decided on choosing the first column, and if time permits, I'll be doing the third row as well! *fingers crossed* Here's my TBR for both! 

(Click on the covers for the Goodreads page!)





 I'm super excited about all these titles and can't wait to get started! What about you? Are you excited about any of these, or have you, perhaps, read any of them? And most importantly, what do you think about my #DiverseDecBingo TBR? Too ambitious? Well, it certainly is considering how busy a month this is going to be, but root for me, won't you? Thank you!


  1. Ooh this looks absolutely awesome! I still need to read a lot of these books, I feel so behind on all the diverse rec's people give me!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? There are always so many diverse recs these days that I'm feeling quite overwhelmed. Not that it's a bad thing, I just wish I had more time :((

  2. Happy reading, Ruzaika! Are you joining the #DAReadathon too? ^_^

    1. Noooo Inge!! *wails* I was really, really hoping to, but guess when I have an exam on? The 15th of Jan! So joining it would be super futile and I wouldn't be helping to gloriously lead Slytherin into winning and it would just break my heart!!!


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