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Best of 2016 - How I Fared in Blogging This Year

2016 has been a crazy, wonderful, wonderfully crazy, crazily wonderful year. I say this every year, but I really can't believe how fast the year went! To think that at the beginning of this year I was e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y naive about diversity, feminism and racism is bizarre. I was. If there's one thing I'm glad about this year, it is because it rekindled the fire in me. And the reason? It's all because of blogging. The book community literally changed me and I couldn't be more thankful about it. Sure, there are times when there is too much drama, hate and negativity around, but at the end of the day, we are all here for the love of books and that's the best thing in the world! 

Oh, but I digress gloriously, don't I? Today's post is to highlight all the best bits of blogging for me this year! I'll take some time to bring to you the very best of blogging in 2016, and bear with me while I indulge in some self-praise. Thank you! 

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This year started with Veronika and I making a list of all the challenges we planned to take part in. I wasn't really sure about completing too many and decided only on a contemporary one and one on reading diversely, and I'm super happy about reading enough of both. That said, I do plan to read even more diversely next year and I'm so looking forward to it!


Haha, I'm kidding. Vera decided to go on a well-deserved hiatus, (which I fully approved of, mind you) because she needed some time for her exams and I was left to run the show here all on my own! And I was delighted at the chance to prove myself...which I may or may not have been successful at. *winks*

In an attempt to keep up the number of posts that went up each month and to do something different, I decided to bring back Waiting on Wednesday on the blog. I loved coming up with the posts and I loved that it introduced me to a lot of new bloggers, but I sadly couldn't continue doing it because it started feeling monotonous. I did manage to keep up with it for around six months or so, so that's something?

Ah, I wrote my first ever discussion post this year too! I loved it- I ranted all I wanted about why negative reviews can be quite very satisfying in their own way. 

We celebrated a WHOLE YEAR of being The Regal Critiques, and it was with this that Vera made a comeback, much to me delight and- I must admit- relief!

We also introduced a new feature, or rather, we put a name to our discussion reviews, and introduced this feature with our review of With Malice by Eileen Cook!

Anything Harry Potter is always fun, and so when we stumbled upon the Harry Potter tag, we knew we simply HAD to do it! It was great fun, and could very well be one of my most favorite tags ever!

Oh, and I simply cannot not mention this one- the Happiness Tag was exactly what the name suggests! Full of things to make one feel happy, you just have to check it out if you missed it!

We decided to do away with our monthly release calendars where we included just about every book (mostly YA) that was to be released and introduced Monthly Anticipation instead, where we just highlighted the books we were most excited about!

My Royal Rantings post about feminism in YA, or lack thereof, is one of my most favorite posts ever! I really loved talking about it, and it was quite a relief to get it out there!

We did Spooky October again this year, following its success last year, and this time it was bigger and decidedly much better because of all the lovely, lovely pumpkins who agreed to guest post for us! So very thankful for them!

My post for Spooky October was a rant on why it majorly sucks to be a chicken- I'm one! You can find out if you're one too, just check out my Chickenhood Assessment below- it's highly accurate, let me tell you! 

A highlight of this year is that I was super lucky to be able to beta-read for the first time ever for the lovely W. R. Gingell! The First Chill of Autumn was the book I first read, and I'm now reading Bright as the Eyes of You, a Korean fantasy set in an alternate world!


I was also lucky enough to score review copies from various sources this year- NetGalley, authors and publishers themselves- for which I'm so very thankful. Much thanks to the lovely lady at Usborne Publishing UK and authors W. R. Gingell, Iain Reading and Barbara Golder for sending out physical copies even though I live right in the middle of nowhere!


Well, so this is what blogging meant for me in 2016! How did you fare? Were you able to keep up with posts consistently or did you fail to reach your goal? What were some of your best moments? Also, most importantly, tell me what you expect of us in 2016! 

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ,  E V E R Y O N E ! 
May this be the best one yet!


  1. Quote:
    I needed something funny this morning LOL.

    I didn't know you got to beta-read! I've done that a couple of times now (plus a proof-read), and it's SO rewarding. Mostly because you feel like you can be useful, and the authors placed their trust in you.

    You fared well! Here's to an equally (if not more) rewarding 2017!

    1. P.S.: I loved to be a pumpkin ;D.

    2. Glad I provided you with some comic relief xD Beta-reading's great, but I can't help but feel I've been uselss hahaha :D

      Thank you, Roby! Hope you have an amazing 2017!

      PS: We loved you as a pumpkin haha :D

  2. Aw guys, it looks like your year has been so great! Lots of milestones, incredible events and more! Looking forward to more awesome posts next year! <3

    1. Thank you, Gerri! We do so hope we manage to keep up our levels of awesomeness this year too :D

  3. Happy New Year Ruzaika and Veronika!! Glad you had an amazing year full of lots of diversity and feminism! I loved this direction you guy's blog took this year and I look forward to every feature you put out! Hope 2017 brings nothing but good :)

    1. THANK YOU, EM! Your words mean so much to us! Hope you have an amazing 2017 too <3

  4. I hope you have an awesome 2017!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  5. I love doing discussions! I've only done two, but they're so fun to write :D I really want to read your post about feminism in YA now. Happy New Year's!

    1. SAME HERE- I never end up writing discussions even though I have more than enough ideas, lol- something to remedy this year, hopefully!
      Wish you a happy 2017, Adalyn!


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