Tuesday, November 15

My 2016 in Movies & TV Shows

My 2016, so far, definitely had its ups in respect of movies and tv shows - though that is hardly a surprise, because I'm pretty sure that's the case with everything. AND THAT'S A GOOD THING. The ups could never feel so sweet and perfect without all the downs, am I right? #deep

Anyhow, this WEEK'S TTT is technically a movie freebie, but as I've been thinking about writing a post about movies and tv shows I watched in 2016, I decided to do just that this week. I think that's CLOSE ENOUGH. *shrugs*

So, without further ado, here's- 

My 2016 in Movies
*not including ones I only re-watched this year*

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The Ups:

  • Zootropolis was one of the biggest UPS of the year, for sure. The graphics, the plot, the characters... literally EVERYTHING was perfect, making this one of my favorite animated movies ever. 10 stars for sure.

  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 was also super-duper good, I found it to be quite a worthy follow-up to the first movie, though it didn't reach the previous's highs, so 7 stars. Also, since when are animated movies SO HEARTBREAKING? I don't think I was this devastated after ANY real movie, to tell you the truth. #notokay
  • Lights Out was a really, really good movie, too, albeit we did learn a tad bit too much from the trailer for my taste, and there were quite a few horror clichés packed in there, as well. However, I still think it's one of the better horror movie out there that had interesting enough characters and an intriguing plot - 7 stars.
  • Despite the couple of problems I had with it, I still consider The Conjuring 2 one of the winners of 2016. No, it wasn't as good as the first movie, and after the exciting build-up everything was wrapped up weirdly fast, but it was still a decent horror film, with quite a few creepy scenes and great actors. 7 stars
  • One of the biggest positive surprises was Grease Live! I haven't watched the original in an incredibly long time, so I'm not quite sure how accurate this was, or how well it lives up to it, BUT I do know that this was so so SO enjoyable, with superb casting- 9 stars.

  • Thor & Thor: The Dark World were absolute winners, as well. I'm no Marvel fan, so imagine my surprise when I actually LOVED both these - mainly because of Loki, but still. 7 and 8 stars. 
  • The Virgin Suicides was an incredibly depressing movie to watch, but that didn't take one bit away from its greatness. I was glued to the screen from the first scene until the last and I was punched right in the feels at various parts. 9 stars.

  • The Book Thief was neither an up nor a down, but because I think I'd have enjoyed it more if not for finding the book 100000% better, it joined the UPS. There wasn't any major problem I could point out, but the things that were changed weren't to my liking, especially in regards of some of the characters. 6 stars.
  • The Hateful Eight is by far one of the best movies I've seen in 2016 - really bloody and gory, so if those things aren't for you then you probably shouldn't watch it, BUT also humorous, funny and truly exciting. LOVED IT, so 10 stars.
  • The Purge: Anarchy was one of those strange types of movies that turns out to be better than its previous film. I think I enjoyed the first one mostly because it was something I haven't seen before, but with this one the creators got so much more creative, with that creating one gripping story.
  • The Boy was such a surprising little horror, so, of course, I adored it. It had decent characters with their own lives besides the plot, some pretty big surprises and a spooky atmosphere that made me shiver all through the movie. 
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose was another positive surprise that ended up being quite different from what I imagined - it was more about the consequences of the exorcism, rather than the actual act of it, or what led up to it. I found the actors to be incredibly convincing, especially the priest, and the story to be intriguing and something I'd gladly re-watch. In the end, I wasn't even that sorry about the movie not being scary.
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was one of those strange adaptation that - in *my* opinion - turned out to be better than its book. #sorrynotsorry - 9 stars.

  • The Book of Life was a cute little animated movie - albeit the graphics were a bit weird, but not really in a bad way - that I mostly enjoyed, though I'm not quite sure I'd rewatch it even if it was on tv. 6 stars
  • ParaNorman was another fun animated movie that was played on tv around Halloween. I liked it more than The Book of Life, but I somehow expected more from it. There were certainly some laugh out loud scenes, though, and it was positively weird and quirky. 7 stars
  • 10 Things I Hate About You was SO GOOD omg - I mean, yeah, I did, in fact, expect more, BUT these 1990 & 2000 movies have the best atmosphere ever. 8 stars

The Downs:
  • Jawbreaker was a definite down, thus it only scored 6 stars from me. I expected something Heathers like, both of them being a black comedy, but it was so freakishly boring and slow-moving that I wanted to stop watching it various times. 5 stars.
  • Tusk, oh my god, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I know, it sounds extremely strange and downright disturbing that I actually expected a lot from this movie, BUT it sounded so unique, did it not? Alas, it was terrible - both plot- and character-wise. 3 stars and that's pushing it.
  • Now The Hunters I'd never even heard of, but it was on tv at the right time + it had Robbie Amell, who I loved in The DUFF, so I ended up half paying attention to it while messing around on my laptop. It's a bit like a Spy Kids rip off for young adults, which is funny, because the female lead is actually Alexa PenaVega, aka Carmen Cortez. (4 stars)
  • Before I Go To Sleep was one of those cases where the book and the movie were equally disappointing, despite the fact that quite a few things were changed in the latter. I wish I didn't waste my time on either - 4 stars. 
  • I could barely deal with the sadness that overcame me while trying to and failing to finish Hotel Transylvania. I expected SO MUCH FROM THIS MOVIE. The graphics I loved & the idea is cool, but the story just dragged on, and I ended up DNF-ing this one. 3 stars.

  • I expected I Know What You Did Last Summer to be truly exciting - like a fun ride... alas, it wasn't any fun, and the ride was so slow I'm pretty sure the car was being towed. Had to skip through quite a few parts, because I couldn't do it. 3 stars.
  • Secrets in the Walls was another chance watch - it was on tv at the right time... and it didn't work out for me either. Kinda clichéd, kinda boring... the typical low-budget horror movie. 4 stars
  • While watching Now You See Me 2 I could barely cope with my disappointment. It was NOTHING like the first installment - boring story, much harder to understand and less believable tricks, and characters that developed exactly nothing. Also, Isla Fisher was greatly missed. 5 stars

As for the TV Shows:
  • I gave up The 100's 3rd season last spring - I had to put the show on hold because I wasn't feeling it, and then ended up never going back to it after getting spoiled on a few big things and not liking the sound of them. And I found some parts - the change in some characters - of the third season incredibly unrealistic, which just pissed me off. Will I get back to this? I don't think so.
  • Another show I gave up on was Shadowhunters. I was mildly excited for it, because I loved the first three TMI novels, plus I've always been a huge Malec shipper, but this show is just... not for me. I thought the script was awful, the atmosphere off, while many of the actors were mediocre. I'm glad many people enjoy it, though! 
  • I binge-watched the first season of Wayward Pines, and man, was it awesome! I loved every minute of it, but I'm pretty sure I won't try the 2nd season. I heard mostly bad things... have any of you watched it.
  • I'm still on the first season of Peaky Blinders, though I'm making progress... some, at least. That said, my reluctance to continue this has nothing to do with the quality, because this is, undoubtedly, one of the most well-made shows I've ever seen. 
  • Scream Queens' second season has had quite a few ups and downs, so I'm undecided about it. I kinda wish the seasons weren't connected, because I'm still having a hard time imagining the previous main characters as med-students. Also - especially at the beginning of the season - I felt like there were too many characters, all of them GREAT, but not enough time for them to shine. IDK, maybe that was just me.
  • The 6th season of 2 Broke Girls has started and it's been fun so far. I just really, really want Caroline and Max to finally succeed, because it's painful to watch them fail again and again. Though, I guess, that'd mean the end of the show, and I don't want that.
  • Penny Dreadful ended with its third season and I might possibly be the only person who is okay with that AND with the ending. I thought it was, perhaps, the only realistic ending after everything that has happened, though the last episode could have been more action-packed.
  • The sixth season of American Horror Story is currently on tv... Some parts of it I adore, while other parts are just meh. There's one episode left and I know how I feel about that one will definitely have a huge part in my overall feelings about the show.
  • I watch Criminal Minds whenever it's on tv, and as various Hungarian channels are playing it at the moment - different seasons, of course - I watch the episodes completely out of order. The season I'm concentrating on - or trying to, anyhow - is the 11th, and I have to say it's definitely not as good as some of the previous ones, with a few exceptional episodes.
  • How To Get Away With Murder isn't as brilliant as its 2nd season was. That said, I'm still enjoying it quite a lot and in no way planning on giving it up. However this season is making me wonder about how far the creators will stretch this show? Hopefully, only as long as there are still original ideas. 
  • I'm currently on the 7th season of Castle & I'm really loving it, even though I haven't watched ALL the previous episodes.
I think that's it! 2016 so far has, in fact, been a pretty good year tv show and movie-wise, for me. Book-wise, too, though I'll have another long ass post that'll go into details about that. 

What's the best & worst movie and/or tv show you've seen in 2016?


  1. LOVE your topic this week! It's great to see what other people have watched and enjoyed recently. :)

    Thor is my favourite Marvel so I'm glad you enjoyed them (of course Loki is the best character). I really want to see Miss Peregrine, I've been hoping the film would be better though as the book fell a bit flat for me. I still need to read The Book Thief but maybe I should watch the film first?

    10 Things was a big part of my teenage years, I can't believe you've only just seen it!

    As for all the TV series well done on keeping so many going! I gave up on The 100 it started getting silly. But lots of <3 for Castle. I need to catch up again, I think I only got to season 4!

    Have a lovely week
    Rachel @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune

    1. Thank you, Rachel! :)

      I'm not really into Marvel, but Thor is freaking fantastic. Miss Peregrine is definitely better than the book! The book was super-boring for me, meanwhile the movie managed to keep my interest despite that I know most of the big plot points thanks to the book. No, I don't think you should watch the movie first, because - well, maybe this is just me but - some of the characters left a totally different impression on me in the book than in the movie. The book being better, of course.

      Haha, I TRY. Castle is so good! Kate and Castle are one of the shippiest ships out there, I swear.

      You too! <3

  2. Oh, is Purge Anarchy better than the previous films? Because if so, that's awesome, and I really need to get on with watching it! I've been a bit reluctant, because I found the first film a bit boring - the only thing really gripping was the concept.
    AND YES FOR CASTLE AHHHH I honestly can't believe it's over, but I'm happy you're watching it now, and you're liking it!! :D
    I totally have to catch up on 2 Broke Girls, now that exams are over for me! Thanks for reminding me, and this was a wonderful list!

    1. YES, so much better! The first one really only scratched the surface of how the Purge looks.
      I was SO SAD when I heard it's ending, but I guess it's ultimately a good thing they didn't try to stretch it out until there was no story to tell.
      Thank you! :)

  3. I still have to see Zootopia! Everyone says it's so cute and uplifting! I also really loved Grease Live, especially Vanessa as Rizzo, can you believe she played the role a day after he father died?? She was so powerful! I kind of gave up on Shadowhunters but then went back to it, but it was still crappy.

    1. YOU SIMPLY MUST WATCH ZOOTOPIA ASAP! It was so so SO good and made me beam so much. I KNOW! It's crazy that she still gave one of the most powerful performances of the whole movie. *claps* Haha, that's what my friend did with Shadowhunters. Will you watch S2?

  4. I loved Grease Live! Vanessa nailed Rizzo.

    I was surprised to see Hotel Transylvania on your fail list, most people love that movie.

    1. Omg YES, she was so powerful! I KNOW AND I FEEL SO BAD ABOUT IT. I wanted to love it but alas it didn't work for me. *sobs*

  5. I know that the live presentation of Grease got great reviews but I just couldn't watch it. I've always loved Grease and it's so nostalgic for me. It come out when I was about 10 years old and me and my friends went and saw it at the theater every weekend for about six weeks straight. LOL I've seen it countless times over the years and just couldn't bear to see other actors doing a version of it. No matter how good it was. I watched the first two episodes of Shadowhunters and promptly quit. I didn't like the casting of Jase and Clary *at all* and thought the acting and production overall was just really mediocre. I loved all six books in the series but they should just leave them alone. Both the movie and the TV series have been huge disappointments (IMO).

    1. That's a 100% understandable! One of my friends adores Grease too, saw it countless times and she hasn't dared to watch it either. I think I got around that far too - at first me and my friend found it funny, but it soon became quite... saddening to watch as - just my opinion - they killed the story mercilessly. I agree, though I'd still prefer the movie over the show any day. At least the acting was alright in that one AND the casting was better, even if only slightly.

  6. I've been trying with season 2 of Scream Queens too, but it just isn't as good this time especially since one of my favorite characters have just been killed off...

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. I think they managed to create something fun, unique and just plain awesome in S1 & they can't recreate that no matter how hard they try. :|

  7. I agree with you on How To Train Your Dragon 2: it was so sad and the most devastating part took me completely by surprise! I've really taken for granted the fact that nothing truly heartbreaking happens in kids movies but I should have known that the parents almost always die :( Zootopia was also SO fabulous! The sloth scene is hilarious :D

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. SAME. I was already imagining the parents living together happily AND THEN THAT HAPPENED. Plus Toothless did it - not because he wanted to, of course - which crushed the remaining pieces of my heart. *sobs* YES!! The Sloths were fabulous haha.

  8. I'm intrigued by Miss Peregrine's after reading your thoughts. I didn't really enjoy the book :/ but I like the premise, maybe I'll give the movie a try!


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