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πŸŽƒ ...And So It's a Wrap! πŸŽƒ

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Ever since we - as in Ruzi and I - first did Spooky October in 2015 we've been obsessed with it, waiting eagerly for the following Halloween, so we could start all over again and create an even bigger and better event. An event that'd help many a reader find their next favorite reads, while introducing some of our absolute favorite bloggers to our readers through their guest posts. An event that was positively epic.

Did we accomplish this?

Definitely. Of course, I'm no mind reader*, I can't glimpse into your heads to see your thoughts on all the fun we've - with the support and hard-work of our guest posters - put together. But it's a fact that Spooky October 2016 was unforgettable for us, the Regal Critiques & we hope with all our hearts that you, our lovely reader, could feel that, too.

Quick question - does this song play in your head now? *evil laugh*

But everything comes to an end, and today marks the very end of Spooky October. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit sad because of that, but I'm also ecstatic because:

a) I've been waiting to see ALL the Spooky October posts together since, well, FOREVER, and now they're all listed a bit further down below!
b) I feel like we've learnt SO MUCH from hosting this kickass event for the second time and I'm already ΓΌber-excited about doing similar stuff in the future, now with more experience under our belts. 
c) We're finally announcing the winner of our giveaway & we love to make our totes-adorbs readers happy AND WHAT COULD MAKE SOMEONE HAPPIER THAN A BOOK? Nothing, right??

  1. The brave task of writing the first official Spooky October post fell onto Amy from Pages of Starlight, who created a Corny and Atmospheric Halloween Playlist that made us kick our shoes off and dance around in the moonlight.
  2. The second date was all MINE, and it was also the book birthday of Yesternight by Cat Winters, aka the queen of Historical Horror, so I wrote a ridiculously enthusiastic and fangirly - THAT WORD EXISTS, OKAY? - ARC review for it.
  3. Next, Erica from Novel Ink creeped us the fuck out with a true story about her sister that involved nightmares, an apparition and near death experience, titled Nightmares Come to Life. Thanks for the sleepless night, hun! *shudders*
  4. Shahani's - who came to us from her life-style blog called Through My Rose Tinged Glasses - truly delicious Pumpkin Spiced Latte Recipe (that will surely allow you to read in style!) was a much needed break from all the spooky stuff. YUMM. 
  5. Dash from Books and Swashbuckling arrived here accompanied by five bloody and badass Fantasy heroines - some of the best she's ever read about -, creatively titling her post - The Damsel is No Longer in Distress.
  6. Then, it was finally time for Ruzi to reveal her much-awaited post, titled HELP- I'm a chicken!!!, in which she didn't only share what does it mean for her to be a chicken, but also presented a short quiz that'll help you decide how much of a chicken you are.
  7. By this point, Halloween was getting closer and closer, so we were in serious need of some book recs. Thankfully Rachel from Paein and Ms4Tune had us covered with her list of 5 Must Read Supernatural Mysteries - Perfect For Halloween.
  8. As bookworms, we're all a tad bit afraid of book adaptation, am I right? I think Laura from Blue Eye Books must know this, too, because she shared her opinion on The Mist (Stephen King) book and movie, titled Review & Compare, and with that helped quite a few of us decide which one was more worthy of our time.
  9. Divya from Endless Pages came to us with a post titled Feast for the Greedy Eyes This Halloween, in which she shared some horror novels that have absolutely gorgeous covers. Seriously, they are SO damn pretty. ^^
  10. A mere week before Halloween it was high time for us to start thinking about Halloween treats to make. Thankfully Kerr from Paein and Ms4Tune managed to put together one awesome post - titled Make it Monday: Spooky Snacks - with 3 different Halloween-themed sweets that she tried out at home (pics + description included, of course!).
  11. Huriyah from Sugar Quills had all those people's backs who dislike scary stuff with her post about Halloween Movies for the Cowardly Lions that contained nothing but must see, highly recommended films you simply HAVE TO watch. 
  12. Roberta from Offbeat YA arrived to TRC with a post about one of her all time favorite authors, namely Christopher Pike, and 5 Reasons to Read His Books. Basically, it made us want to read all his book. As if our TBR wasn't already long af. 
  13. Ruzi and I had the honor of ending Spooky October with the epic R.I.P. It Or Ship It Book Tag (With a Twist!). Some of the pairings turned out to be seriously disturbing...
If these 13 WONDERFUL posts weren't enough for you, we also had two - well, IDK what to call them, so - bonus posts for you, both written by me, because I'm awesome. *hairflip*
After all this listing and shit that probably no one cared about, I'm finally announcing the winner of our Spooky October giveaway... 


*drum-fucking-roll, people*


Congratulations!! *throws confetti*
you'll be contacted soon

Well, that marks the end of our Spooky October 2016 event, but don't you worry, I'm sure Ruzi and I will be back with a similar event in no time.

Huge, huge, HUGE thanks to everyone who in any way participated in Spooky October, either by guest-posting or simply just reading some of these wonderful posts. 

*Wouldn't being a mind reader be awfully, awfully depressing, though? I mean, just think about it for a moment - always knowing what others will say before they open their mouth. Any conversation would be seriously disappointing and boring, right? 


  1. Well done on all the fun October stuff! I was reading along but my commenting has been HORRENDOUS lately. Sorry!

    I used to LOVE Christopher Pike as a teen but I haven't read any of his books in AGES but that post made me want to go back and read all the books! The Last Vampire was definitely one of my faves. :)

    Happy November and hope you guys have another great month!

    Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    1. Hi, fellow Pike fan! I'm glad I rekindled your interest in him :).

  2. *faints*

    Thank you my lovelies! And thank you powers-that-be. I used to be so unlucky with giveaways, and here I won my second in a few weeks!

  3. Happy November!

    It seems like you had a very busy October - which is awesome :D Halloween/thriller/horror fiction isn't my type of read, but I adore Cat Winters' stories. She's like the only writer I would break out of my usual mold for!

    - Aila @ One Way Or An Author

  4. I'm sad to see this event go :((( But at least we can all start getting excited for the Holiday season!! Hope you two have a great November, and thanks for once again, putting amazing effort into this event.

  5. Loved you event and I'm so happy it worked so well for you, ladies. I had a blast participating and I can't wait to see what you guys decide to do for your next event!


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