Friday, October 14

🎃 Royal Rantings: HELP- I'm a Chicken!!! 🎃

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Ever since I can remember, I've always found myself covering up my eyes with my hands whilst watching any horror movie. Forget horror movies, when I was very small- say three or four- I would even do that when watching anything remotely bloody. Action scenes, battle scenes, pretty much anything "scary"... I've had no problem labeling myself as a chicken because I've had more than enough time to come to terms with it. Would you call  yourself one too? If you're not too sure about you're chickenhood, fear not, I've put up a list for you that would help you decide if you're a proud chicken or not! Just take a paper and pencil (or if you're too lazy, just keep the count  in your mind) and go through the following checklist. If you score 6 and above, well then, CONGRATS, welcome to the Chicken Club!

🐥 Chickenhood Assessment 🐥
Version 1.0
by Ruzai-chicken-ka

1. You try your best to avoid any books, movies and/or TV series that have the potential to scare the living daylights out of you.

2. You have always found yourself thinking up reasons to avoid going anywhere alone, especially at night- and wherever you go, you light your path up.

3. You always walk fast when alone, trying to shake off anything that maybe following you. You even avoid looking over your shoulder!

4. Your friends and siblings have fun winding you up over anything scary and make it a point to narrate you scary anecdotes just to see you get all agitated.

5. You check underneath your bed (and perhaps above your closet) before going to bed. All doors shut, all windows closed.

6. You tuck yourself up carefully and make sure you're all set for the night before going to bed- flashlight, phone, water and anything else at the ready so that you need not get out of bed for anything in the middle of the night.

7. Your imagination goes into overdrive when you're alone, and your brain starts reminding you of that one time in 2006 when you watched a horror movie where the lead character was in the exact situation as you. 

8. You do an extensive research before and after watching any horror movie trying to convince yourself of how unrealistic it all is.

9. At least 97.3% of your list of things in childhood that scarred you for life is due to something s-c-a-r-y.

10. Just reading through this checklist reminded you of all the reasons why you avoid anything that has got anything at all to do with horror.

🐥 🐥 🐥 🐥 🐥 

If you didn't...are you even human? I'm kidding, but honestly, I don't get you. Sure, there have been times when I've been frustrated with myself for getting scared so easily, but it's only natural, okay? These are stuff that have been specially engineered to scare chickens and they do a damn good job of it. I'm only reacting properly whereas you human dare to go against the rules of nature by being so brazenly unscared. *nods righteously* 
I don't need fixing. YOU do.

🐥 🐥 🐥 🐥 🐥 

So, what do you think of my brilliant Chickenhood Assessment? Would you call yourself a proud chicken or are you an aberration of nature? 
Tell me all about it in the  comments below!

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  1. I'm such a chicken when it comes to shows and movies! I can't handle scary ones lol. Not so good with the bloody either. Like Supernatural, for example? It doesn't scare me, but I've had to look away during scenes that involved cutting someone or something. It's funny though because I'm totally fine with gruesome, gory books. I guess I can make everything seem less bad in my mind or can kind of avoid seeing certain things since I have control over it!

    1. SO AM I, as you must have very well seen. I can't even handle very gruesome/gory books, I'm THAT much of a chicken!

  2. OK, thank you for calling me "an aberration of nature". Our friendship is officially over.


    I used to be far more chicken when I was a kid - about blood and stuff, that is (it's not like I was afraid of the monster under my bed or in my closet). In time, I've become bold and brave enough to read horror books (except for Stephen King, because his brand of body horror gives me the creeps) and watch Supernatural...But that doesn't mean I'm not a chicken in my own way. Because the things that scare me are not on your list...they are the things that most normal human beings do without even giving them a second thought, like driving or swimming...or doing ANYTHING for the very first time (even having to phone someone that I don't know personally, or going to a new place, bothers me). Also, I can stomach blood and cuts and stuff now, but I HATE bugs (and snake-like creatures), and I absolutely refuse to watch them creep over human bodies. That's why I've never watched the Supernatural episode called "Bugs", and no amount of money in this world could convince me to do so. (That's not fear though...that's DISGUST. Ick!).

    I'll leave you alone ruling the chicken world then ;). I'm sure you'll make a wonderful queen! LOL.

    BTW...awesome and on-point gifs, as usual!

    1. WELL YOU ARE VERY MUCH AN ABERRATION OF NATURE! :D Haha, really though, I don't understand how you can NOT be a chicken even when grown up, I mean, IT'S ONLY NATURAL?!!! The other stuff on your list, like bugs and such, well they are on mine too :P Thank you!


  3. Yup this post was scarily relatable. Especially #8, you have no idea! If I watch a movie that's remotely scary, I need to make sure it's not based on a true story. I don't play that game!

    1. OMG YES- research is a MUST for chickens. We ultimately end up scaring ourselves more, but NOT doing the research is very anxiety-inducing in it's own way too, so we are doomed to keep on with our researches. Sigh.

  4. ...Soo, I'm less of a chicken than I thought? Seriously though, most of my chicken-ness comes from avoiding scary books/movies. I can't deal with that stuff. But I actually kind of LIKE walking alone in the dark. Not that I used to. I used to be at the least nervous to be out by myself after dark. I think the change happened when I started taking martial arts classes now I'm all like 'bring it on, creepiness. Mwhahaha.' (Uhm, yeah.)

    1. YOU LIKE WALKING IN THE DARK? I'm sorry Amy, but you're very much an aberration of nature ;) Martial arts? OMG THAT'S SO COOL!!! Remind me to never piss you off again :D


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