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🎃 Nightmares Come to Life {Guest Post by Erica @ Novel Ink} 🎃

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Hello everyone! I'm Erica @ Novel Ink. Before I get started on my story I want to say thank you to the lovely ladies at The Regal Critiques for allowing me to be a part of Spooky October. I hope you guys enjoy my post. A true story…an experience that happened to my sister, Nightmares Come to Life.

*I do want to say that this is all based on what my sister told me. I did not witness any of this happen, but I’m glad I didn’t cause I would have had the living daylights scared out of me.*

My sister told me this story about a few months ago and it really has stuck with me. It gives me goosebumps every time I think of it. This happened in our house back in Ohio. Both of us live in Georgia now. No, we didn’t move due to this occurrence, but I’m happy I’m away from it now. Anyway…here is what happened to my sister.

My sister had a nightmare (that’s sure as hell what I would call it) where she saw this apparition above her while she was sleeping. It was kind of like Inception because it was like she was watching her dream as she was in it, if that makes sense. She was lying in bed and watching herself at the same time, basically. As she was lying in bed this apparition was hovered over her. She saw it and, as anyone else would, freaked out a bit. She started banging on the wall that was shared between both of our rooms. She thought that she was banging and she thought she would be waking me up, but this was all happening in her dream.

She was trying so many different things to get my attention, but obviously nothing worked. The apparition then began to choke my sister. She didn’t know what to do but she kept trying to push this apparition away and finally it stopped. Our friend, Ryan, was living with us at the time and my sister saw him walk into her room and this is what woke her up. After Ryan had walked into her room my sister, Jessica, realized that she had her phone cord wrapped around her neck with red marks on her neck.

She had a nightmare where an apparition started to choke her and then woke up to a phone cord wrapped around her neck with markings. *goosebumps* This may freak me out more than it does you because this happened to my sister, but it’s such a crazy experience that she had that I can’t just dismiss it.

Now that is her story and how her nightmare came to life. I do want to state that other spooky things have happened in our house that definitely made her experience even freakier. We have had friends say they have seen apparitions themselves throughout the house. We were playing hide and seek once and someone was hiding in my sister’s closet and saw a little girl sitting across the way. I have seen someone standing by my sister’s door. There have been some crazy things happening in our house…or shall I say, my sister’s room.

Again, thank you to the lovely ladies, Veronika & Ruz, for letting me take part in Spooky October. I hope you guys enjoyed my story! 

Have you guys had any crazy real-life experiences happen to you? 
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Erica is 22 years young & she loves to read, obviously. She not only loves books, but she is fond of sweatpants, sweets, & Netflix. She hopes to one day open up a bakery, put a smile on everyone's face & marry Killian Jones (who cares if he's fictional). ♥
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  1. Damn I got chills reading this post! I don't know what I'd do if this happened in my house. I'm glad your sister wasn't seriously hurt by the phone cord!


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