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🎃 Make it Monday: Spooky Snacks {Guest Post by Kerr @ Paein and Ms4Tune} 🎃

Hello! I’m Paein from Paein and Ms4Tune’s book blog and this is my very first guest post! I believe Ms4Tune had a recommendation post for you last week, but today I'm bringing you a MAKE IT MONDAY!

I like making stuff, I’m one of those people that actually makes the things they pin on Pinterest which surprisingly surprises a lot of people, so with that in mind (and our love of making cakes) we created the Make it Monday post on our blog. When we were kindly asked to participate in Spooky October we jumped at the chance and once we were given the suggestions and dates, it seemed silly to do anything but spooky snacks! Here they are:

I saw these on Pinterest so I can’t claim the ideas as my own. However, I have no idea if the pictures linked to instructions because I didn’t actually look but here’s what I did to make these things.

Ghastly Bark

What you will need:
  • Milk chocolate,
  • White chocolate
  • ‘Candy buttons’ or orange food colouring
  • Black writing icing (or plain chocolate melted and in a piping bag)
  • Any other Halloweeny additions of your choice
  • Tray
  • Spoons

Yay! Chocolate!

Now, I know ‘bark’ generally has a whole bunch of other things in it, like dismembered fingers or eyeballs, but I’m eating at least some of this and I’m not always a fan of mixing textures so we’re sticking with the chocolate.

First of all you need to melt your milk chocolate however you usually would then add it to your tray. I shamelessly cheated because we have an aga (a cooker that’s always on) and put it in the tray then left it on the aga to melt. While that’s melting you will also need to melt the white chocolate (and if using, the orange candy melts). Once everything is melted (if not using candy melts and you want pumpkins, add some orange food colouring until the colour is as required please remember to taste test, some food colouring does not taste nice in large amounts!) lay the base of your bark in your tray. Next you need to try and shape your ghosts and/or pumpkins by spooning it out and sort of drawing with it on the base. It should settle so that it’s flat, but it might not – my pumpkins didn’t and I couldn’t get them to lay flat either.

Once you’re happy with your shapes leave it to cool – maybe put it in the fridge. If you want to add fingers and eyes etc, you’ll need to do this before cooling. Once everything is solid and looking pretty good, it’s time for faces!


I tried edible markers and they were hilarious, so I went with writeable icing and drew on faces and left it to dry.

I then had to put it back in the fridge at this point because it had softened some and wouldn’t come out of the tin! Once it was nicely solid again, it just popped right out and I broke it up (with some difficulty.)

What I would do better next time:

I used a lot of chocolate for such a small tray – it ended up about as thick as the original bars and it really needed to be a lot thinner. I also needed smaller ghosts and pumpkins so that when it’s broken up to be put in a bowl or in wrappers, you still get the effect.

Probably more of a party food than a trick-or- treat gift, unless wrapped in some grease-proof paper or something.

Gingerbread Skeletons:

For this you will need:
  • Gingerbread persons (homemade or shop bought)
  • White and black writing icing, or white and black icing in piping bags with fine nozzles

This was so much fun, I ended up doing the WHOLE BAG of gingerbread people and it was really easy. I started with a blob on the heads, I flattened it with the back of a spoon but I had to draw the body bones on first before doing this because if I did it right away then it wold stick to the spoon instead of the biscuit which was highly frustrating.

Once I’d done all the bones, I added faces. They all ended up having the same face, I just forgot to take a photo of them before I took them to work and fed them to people.

I would do these again without a doubt. I would like to say I’d make my own gingerbread people, but I’m terrible with biscuits. I may make my own icing though because the only writing stuff I was able to find was pretty hard to use.

Once dry they’re great to bundle up into some grease-proof paper and gift to people.

Biscuit Bones:

I think the original used pretzel sticks, but I really couldn’t find any so I used Cadburys chocolate fingers. If you can find them white ones would work better…

What you will need:
  • Melted white chocolate
  • Some kind of thin biscuit fingers of your choice
  • Mini marshmallows

I’m so pleased with this one, I thought this wasn’t going to work at all but it turned out pretty fantastic! First, to get the shape I used the melted chocolate to stick the marshmallows to the chocolate finger. I did this by dipping the end of the finger in the chocolate and then laying it on some baking paper and putting the marshmallows where I wanted them. It didn’t really seem like it would work, so I dribbled more melted chocolate over the ends to sort of fuse it together which worked!

I then dribbled chocolate over the whole thing with the idea that it would perhaps make it into one solid thing so that I could dip it in the chocolate. This also surprisingly worked, possibly because I came back to check on it at exactly the right time and was able to ‘sculpt’ the semi solid white chocolate like clay and spread it over the forming bone.

Once it was completely solid I dipped them fully in the bowl of melted chocolate them placed them back on the paper to solidify. I totally used my fingers because these are mine, but if you want to be more sophisticated about it, I’d recommend using chocolate dipping tools.

I was surprised I only needed to dip them once to get them smooth. I then cut off the excess with a really sharp knife. If I was making them for anything other than immediate consumption I would have taken a hot spoon and used the back to smooth where the excess was cut off.

It was quite a bit of effort, or at least time, making these but I would make them again. I would also want to make BIGGER ones with normal marshmallows and maybe a twix or something because they actually look really good! You can really only eat them one at a time though – unlike the fingers by themselves….

Possibly more of a ‘party food’ than a trick or treat gift.

All that is left to do now is eat them!

(Haha, mini marshmallow faces drawn on with edible markers.)

Thank you for reading my post today and thank you to Veronika & Ruzaika for inviting us to participate in Spooky October! Also to Veronika for writing a guest post in exchange that will be up on Paein and Ms4Tune’s Book Blog later this week!

Paein spends a lot of her life dealing with autism and she’s pretty sure this explains much about her way of life. Her spare time is spent either within a fictional world or creating something crafty.
Sometimes she multi-tasks and does both! Occasionally she even ventures out into the world. Easily distracted and terribly with time, she’s a proud Ravenclaw and most definitely a collector of books.

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  1. making me feel peckish here - must go and have lunch:) here's my musing Monday

  2. Looks delicious. I'm not very...creative with my food though (translated: I'm lazy) and I've got a couple of major dietary restrictions that really make doing anything inventive a pain. BUT, they look great and I definitely need to get my energy up and give at least the gingerbread skeletons a go.


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