Monday, October 31

🎃 The R.I.P It or Ship It Book Tag- With a Twist! 🎃

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Hello, you lovely, lovely pumpkins! For our joint post for Spooky October, Vera and I put our heads together and had a very long think and ultimately zeroed in on the RIP It or Ship It Book Tag created by emmabooks...but since we are obviously very creative and quite genius, we decided to give it a twist this time, unlike the last time we did this tag, and so, in honor of all things spooky, we are doing this tag with some of the most meanest characters ever in the history of YA literature! 

For those of you who already know this- please bear with us as we go through what happens briefly, and for those of you who know head nor tail of this tag, here's what it's all about! First you put a bunch of character names in a bowl/ jar/ whatever- both male and female- and then you pull out two names. Next you make your decision about the pair- whether you R.I.P it or ship it. Simple, huh? 

So Vera and I chose 10-10 male and female villains names and drew out couples for each other to make the very torturous decision of whether we'd ship them together or not. And so, without further ado, let's do this!

Friday, October 28

🎃 5 Reasons to Read Christopher Pike {Guest Post by Roberta @ Offbeat YA} 🎃

A warm hello to all the thrill seekers out there! :)

This is Roberta, hailing from a blog called Offbeat YA, but sharing the fun at The Regal Critiques during the Halloween season. Ruzi and Vera were so kind to engage me in a guest post for the occasion, and I was more than happy to oblige. Since the girls have recently launched a feature called "5 Reasons to Read...", I was inspired to write a 5 Reasons post about one of my favourite YA (and occasionally adult) authors: Christopher Pike. I suppose most of you have at least heard about him, but have you actually read any of his books? If not, I'm going to try and gently push you in his direction :). Please follow my lead for a little can thank me later ;).

Wednesday, October 26

🎃 Halloween Movies for the Cowardly Lions {Guest Post by Huriyah @ SugarQuills} 🎃

Hi, it’s Huriyah from SugarQuills! I’m at this neck of the woods because Ruz sweet talked me into writing a Halloween-y guest post for her (many emojis and exclamation marks were involved). So, here’s my Halloween post, and it’s based on my Halloween tradition! 

What’s a holiday without traditions, right? Every Halloween, I bring out my favourite childhood movies and to watch them back-to-back. Since I’m a wimp, you can bet that anything I watch is going to be rated pitifully by horror fans (sorry, not sorry). But Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! These movies scream Halloween spirit in the form of magic, vampires, ghosts, bubbling cauldrons, and homicidal children. And it’s just not Halloween without them (and a venti pumpkin spice latte).

Monday, October 24

🎃 Make it Monday: Spooky Snacks {Guest Post by Kerr @ Paein and Ms4Tune} 🎃

Hello! I’m Paein from Paein and Ms4Tune’s book blog and this is my very first guest post! I believe Ms4Tune had a recommendation post for you last week, but today I'm bringing you a MAKE IT MONDAY!

I like making stuff, I’m one of those people that actually makes the things they pin on Pinterest which surprisingly surprises a lot of people, so with that in mind (and our love of making cakes) we created the Make it Monday post on our blog. When we were kindly asked to participate in Spooky October we jumped at the chance and once we were given the suggestions and dates, it seemed silly to do anything but spooky snacks! Here they are:

Friday, October 21

🎃 A Feast for Greedy Eyes this Halloween {Guest Post by Divya @ Endless Pages} 🎃

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Hey everyone! I'm Divya, and I'm very glad to be here at The Regal Critiques today. Thank you girls for having me here!

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a cover snob. I'm not saying that I don't read books with ugly photoshopped looking covers, but the ones that look pretty do have a higher preference. So, in the interest of other readers like me, here's a list of horror books with pretty covers to curl up with this Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19

🎃 Review and Compare: The Mist by Stephen King {Guest Post by Laura @ Blue Eye Books} 🎃

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The Book


Goodreads blurb: “It's a hot, lazy day, perfect for a cookout, until you see those strange dark clouds. Suddenly a violent storm sweeps across the lake and ends as abruptly and unexpectedly as it had begun. Then comes the mist...creeping slowly, inexorably into town, where it settles and waits, trapping you in the supermarket with dozens of others, cut off from your families and the world. The mist is alive, seething with unearthly sounds and movements. What unleashed this terror? Was it the Arrowhead Project---the top secret government operation that everyone has noticed but no one quite understands? And what happens when the provisions have run out and you're forced to make your escape, edging blindly through the dim light?”

Monday, October 17

🎃 5 Must Read Supernatural Mysteries - Perfect for Halloween {Guest Post by Rachel @ Paein and Ms4Tune} 🎃

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Firstly, thank you so much to Veronika and Ruzaika for including me in this year’s Spooky October, I’m incredible honoured and ridiculously excited!

I’m Rachel, a.k.a. Ms4Tune from Paein-and- Ms4Tune’s book blog which I share with Kerr a.k.a. Paein. We’ve been a blogging duo for just over 3 years. We’ve shared our views and vented our feelings on a huge number of books in that time and it doesn’t look like we’ll be running out of material anytime soon thanks to all the amazing recommendations we get every day. That is why I’m going to share some of my favourite recommendations with you today.

Friday, October 14

🎃 Royal Rantings: HELP- I'm a Chicken!!! 🎃

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Ever since I can remember, I've always found myself covering up my eyes with my hands whilst watching any horror movie. Forget horror movies, when I was very small- say three or four- I would even do that when watching anything remotely bloody. Action scenes, battle scenes, pretty much anything "scary"... I've had no problem labeling myself as a chicken because I've had more than enough time to come to terms with it. Would you call  yourself one too? If you're not too sure about you're chickenhood, fear not, I've put up a list for you that would help you decide if you're a proud chicken or not! Just take a paper and pencil (or if you're too lazy, just keep the count  in your mind) and go through the following checklist. If you score 6 and above, well then, CONGRATS, welcome to the Chicken Club!

🐥 Chickenhood Assessment 🐥
Version 1.0
by Ruzai-chicken-ka

Wednesday, October 12

🎃 The Damsel Is No Longer In Distress {Guest Post by Dash @ The Swashbuckler} 🎃

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Firstly, thank you so much to Ruzaika and Veronika the amazing damsels of The Regal Critiques for this wonderful opportunity! I’m so excited! Yay!

I’m Dash or Dashie if you want to get cuddly (Yes, please I love cuddles.) and I blog at The Swashbuckler. Ruz thinks she managed to coerce me with her substantial con-woman skills but truthfully, I would have jumped up at the suggestion even if I had to pay her for it, but don’t let her know, sshhh!

For my segment of Spooky October, I present:

The Damsel is no Longer in Distress

Monday, October 10

🎃 Halloween Reading in Style- With a Pumpkin Spiced Latte {Guest Post by Shahani @ Through My Rose-Tinged Glasses} 🎃

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Y’all!  Did you guys notice it's ten whole days into October already? Along with October comes cooler weather, changing leaves, scarves and boots and pumpkin...everything. While I love coffee I really wasn’t a big fan of pumpkin as a kid. However that was just until I got to taste my mother’s homemade Pumpkin Spiced latte, and I’ve loved it ever since… Oh- wait a  minute. Who am I? 

Well, I'm Shahani and you can visit me at my lifestyle blog, Through My Rose-Tinged Glasses. I was quite very easily compelled by Ruzi and Vera into contributing a post for Spooky October, and I can't express how excited I am to share this recipe with you guys! IT. IS. AMAZING. This latte actually makes my entire house smell SO good while making it, and it sure is better than any fall candle that I've ever bought. 

Sunday, October 9

Interview with Sarah Glenn Marsh, author of Fear the Drowning Deep

Witch’s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face. So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen-year-old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man.

Soon, villagers are vanishing in the night, but no one shares Bridey’s suspicions about the sea. No one but the island’s witch, who isn’t as frightening as she first appears, and the handsome dark-haired lad Bridey rescues from a grim and watery fate. The cause of the deep gashes in Fynn’s stomach and his lost memories are, like the recent disappearances, a mystery well-guarded by the sea. In exchange for saving his life, Fynn teaches Bridey to master her fear of the water — stealing her heart in the process.

Now, Bridey must work with the Isle’s eccentric witch and the boy she isn’t sure she can trust — because if she can’t uncover the truth about the ancient evil in the water, everyone she loves will walk into the sea, never to return.


Friday, October 7

🎃 Nightmares Come to Life {Guest Post by Erica @ Novel Ink} 🎃

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Hello everyone! I'm Erica @ Novel Ink. Before I get started on my story I want to say thank you to the lovely ladies at The Regal Critiques for allowing me to be a part of Spooky October. I hope you guys enjoy my post. A true story…an experience that happened to my sister, Nightmares Come to Life.

Wednesday, October 5

🎃 Yesternight by Cat Winters - a Review 🎃

"Alice Lind,
Alice Lind,
Took a stick and beat her friend.
Should she die?
Should she live?
How many beatings did she give?"

In 1925, Alice Lind steps off a train in the rain-soaked coastal hamlet of Gordon Bay, Oregon. There, she expects to do nothing more difficult than administer IQ tests to a group of rural schoolchildren. A trained psychologist, Alice believes mysteries of the mind can be unlocked scientifically, but now her views are about to be challenged by one curious child.

Seven-year-old Janie O’Daire is a mathematical genius, which is surprising. But what is disturbing are the stories she tells: that her name was once Violet, she grew up in Kansas decades earlier, and she drowned at age nineteen. Alice delves into these stories, at first believing they’re no more than the product of the girl’s vast imagination. But, slowly, Alice comes to the realization that Janie might indeed be telling a strange truth.

Alice knows the investigation may endanger her already shaky professional reputation, and as a woman in a field dominated by men she has no room for mistakes. But she is unprepared for the ways it will illuminate terrifying mysteries within her own past, and in the process, irrevocably change her life.

Tuesday, October 4

The Squad That'll Help Me Conquer the World

Hi sweeties! I'm super-duper excited for today's Top Ten Tuesday (weekly meme, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) topic. Well, not the actual topic about villains, but the one I came up with instead of that, because I'm usually not the biggest fan of villains. I know, shocking. But here's the thing - I tend to connect strongly with the narrators/main characters who are more likely than not the good guys. And so while I appreciate a complex and nasty villain, I rarely get attached to them. 

However, as world domination is between my long-term plans (watch out for the shy ones, people), I decided it's best if set up a fictional squad before moving on to recruiting members in real life. You know, practice makes perfect and all that shit. 

So, without further ado, here's my squad who - in a well-ordered universe - would help me gain control over the world. 

As I said, most of these characters are NOT villains. That said, they're incredibly badass and, unsurprisingly, more trust-worthy than the bad guys, which is something I need to have in my squad.

And before you go and think that your villain list is cooler - most villains are defeated, these guys, though, will never be. 

Click on the pics for Goodreads. ^^

Also, I'm totally cheating - there are more than one characters listed from the 10 books/series below. But with awesome casts like these, who can blame me? 

Monday, October 3

🎃 Corny and Atmospheric Halloween Playlist {Guest Post by Amy @ Pages of Starlight} 🎃

Whether you're pumpkin carving, putting on the finishing touches to your costumes, or decorating for a spooktacular Halloween night, one thing remains the same: you need tunes. So it is my honor to have been asked by Vera to put together a Halloween playlist for your listening pleasure.

I've divided this list into the 'classic Halloween' music that is so iconic and songs that aren't Halloween songs, but are delightfully atmospheric as it is.

Sunday, October 2

🎃 It's That Time of the Year Again! (where we officially kick off Spooky October with a GIVEAWAY) 🎃

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Hello all you lovely, lovely people! October comes with the promise of all things creeptastic. With Halloween being less than a month away, it's time to get prepped up for the best month of the year, isn't it? We sure think so, and therefore we decided to bring Spooky October to you this year as well- and just like the previous time, we also have a special giveaway for you!   

If you were with us last year,you'd no doubt remember Vera and I coming up with a whole lot of Halloween themed posts just for you. Well, this year we decided to share the spotlight with a few of our truly wonderful blogger friends, and we managed to successfully lure them into contributing some fabulous posts for us too. So, yes-  we can already say Spooky October this year is just going to be AH-MAZING! 

All sorts of absolutely spooktastic posts have been lined up throughout this month, so don't forget to drop by every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to check them out. And now, without further ado, we present you with our schedule for this month!  

Saturday, October 1

DNF Directory: A Line of Blood by Ben McPherson & Lions in the Garden by Chelsea Luna

For Alex Mercer, his wife Millicent and their eleven-year-old son Max are everything, his little tribe that makes him feel all’s right with the world. But when he and Max find their enigmatic next door neighbor dead in his apartment, their lives are suddenly and irrevocably changed. As the police conduct a methodical investigation, Alex becomes increasingly impatient for them to finish. After all, it so clearly was a suicide.

But as new information is uncovered, troubling questions arise. Why was the neighbor charging his home improvements to the Mercer’s address? How did a possession of Millicent’s end up in his apartment? And what has Max been listening to through the common wall they share with the neighbor? As the knot of suspicion grows tighter, this close-knit family begins to crack. Is Alex really the loving husband he professes to be? And where does Millicent disappear to on those long walks, stewing over something she can’t forget?

Each of them is suffering. Each has something to hide. And as they each question how well they really know one another, the Mercers will be forced to decide how far they’ll go to protect themselves—and their family—from investigators carefully watching their every move...waiting for one of them to make a mistake.


Prague, 1610

Ludmila Novakova--Mila--has barely set foot outside Prague Castle in her seventeen years. But with the choice between braving the bandits and wolves of Bohemia's uneasy roads or being married off to a disgusting old baron, she's taken what she can carry and fled.

Escape won't be easy. Even Mila has heard the rumors of a rebellion coming against the court. The peasants are hungry. The king hasn't been seen in months. Mila's father, the High Chancellor, is well known and well hated.

But Mila can't sit behind a stone wall and let fear force her into a life of silk gowns and certain misery. Her mother's death has taught her that much. She has one ally: Marc, the son of the blacksmith. A commoner, a Protestant--and perhaps a traitor, too. But the farther she gets from the castle, the more lies she uncovers, unraveling everything she thought she knew. And the harder it is to tell friend from enemy--and wrong from right . . .