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Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Hello lovelies! Considering how much I love to write negative reviews here at The Regal Critiques, it seems unbelievable that I haven't yet done The Unpopular Opinions Tag. Today I finally correct that mistake. Without further ado, let me share all my unpopular opinions with you.

There are SO MANY I could mention, but let's see one that (I don't think) I've talked about before - The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It has to be said that there's a lot of hate surrounding this novel and the author in general, but I find that those who love this novel are the majority. As for me, I could not stand this book, especially because of the complicated relationships and the confusing feelings of the characters towards each other. 

Again, I have a vast amount of books to choose from, but I'm going to go with a more recent one: Asylum by Madeleine Roux. There were some problems with this novel - the biggest one being the characters - but it was enjoyable and even scary at times + I LOVED most of the pictures. 
Here's a very unpopular opinion: I actually think that Asylum was more enjoyable Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. #sorrynotsorry

An OTP I did not ship, AT ALL, was Eleanor and Daniel in the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy. At first I was all for their romance, but in the second book Daniel's complete refusal to accept Eleanor with her magic was a huge turn off for me. However, I could have dealt with that, if he changed his opinion later on or even tried to understand her like the other Spirit Hunters, but he remained un-accepting until the very end. 

Probably sci-fi. Though these days I feel like most books I read are a mix of different genres, which makes it really hard to avoid genres I don't really like. For example, These Broken Stars is a sci-fi, but it's heavy on the romance, as well, so I picked it up for that and never regretted it.

I'm thinking Tris and Four from Divergent. I used to love them, both as individuals and as couple/team, but I was super-disappointed in them for all the secret keeping that went on in Allegiant... and Insurgent, come to think of it.

Colleen Hoover, without doubt. I've only read her Slammed series, but from what I gathered, her other novels aren't truly different from it, so I'm not missing out on anything.

Love triangles, definitely. I hate unnecessary drama and they add a lot of that to the story. Plus, in a lot of cases love triangles take the focus away from the plot... or try to pass as the plot.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, even though one of my friends is CRAZY IN LOVE with the series. I've never been really interested in it, but all the negative stuff I've heard about it since the last book was released truly convinced me not to read it.

This is probably going to be the most unpopular opinion in this post, but I actually enjoyed The DUFF movie more than the book. Bianca annoyed me SO MUCH in the book with the way she judged everyone (including her best friends) for being different from her. However, the movie was a lot of fun and the actors did an awesome job, in my opinion.

Do you share these unpopular opinions with me, or do we disagree?
Leave some of YOUR unpopular opinions in the comments for me to see!


  1. Haha, I love the smilies introducing your posts sections.

    Dislike for love triangles doesn't seem to be such an unpopular opinion these days, to tell the truth. Everyone and their dog swear they hate love triangles. But I suppose it's not that true, or writers would have gotten the message by now. (I'm not saying it's not true FOR YOU, of course - just a general remark). I had to chuckle at your "they try to pass as the plot" comment. Because yes, if some books had half a plot to begin with, maybe they wouldn't need the darn love triangle...

    The thing that immediately turns me off a book is when the blurb mentions a "hot new boy next door" or "hot new boy at school". OK, I usually shun romance in books, but this is just TOO LAZY. Also, do boys have to be "hot" or something like that? Can't they be normal teens? A girl CAN like a normal boy who's not the epitome of hotness, can't her? Or are all young women so shallow? The ones I met through blogging definitely sound better than that :).

    1. BTW - since you asked - your comment to my Round of Appreciation post didn't come through, as a matter of fact. I hope it wasn't long and detailed (though you always write long and detailed comments, which I love). It sucks when one writes a long comment and it disappears :/.

    2. GUESS WHO MADE THEM? Hint: her name starts with an R.

      For some unknown reason I feel like lots of people still enjoy love triangles. Sometimes, I don't much mind them, but after the nth book's plot relying heavily on the love triangle I get pissed. (Pretty ironic that one of my favorite series is The Selection, huh? It's all about the love triangle. lol I don't know what makes it stand our for me.)

      That's SO ANNOYING! But what's worse is when the male lead seems to have no personality besides being hot. When the author keeps bringing up at every scene he has that he's hot as hell, instead of, you know, actually developing that character, now that's the worst thing in a book for me. As if a girl only needed a hot guy, not even caring about his personality.

      PS: I went back to comment yesterday. :)

  2. I agree with your thoughts on Asylum. I've only read the first book but I've read the first two Miss Peregrine's books and they weren't as good as everyone claimed. I also can't stand Tris and Four, but I was never a fan of the Divergent series :P It's a shame you have no interest in Throne of Glass - I think it's great! - but everyone has their own taste. I must admit, though, I am hesitant to pick up Queen of Shadows after all the negativity I've seen surrounding the main character.

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

    1. Miss Peregrine's was such a disappointment! I expected something magical and unique... and I guess it was indeed those things, but also terribly boring. I LOVED Divergent... the rest was just meh. :( Not sure if this helps, but my friend still adores Throne of Glass and she's read Queen of Shadows. I go get why the negative reviews scare you, though - it's crazy how much people's opinion changed about the series in such a short amount of time.

  3. Yeah Allegiant kind of destroyed everything the first two books built up. Tris and Four just fell apart for me. I go back and forth on whether I want to read Throne of Glass. We'll see in time I guess.

    1. So true. Miscommunication, secret keeping... all things I thought (whilst reading Divergent) the two of them would never fall victim of... guess I was wrong.


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