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To binge-read or not to binge-read?

Hello lovelies! With summertime comes a lot of free time for most of us who are in still school, but even those who are already working - I'm sending my genuine sympathies to all of you - tend to take some time off to relax in the summer... (or whatever season you happen to be enjoying right now). 

We, adorable book-nerds, love to use said free time to read massive amounts of books and some of us go as far as to binge-read series that just seem unputdownable and perfect for us or were recommended to us by people we trust in. Obviously, I'm one of these crazy people who adores binge-reading, even though, admittedly, I haven't really done it lately.

In today's post I'm going to list the pros and cons of binge-reading, thus helping you decide:

To binge-read or not to binge-read series?

The pros: 
  • I have the worst case of book amnesia and, many times, when picking up a sequel I'd have difficulties placing the characters and, to be honest, everything else, as well. THAT IS WHERE BINGE-READING COMES HANDY. As you're picking up the novels VERY closely after the previous ones, you'll remember EVERYTHING that happened before, thus BOOK AMNESIA IS NO MORE.
  • Thanks to remembering everything that's happened, you notice the small things and the small connections, believe me, that can improve the reading experience 1000%.
  • The feeling you get when a book ends with a cliffhanger BREAKS YOU - Marie Rutkoski, I'm looking at you - and then you have to wait SO MUCH for the sequel. THAT PAIN KILLS A PART OF YOUR BOOKLOVER HEART, AM I RIGHT? This wait can be months or, in some cases, even YEARS. (Anyone here who's been The Diviners fan since the very beginning or for a very LONG time? Know that you're my heroes, you strong, strong people.) With binge-reading, WAITING FOR THE SEQUEL IS NO MORE
  • While waiting for its sequel, you may forget the exact feeling you had while reading a novel, thus you'll lose interest in the series. This does sound a bit strange, but LET ME EXPLAIN. In between a book and it's sequel, I read TONS of other, different, maybe even better books, and so, many times, I found myself asking: WHY DID I LIKE THAT? WHAT WAS SO GOOD IN IT? And then - if I really, truly adored the series - I forced myself to pick up the sequel, and all the MAGICAL FEELINGS came back to me. However, I gave up more than one series because, even though I rated the first book(s) very positively, I lost interest. *shrugs*

The cons (and why they do not matter): 
  • Likely, you'll have to prepare to be able to binge-read. You'll have to own all the books of the series - or the amount you want to binge-read - or else you won't be able to continue the series immediately after the previous novel, and that, basically, kills the purpose of binge-reading. This can suck big time, if you end up not wanting to continue the series, which would equal money spent for no reason. However, you can always choose to read the ebook version - this way, it's enough to buy the ebook when you finish the novel, as it appears immediately on your device. Or - if you know for a fact a bookshop has it - you can go and purchase the physical copy upon finishing the novel, or as soon as you decide that - yep, this is awesome, I want the sequel NOW! There's also that thing called library - use it if you can. 
  • Due to the fact that you're reading the novels quickly after each other, you might have problems remembering what exactly happened in each book. BUT DO YOU NEED TO? I don't think so. Plus, most of us are book-bloggers, a.k.a. we LOVE to capture our thoughts on books, - I know, SHOCKER - and that is something you can do, if you're afraid of the novels mixing together in your head.
  • For some, binge-reading could mean that you don't feel the emotional highs as strongly, because you're not giving yourself time to think about what happened. This could be a bit of a problem when you're reading about, for example, morally gray characters, whose decision you should look at from more than one viewpoint... and that might take some time. 
  • The biggest con of binge-reading is definitely that you have to wait until all the books - or the amount you want to binge-read - are out. This could mean that the hype has passed and no one wants to talk about these novels anymore (I think that's bullshit, though, there's ALWAYS someone who wants to talk about a certain book - OR you can just shove it at your friends until they cave in and read it). And you could have easily been spoiled in the years you've been "patiently" waiting for all the books to come out. But it's not like spoiling doesn't happen normally - I mean, I read Allegiant a few days after its publication and was MERCILESSLY spoiled on it on Pinterest.

So, now that I listed all the reasons you should start binge-reading, like, right now & CRUSHED most of the cons, let's talk about the preparations, shall we?

How to prepare for binge-reading:

  • First of all, decide if you're doing a full-on binge-reading, a.k.a. sitting at home and doing nothing but reading for hours and hours, OR the lighter binge-reading, a.k.a. you'll read a series, but will actually continue your normal life. (Yes, I like to call everything by a name, and if there's no such thing, I shall create it.) Choose either one, you're still amazing - I mean, you're a reader, who's currently reading The Regal Critiques, what else could you be?? 
  • As I said, it is recommended to have all the copies you want to binge-read, but we are freaking avid-readers, OBVIOUSLY, most of us would have complete series at home unread. Duh. (Naturally, rereading a series doesn't make buddy-reading any less spectacular.)
  • If you plan to read for hours - BRING FOOD AND DRINKS! The latter is especially important right now, as it is summer - and when I get into reading, I'll likely forget about both these things.
  • You can definitely take breaks! Moreover, I'd actually recommend them - for one, they're good for your eyes, plus - as I said - you do need to eat (and I hope you're not planning on eating ABOVE your book - chocolate and other food sticking to the pages is gross). Talk to your family, your friends, take your pet for a walk - it helps, at least for me, to move around a little, afterwards I can concentrate on reading again easily.

Here are some awesome binge-read recs from me:

If you're looking for...

...a fun, romantic drama spiced up with some dystopian elements 
- read The Selection trilogy!
(The Heir & The Crown are not recommended)


... a mysterious fantasy with kickass friendship & truly unique characters
- read Raven Cycle


... romance (and more!) in space with different protagonists in each book
- read Starbound


... crimes, cons, mystery and morally gray characters
- read Curse Workers


... a kickass strategist heroine, love, heartbreak and all the feels
- read the Winner's trilogy


These were just a couple of suggestion from someone who thinks you can binge-read anything and everything. Honestly - whatever you want to binge-read, pick it up. 

Do YOU binge-read series (or, perhaps, authors)?
How about binge-watching shows?
Any series I should consider binge-reading?


  1. OH MY GOSH IVE BINGEREAD TWO OF THESE SERIES HERE!! The Winner's trilogy and The Selection series ahh! The Selection series is honestly so perfect for binge-reading - it's so easy to smooth by this series!
    For me, I'm just a bingereader - I don't usually prepare for them, but more spontaneously just do it when I feel like it xD Or sometimes, some books are just so good, that I automatically head to the next book!

    1. I wish I'd binge-read them, because the wait between the books KILLED ME. Those cliffhangers! I love when I wasn't planning on binge-reading a series, but I'm so into a novel that I immediately have to continue on with the next. :)

  2. This is such a cute post Veronika <3 I've been binge-reading this summer, but then there are days when I'm not in the mood so eventually I break the chain of reading book after book haha. I think my biggest problem in terms of binge-reading is reading A LOT of books to the point where you RUN OUT of books to read. Seriously, it breaks me every time because I can't go without any book to read and hold.

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Thank you, Jill! <3 To be honest, I'm not really into reading this summer - I wouldn't call it a slump exactly, but I've been having problems reading book after book. Running out of books is terrible! That used to happen to me a lot and then I'd just binge-read, bc - like you - I could not go without reading. :D

  3. I used to binge-read but not anymore. I get overwhelmed now and I don't know why because I used to love to get a full series and read it from book 1 to final book. I guess I need a break between books now, or even if I don't read any other book in between, I just can't finish one and pick up the other. Okay, I'm rumbling now LOL

    1. I'm having problems with binge-reading this summer, to be honest - it's as if I can't concentrate for long on reading without taking breaks. Actually, this started right after I wrote this post a month or so ago, which is pretty ironic lol.

  4. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with binge-reading. While I love getting really into a series and noticing all those little details (definitely TMI!), the books tend to blur together for me and a lot of times I don't remember to write down notes so when I sit down to write a review, I honestly can't think of anything to write! So now, most of the time, I try to think about what I like and dislike while I'm reading (which slows down my reading and restricts binge-reading) so I actually have something to say in my review! I have to say I really wish I had binge-read The Winner's Curse series! The endings of The Winner's Curse and The Winner's Crime are BRUTAL. Thankfully, I recently got my hands on The Winner's Kiss so that's finally wrapped up for me :) I love this post, Veronika!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I have to agree, it's really, really hard to remember what exactly happened in each book if you binge-read, especially when it comes to longer series. I think the reason I don't really have a problem with that is because I really like writing reviews/recommendations about a whole series, and that's nearly impossible for me, if I'd read the books months or even years apart. SO TRUE. Those cliffhangers killed me - honestly, cliffhangers are the main reason I like to binge-read... I hate waiting for the answers.
      Thanks! :)

  5. The genre I binge read the most is romance (both contemporary and historical). I actually tend NOT to binge read other genres, mostly because I'm afraid I'll get fed up with the story and end up liking it less than if I pace myself.

    I also start new series all the time (I'm horrible with this), so I then put them away for a while and read other stuff and then I have to make myself buy the sequels so I can continue. It's a real problem.

    And yeah, I binge watch TV series, too - I haven't been watching a lot of TV lately because life has been crazy but in the past, I most definitely binged on series. Most recently, I watched Sense8 on Netflix in 2 days (it doesn't have that many parts but still) and it was great. :)

    1. I don't think I've ever tried binge-reading romance. Mainly because, I don't read that much romance to begin with, and the ones I do read tend to be stand alones, or - like Castles Ever After - lightly (or not at all) connected novels.

      Haha, that's something I do too! And so giving up on series is something I do A LOT.

      I've been meaning to start Sense8 since last year, but I don't know when, or if ever, that will actually happen. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! :)

  6. ♥ this! And there are just some series like The Raven Cycle that MUST be binge-read! But yes, you do need to prepare ! I just love being able to go from one to the next and not having to think about what I should read next and not having to remember every detail since it's still fresh!

    1. Thanks! I wish I'd the chance to binge read TRC, but I read every book shortly after it came out and so the wait killed me each and every time. Plus, I had to at least skim-through the novels - or read a great recap - because there are so many details that may not seem that important, but actually are.

  7. Love this post! I love binge-reading every time I have the chance to (eg. time, all the books in the series). It keeps my memory end excitement for the books super fresh, just like you said! :D Though I feel like sometimes, I'm reading TOO FAST when binge-reading.. like, I only read for the sake of finishing it so I can move on to the next book while normally, I read more slowly so I could really enjoy each book. I just finished binge reading The Raven Cycle but I feel like I'm missing a lot! I was confused most of the time but I kept on reading because I was hoping to know more if I read the next book. Truth is, I didn't have enough time to process. I planned on re-reading it later though hahaha great post :D

    1. Same, binge-reading is not something I can always do, or even feel like, tbh. Mainly because of what you mentioned - reading too fast. That's totally a thing! For me, though, it's not just when I'm binge-reading but anytime I'm eager to know the ending of a novel. I hope you still enjoyed TRC, though? I'm definitely planning on rereading TRC, too! I didn't binge-read the books, and so I forgot a lot of details from the first 3 novels by The Raven King.
      Thanks! <33


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