Thursday, December 24

Why Christmas at Hogwarts is the Best Thing Ever

Students at Hogwarts have about two weeks worth of holidays during Christmas, where they can either go home or stay on at school. I'd sign up to stay at Hogwarts in a heartbeat!! Read on to know why Christmas at Hogwarts is just the best thing ever.

  1. The lesser the students, the more the fun!

    Imagine having this giant castle all to yourself for two whole weeks! You could snoop around to your heart's desire, perhaps discover a secret tunnel or two and go through all the gorgeous books in the library. Feel bored? You could even sneak into Hogsmeade for a change. But hey- beware of Mrs. Norris!! You wouldn't want to spend your time in detention now, would you?

  2. The Great Hall

    Twelve giant ornamented Christmas trees, festoons of holly and mistletoe, and warm, dry snow falling from the candle-filled Enchanted Ceiling- the Great Hall can be found in all its glory during Christmas time!

  3. Christmas decorations

    The castle has been known to be decorated lavishly during Christmas with real, live fairies flying around the trees the school has been known to be decorated with everlasting icicles hanging from the banisters of the Grand Staircase, charmed suits of armor that sing carols and- get this- real live fairies which fly around the trees! Just imagine Hogwarts at Christmas! *sighs*

  4. Ghost carolers

    Carols always bring about the Christmas cheer. What could be better than ghost carolers hanging around singing away merrily? 
    Christmas at Hogwarts is one of the carols sung at Hogwarts and it goes something like: 

    Move around the sparkling fire
    Have a merry Christmas Day
    Find a broomstick in your stocking
    Singing you the magic of this place
    Join the owls joyous flocking
    On this merry Christmas Day
  5. The Christmas feast

    What's Christmas without a scrumptious feast? On Christmas day there's a huge feast at Hogwarts for the remaining students and teachers. Mountains of roast turkey, chipolatas and potatoes are just some of the mouthwatering food in it. Oh, and Butterbeer- nothing can beat sipping a foaming mug of this non-alcoholic beverage. The tables are also strewn with plenty of Wizard Crackers that sound like gunshot when pulled and filled live mice, jokes, hats and other little gifts. 

    Well, so what do you think? Is Christmas at Hogwarts one of the best things ever or not? Gush on all you want in the comments section below!



  1. I so get this!! There's a time in December when Warner Brothers Studios in the UK hold a Christmas dinner at the Hogwarts set and they decorate it and everything! That is definitely something on my bucket list.

    1. OMG that just made into my bucket list too! Just IMAGINE how awesome it'd be!!!!!!!! Ugh. I do so wish I get my Hogwarts letter soon.

  2. Oh my gosh it would be so so cool!! Especially the Great Hall! Could you imagine being able to eat Christmas dinner in there with all the snow and the cool ceiling and everything? Seriously? Dining room GOALS right there! :D

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. IKR? It's goals all over! Just thinking about Hogwarts makes me want to die- I STILL didn't receive my acceptance letter *sniffles*

  3. Where can we go?????? I would do/give anything to go to Hogwarts, anything!! And the way the movies pictured it is amazing! I would love to see Hagrid decorating the Hall and all the lights and the snow! gosh, I would love to see that much snow! ^^
    Awesome post Ruzaika!!!! <33

    1. You just made me feel SO DEPRESSED- I miss Hogwarts so much it HURTS. Sounds funny, but not so funny- it's so UNFAIR that I'm ten years past eleven and I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. So. Unfair.


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