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The Grinch Book Tag

Hello lovelies! I (Veronika) know that not everyone loves Christmas as much as we do *Roberta, I'm looking at you*, and I adore making negative posts, so I decided to bring you The Grinch Book Tag today! This tag was originally created by Thoughts of Tomes and looks like a lot of fun - meaning that I can rant about some of the books that I did not enjoy all that much - and I can't wait to get started.

 Name a book/series/character that started out well and then went downhill.


Burn for Burn was a fascinating series starter - one that made me dive right into its sequel. Fire with Fire took my breath away with its complex characters and crazy plot twists, and it'd be an understatement to say that I was excited for the final novel. However, something HAD TO GO WRONG. Basically, everything I loved in the previous books was missing from Ashes to Ashes: the story was boring and not without plot-holes, the characters were plain and whiny and MY SHIP SANK FOR NO GOOD REASON. 
Total disappointment. 

 Name a book that you did not enjoy but everyone else seems to love, and it will not stop haunting you.

Bully had everything that can ruin a romance novel for me - a little perfect heroine, a horrible hero, slutshaming EVERYWHERE, cheating made to be look okay, a 'bad best friend', and I could go on. Even thinking about this book makes me SO MAD! 

 Name a character that kept on messing everything up for everyone (not a villain).


I picked Aspen Leger from The Selection series without hesitation. He is such an unlikable, inconsiderate, annoying prick - literally from his very first scene he kept messing EVERYTHING up. 

Name a book you were spoiled for.

After its publication Allegiant was literally everywhere, and many people thought it was okay to share on social media exactly what happened in the book without indicating that whatever they shared contained spoilers. Let me tell you, THIS IS NOT OKAY. It's so not okay, that the ending was spoiled for me on Pinterest of all places! People, please be a little more considerate with those who need a few days to get their copy!

 Name a character you just couldn’t warm to.

I'm going to go with Elise from This Song Will Save Your Life. I'd experienced bullying in elementary school, so I thought I'd like her, but she was just so... judgemental, and not the type of person (or character) I could relate to. Anyways, this novel was a DNF for me after about 60% because I just couldn't bear with Elise anymore. 

  Name a couple that you just could not stand.

First, let me tell you that I wanted to love this book, badly, but I just couldn't relate to any of the characters, and all the things that were NEVER explained in the story annoyed me to no ends. Anyways, I can't name many couples that I absolutely couldn't stand, but Rhiannon and A are definitely one.

 A book that has been sitting on your shelf for years that you are not motivated to read, but do not have the heart to get rid of.


I'm not sure I have any that would fit this category, so I just named a few that have been sitting on my shelf for more than a year, BUT I do plan on reading them.

 Name a character death that you are still mad about.
(Unavoidable spoiler!)

America's dad and Celeste in The One. All the deaths in this novel came totally unexpected because NOBODY IMPORTANT died in the previous books! I was devastated after these deaths.  

 Name a series with too many books, or that went on too long.

For me, the last three books just weren't the same as the original trilogy. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I'd have given up on the series if not for Magnus and Alec. <3

Name a main character that you absolutely hate (not a villain).

Eadlyn from The Heir

It's a shame that the most beautiful cover of the series hides the worst book of the series, with a very plain and annoying set of characters. Just to give those who haven't read the book some clues about why I hate Eadlyn so much: she's rude, manipulative, jealous, selfish, uppity and a complete snob. I wish someone would have slapped her, real hard. Maybe in the final novel? *hopeful look*

This was The Grinch book tag, I really hope I managed to live up to the title and helped you get into a cheerful Christmas mood an annoyed mood!


  1. Oh Aspen... Why do you have to be so annoying all the time?! Honestly he brought nothing good to the series. I also agree, The One's deaths were so weird! Why all the violence all the sudden?! Great picks, Veronika!

    1. I so agree - he is one of the most unnecessary characters I've ever heard of. Maybe all the deaths were the author's way of showing that this is real dystopia? IDK but I was SO sad. Thanks, Emily! :)

  2. Great tag! I read Burn for Burn but although I own the second book I never made the effort to pick it up... I might give it away to be honest because knowing how negative reviews the conclusion got I'm no longer interested.
    I was not spoiled for Allegiant but I have to say your case can be used to talk about how crazy people get whenever a new book/film/whatever comes out and people think it's okay to just talk openly about it. I mean, they totally can't but being inconsiderate doesn't make you a likeable person. It makes you an ass. Period. I always try to avoid spoilers even of stuff that wouldn't be considered as such since a spoiler is different for every type of person but when people think it's okay to update their reading spilling out everything, on detail, makes me mad. It's not the first time I've been spoiled about something and it makes me incredibly angry. The worst part? that same people who have no consideration ands spoil like nobody's business are the same who have a tantrum every time they are spoiled and I'm like: "no! you have no right to be mad! That's karma!"

    1. Thanks! Good for you to know ahead what is to come in the final novel because Fire with Fire is the novel that would likely make you CRAZILY connected to the characters - and then Ashes to Ashes would ruin that. *sobs*
      I hate that if you don't want to be spoiled for a popular show/book/movie, basically you can't go on social networks and DEFINITELY can't read blog comments because most people don't even care to mention SPOILERS AHEAD, ugh.



    Funny how I saw the title and said to myself "I have to read this post". But I didn't expect an actual mention LOL.

    Careless spoilers should be punished with book deprivation for a year. At least...

    1. Haha, tbh, I kinda wanted to mention you in the opening post, but thought you might be hurt by it - then you sort of "begged" to be mentioned, so now, here you are. :)

  4. Oh yes, Veronika, you have left me in a wonderful Christmas mood. In seriousness though, I have been trying to decide what post to do for Christmas Eve and I am so doing this tag. I love it! Are those your graphics, because I am totally wanting to kidnap them if they are. (Promise to give you credit for them, too.)

    You're not the only one I've heard that about for The Mortal Instruments, and honestly knowing that hasn't encouraged me to pick up the first book yet. And it is not okay to see spoilers for certain books everywhere! I hate it when that happens to me.

    1. Yeah, about that, you're welcome. :P Yay, glad you're doing this tag! Can't freaking wait to see it. Course you can kidnap them. :D

      The first three books are still worth to read, promise! And Magnus and Alec are the cutest couple ever!

  5. Aspen is basically my least favourite character of ever :') Every time he made an appearance in the Selection books I would just groan and wish that he'd just get killed off already haha. Which brings me to the other Selection point in this tag - there were so many deaths in The One! I keep forgetting that people died. Half because of wishful thinking and half because I just don't think of that series as being one where people die!
    I'm so sorry that you were spoiled for Allegiant. I was spoiled for The Half-Blood Prince, so I understand that that could have been pretty devastating. Also I don't know if I told you this before, but my sister started reading Divergent and then she got spoiled for Allegiant so she refused to continue. Spoilers ruin everything! I hate them!
    Also I am totally with you on The Mortal Instruments. I'm not sure if my opinion would change if I read them all again, but I think the first three books were much better than the last three. I also feel like some of the characters completely changed in the last three books.
    Loved reading this, as grinch-y as it is :P

    1. SAME! I was cringing every part he appeared, much like with Gale from The Hunger Games. To me, it seemed like the author was trying to prove that The Selection is real dystopian series with all the deaths, or IDK... it was very sad and rushed, though.
      Oh no! For The Half-Blood Prince of ALL THINGS? Now that is just cruel. I nearly didn't pick up Allegiant, either but I had hope in the author and that she'd make the ending awesome DESPITE that - how, IDK.
      SO TRUE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS! Like, what was up with Jace? And why make Alec so dramatic and WEAK all of a sudden?? The last three books ruined everything for me.
      Glad you enjoyed. :))

  6. I was also sadly spoiled for Allegiant, but I still really loved the ending. And, honestly, almost all of the characters from the Selection series annoyed the crap out of me. Loved this tag--it's so fun!

    1. Ohh, I HATE spoilers! Oh well, we seem to think differently of these two series, then. :D Thanks. :)


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