Tuesday, December 1

Release Calendar: 2015 December

Hello lovelies. It's the first day of December so I'm here with our monthly new releases post. I'm going to share with you as many new releases as I can, which basically means every novel that either Ruzaika or I are interested in even a least bit. This month we managed to find 19 titles for you - hope you'll enjoy this post. 

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Undoubtedly, I'm the most excited for See How They Run and Their Fractured Light - both of these are sequels to some of my favorite series. First Touch and Thicker Than Water also sound super-good, and I read pretty awesome things about them. 

What book(s) are YOU the most excited for? Did you have the chance to read any of these as an ARC? How was it? 


  1. I knew Oblivion was coming out in December but I don't think I will read it to be fair (although I really enjoyed the Lux series) because I don't see the point in reading the same story but with the male perspective. There are quite a few people doing it now and I'm just not buying it.
    I read Zodiac earlier this year I believe but it wasn't for me so I won't continue with the series and the cover for Untamed looks amazing and you just reminded me that I need to read that series. I own the first two books and now that I have read both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass I think now I can read the series and see what Howard does with the story :)

    1. Tbh, I don't think so either - I used to be so excited about getting the male MC's POV but after quite a few disappointments in this area, I'm not really interested. It seems to me that in these kind of books authors tend to try to satisfy their readers, rather than stay true their characters - again, that's not true about every single novel.
      I haven't read Zodiac, yet and I'm not sure I want to either - the reviews are really mixed. The covers are really pretty, though. :D Haha, it reminded me, as well! I so adore all three novels' covers and can't wait to dive into these books. :)

  2. I am so excited for Their Fractured Light, even though I am ashamed to admit that I am NOT caught up with the series... Also, The Death of Lila Jane sounds so intriguing and that cover is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing (I am horrible at keeping up with releases). ♥

    1. Don't be ashamed - it took me some time to get to This Shattered World, too! I love that cover SO MUCH and I can't wait to see more reviews of the novel because it definitely sounds intriguing. :)


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