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A Christmas Story: Wrap Up Post

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A Christmas Story 

..And so we come to  the end of A Christmas Story at The Regal Critiques. When Vera and I decided to do this little event, we were a little bit apprehensive as to whether we'd be able to convince any of our blogger friends to contribute- God knows the end of the year is hectic enough without having to sit and write a guest post for someone else's blog. While some did decline the offer for perfectly legit reasons, these beautiful souls agreed to contribute a post for A Christmas Story, and we couldn't be more thankful!

Thank you, guys, for putting up with our incessant demands and giving us the best guest posts ever!! Now let's see what all we awesome people got together and brought to you via A Christmas Story.

 First we had the wonderful Sabrina with the The 12 Days of Christmas Bookish Gift Guide- what? You haven't checked it out already? What are you even waiting for- go bookmark it for next Christmas at least! You can find it here.

❄ Next we had the lovely Jillian, who did a full-fledged discussion on the portrayal of mental illnesses in books- she even recommended a few books you could gift someone this season! Go check it out here.

❄ And then we had the sweet Amy who reviewed Hogfather by Terry Pratchett, which she said was a Christmas read that was perhaps not for everyone. You think you'd like it? Check out the review here.

❄ We then had the super cheerful Ranu here, who did the Christmas Cracker Book Tag- it was really fun! You can check it out here, and then perhaps do it the next year!

❄ The first Tuesday of A Christams Story, Veronika did the TTT post on her favorite books in 2015- and of course she cheated, what did you think? :D Check it out here.

It was then our very own Veronika who did the Grinch Book Tag- and I have to say that was one post that really lived up to its title! Check it out here, oh, and consider yourself tagged!

❄ Next up was my review of a wonderfully magical Christmas read that wasn't particularly christmassy- The Gift by Cecelia Ahern. Check out the review here- you might want to add it to your TBR!

❄ Then my selection of book quotes about Christmas went live- the Luna quote from Harry Potter was by far everyone's favorite. Check it out here.

 Next was a post you simply cannot miss- Christmas movie recs by the wonderful Holly. There were quite a few of my favorites included there- what about yours? Check out her list here.

 We were then conquered by the ever-energetic Mishma, who made all the Grinches out there see why Christmas is just the best season of the year. Check out here post here.

Vera then reviewed Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Check out her review here to see what she thought of it.

 The second Tuesday of A Christmas Story, Veronika did the TTT on what books she wouldn't mind Santa leaving under her tree this year. Check it out here.

 It was then Veronika's list of Top 6 favorite Christmas albums- probably one of my favorite ACS posts! Check it out here for some awesome recs.

 On the day before Christmas I made it my job to make our readers yearn for *MAGIC* by talking about why Christmas at Hogwarts is simply the best thing ever. *sighs* Who knows, there's always the chance of me receiving my Hogwarts letter next year!! I dare you to say otherwise. Well, my lovelies, check out the post here.

 As the last post of A Christmas Story, the ever-sweet Annie shared with us 5 super-awesome sweet treats she loves for the holidays- I daresay you would too! Check them out here.

And so we came to the end of A Christmas Story! 

Once again, big hugs and thank you to our lovely guest bloggers- you guys are simply the best  
We'd also like to thank you, our lovely readers, for putting up with this for over two weeks and supporting us through and through- and as always, we really appreciate all the feedback you left!



  1. Quote:
    "While some did decline the offer for perfectly legit reasons".
    And who would they be? *looks around*
    Hehe. Grinch-in-the-Flesh is here! I'm sorry I let you down, but I see you did well even without me. Kudos to all the guests of ACS!

    I hope you had a great Christmas, chock-full of new, shining books!

    1. *looks around* I sure wasn't talking about you! :D Nah, you didn't let us down- you completely convinced with that Grinch mask hahaHA.
      I didn't get any shiny new books- but then, I don't celebrate Christmas either, LOL, but Vera sure did!

  2. As with Spooky October, A Christmas Story has been also super great and a nice idea to spread the love for the holiday season ^^ I hope you two both decide to make more themed months in the future because they are so much fun :)
    I hope you had an awesome day on Christmas! :)

    1. Glad you liked this idea, Noelia! I was having my doubts since it felt too soon after Spooky October for ANOTHER themed month, but I'm so glad for all the support you've shown. *squishy hugs* You're the best!
      Hope YOU had a wonderful Christmas- I don't celebrate it :))

  3. I loved reading all these posts this past month and although I am sad they are over, I have no doubts 2016 posts will be just as good! Merry late Christmas! XD

    1. Yayy!! I'm so glad for all the feedback you guys leave- sure makes blogging worth it *throws sparkles*
      Hope you had a great Christmas!

  4. Congrats, ladies. I am so happy that this feature went as well for you as it did. I had a blast participating and totally second the thought that I hope you do more of these type of features in the future! It's an absolutely brilliant idea and so inventive.

    1. THANK YOU for being a lovely guest blogger, Amy! Your support and feedback mean so much to us! ❤️


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