Monday, November 30

{Royal Rantings} Why Rereading Can Be The Best Thing Ever

Something you all quite possibly know about me is that I love rereading books. I believe that the best thing that can happen upon finishing a book is knowing that, yes, I’ll definitely get back to this novel because it was too good not to be devoured again and again... and maybe a few times after that. 

However, I do know that rereading books has some cons that are especially hard to swallow - like, thinking about all your shiny new books that are left unread while you're spending your time on ones you've already read. Despite this I fully believe that rereading your favorite books is worth your time and effort. 

Why is that?

Rereading is not only super-fun but it can also make you love certain books more than when you first read them. What do you mean, you might be asking, and I hear effing Justin Bieber's voice *sobs*.

For starters, we change a bit every single day - meaning, I see the world in a totally different light today than I did when I was 14 years old. Maybe, just maybe, you'll discover new messages, new morals in your old favorite books and wonder how in the hell you've never seen those before. Or, perhaps, you'll be able to relate to the characters more because you've lived through similar issues as they're battling in their books.

We also learn new things - at school, work, wherever - that might help us get more invested in a story than prior to knowing properly all this stuff. For example, I believe you can fully enjoy a Historical Fiction about the II. World War with minimal history knowledge. However, without doubt it'll have a different effect on you if you reread it after you researched that certain time. Again, you might see things you completely overlooked when you first read it.

As an avid reader I know just how attached we, booklovers, can get to our favorite characters and stories, and, as a rereader, I'm perfectly aware of how amazing it can feel to revisit these characters and their world.

I'm not going to lie, this can go in both ways and you might be left with a sour taste in your mouth, not knowing if you should lower your rating, or, in remembrance to your younger self, leave it as it is. I nearly always go with the second choice, if you're wondering. This rarely happens, though, because rereading also has a nostalgic feelings to it, for me at least. I think that remembering the person you used to be when you first read a certain book might make the poor writing or the cheesy storyline bearable.

There are some unforgivable and inexcusable things in books. Among other things, when issues, such as slutshaming, bullying and racism are made to look acceptable and/or even seem to be encouraged by the author.  But in these cases it's better anyway that you had the chance to see these issues you missed before, and, perhaps, even write a negative review explaining to the world what is exactly wrong with the said book. 

What I love the most about rereading is that it can get me out of any reading slump and lift my mood even on the darkest days. You might say that the latter is true to yet unread books, as well, but I have to disagree - you can never know for sure that you'll enjoy a certain book. 

Tip: Try rereading a light and fun book, for starters, and definitely don't give yourself a hard time over skipping "the boring parts". Rereading is purely for you to feel good - even if you're rereading the saddest book ever - so don't stress over it. If you don't feel like it anymore, only read you absolute favorite parts or put down the book altogether. 
There are times when even our favorite books don't work for us. 

Do you like to reread? Why?/Why not? 
If you haven't reread anything, yet, why haven't you ever tried to?


  1. It takes a VERY special book for me to re read. Not even just a 5 star, but we're talking not even on the scale. I think it's because I get bored of things very easily, and I feel tired reading something when I know what's going to happen. That being said, classic books that I've read a long time ago and I have sentimental value with i.e. Harry Potter,bare always great to go back to for a pick me up :)

    1. Oh well, that's completely understandable to me because I get bored of things easily - I guess my beloved books are the only exceptions haha. I absolutely love rereading old favorites, but in the case of HP I usually stick to simply rewatching the movies. :)

  2. YESSS! Everything you've said here is perfection haha.
    I love rereading too and I, too often, see people that never do.
    There are some books I reread more often then most - for example, Howl's Moving Castle. And since starting blogging and even Goodreads, I've found that I reread a lot less.
    I've only had one case where I've reread a book and found it to be not as good as I remembered, and that was Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.
    I also totally get what you mean about the nostalgia making up for other not-so-good things - Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is that book for me.
    Also, I have the same issue with hearing "what do you mean" and immediately associating it with Justin Bieber :(
    Awesome post :D

    1. It makes me so sad that some people have never once experienced the beauty of rereading. For me, reading wouldn't be the same without the occasional rereads, and without being able to relate to/love a book so much that I can read it countless times.
      Oh, I HATE that feeling - that was TFiOS for me. :(
      Haha, Hush Hush falls into that category for me too!
      No offense, but I was completely fine while he wasn't making music. Tbh, I don't understand what his fans see in him.
      Thank you! <33

  3. I do love to reread (normally my all time favourites) but after joining the bookblogging community and got in the reading madness I forgot all about it. There are so many new books - or not exactly new - as you said and sometimes it's hard to read something you have already read without feeling bad for the ones that are waiting to be read. But if I feel like rereading, I would. I want to reread the Harry Potter series again during December since it's been three years already and I wanna be back in the world (I used to reread all the books during the Christmas season).
    And I completely agree about picking new things up but it's also dangerous. I know I will never get tired of HP for example but if I were to read some of the YA I used to love during my teens I know I will start cringing. One of my friends tried to reread what is probably the most famous Spanish YA series and he had to stop because he found it so childish and didn't want the memories he had for the series to be tainted. That's why I only try to re-read my all time favourites because I feel like my positive feelings towards them won't change, or at least it hasn't happened yet *fingers crossed this doesn't change*
    Great post Veronika! :))

    1. I had the same problem right after I started blogging - for me, part of that problem was that I wanted to keep up with other bloggers' reading progress and felt like rereading would lower my chances of that. I really should reread HP too, it's been so long - feel free to tweet me if you want to buddy reread it. :)
      Oh, that is THE WORST feeling, though the nostalgia usually saves these books for me.
      Thank you, Noelia! <33

  4. YES! Every time I hear a fellow blogger saying they don't/very rarely reread, I feel sad. So you made me happy LOL.

    Of course, it's much easier for people like me, who have a very limited budget to spend on new books, to be rereading advocates. But on the other hand...books are meant to be enjoyed to the full, which means you can't just read them and discard them after that. It feels like a crime to me. It feels like you DIDN'T really love them. It also feels like all the time and pain their authors poured into them have been for immediate consumption only! Not to mention, all the reasons you gave why rereading is worth it are totally, great ranting ;).

    1. I completely agree with everything you wrote and can relate to the limited budget, as well, because a few years back that was the story of my life. It was easier then, but I do believe that you can always squeeze in a bit of time between other reads for your old favorites.
      Thanks, Roberta! <33

  5. I was never a rereader until last year, and now I love it! Rereading books from many years ago is great for all the reasons you mentioned. I definitely experience books differently at different points in my life, and it's just plain fun to look back on what kind of books I liked when I was younger. But even books I've read super recently and still remember well are fun to reread because I LOVE noticing all the details and depth and clues I missed the first time because I was distracted or didn't know all the twists yet!

    1. Oh yes, you just described perfectly why I love rereading! I really enjoy rereading recently finished novels - especially my favorite scenes of them. :)

  6. Great topic, Veronika! Sadly, I used to reread a lot more than I do now - thanks to all those books looming over me on my TBR stack. But, I do love rereading books. I totally agree with you one finding new messages and relating to the people differently - which, in fact, happened with one of the last books I reread and I went 'how did I miss that the first time?' Thankfully enough, I usually enjoy my rereads more than I did the first time, because I know what's going to happen. It's like, that horrible choice that a character made the first time around that upset me so much? Yeah, now that I know why they did it, I totally don't mind anymore. And I love the chance to see all the foreshadowing that, not knowing the story, I missed the first time around.

    Seriously, once I make a dent in my TBR stack, I am totally going to make time to reread some books!

    1. Thanks, Amy! :) I was the same way, but this year I was FINALLY able to spend some time rereading my favorites - even longer series like The Princess Diaries and Mediator.
      You just reminded me of my favorite thing in rereading - usually, I remember characters as their most developed selfs, and rereading lets me see again how they started out.
      Hope that'll happen soon. :)

  7. I love re-reading, because it's great to return to worlds and characters you've fallen in love with. I can never get enough of Harry Potter. Sometimes it can be a little scary, because what if you don't love it as much as the first time and it takes away all the good feelings you had about the book? But most of my rereads have been successful and I will never stop with rereading :D

    1. Glad you feel that way about rereading. :) I have to agree with you, even though some of my rereads ended up being a bit of a disappointment, overall, I still have great memories about rereading. :)


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