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What To Watch Around Halloween - Not Only Horror Recs

I'm pretty sure most of us love getting into the Halloween spirit by watching creepy movies, but everyone has their preference about just how spooky a movie should be. Because of this, I selected different types of movies for my post - there are cartoons, classics, tv shows, mysteries, horrors, etc. so hopefully everyone will find something to their liking. :)


From the greatly portrayed characters, through the awesome pictures, to the super-exciting mysteries Gravity Falls is basically everything you could ever ask for, even as an adult. A must watch for those who like cartoons even a teeny tiny bit.

How To Get Away With Murder is full of shocking revelations, interesting cases, and I haven't even mentioned the wonderful cast yet. The show has a main plot - a super exciting one, I shall say - but in (nearly) every episode the main characters work on a new case that is most likely sick as hell. If you're into crime/mystery shows then How To Get Away With Murder is for you.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a super-huge fan of American Horror Story. It's the perfect amount of gore, horror and drama. It does have some creepy parts but overall it's not scary enough to make me not want to watch it alone - small fact about me: I don't watch real creepy things alone. Ever. My favorite season was definitely Asylum because I have this weird love for asylums in general, but all the others were kickass too, and the cast is always PERFECT.

Scream Queens is the show that's equally bloody and funny - but that makes total sense because it's a horror comedy and a fucking awesome one. Emma Roberts kills it as Channel but the rest of the cast is just as spot on as she is.

Scream Queens


Coraline is one of those rare cases when I can't decide which I liked more: the book or the movie. A lot of things were changed in the movie but I feel like - with the characters and the atmosphere of the story - it stayed true to the book.

Monster House has been one of my favorite movies ever since I've first seen it, which was right after it came out on DVD in Hungarian. At that time there were very few animated horror movies like this that I knew of so I re-watched it a couple of hundred times.

Monster House


I'd risk saying that Edward Scissorhands is one of the strangest movies I've ever seen, yet I loved it - but what did I expect? We're talking about a Tim Burton movie, starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, basically, nothing could have gone wrong here.

Musical lovers, Sweeney Todd is for you. With actors such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman the cast is literally perfection, and the story lived up to all my expectations, as well.

If you're not a fan of horror but would like to read something disturbing then Gone Girl is the perfect choice for you. At this point, I don't think I could say anything about it that hasn't been said before BUT do read the book before you watch the movie. While both are exceptional, of course, the novel is a lot more detailed and gives a better portrayal of the characters - especially of Amy.

Sweeney Todd


The Rocky Horror Picture Show, while not exactly my favorite movie, is definitely worth watching. It's strange, in a way that made me unable to forget it, even though I wasn't a fan when I watched it.

Heathers might not make it onto other people's Halloween movie lists but I think it's the perfect movie for those who want something sick that isn't necessarily scary or bloody. It's the perfect mix of high school drama and murder, and one of my all-time favorite movies.

What can I say about The Addams Family that you haven't already known? I'm pretty sure nothing because every single person on this has to have seen it by now. And if you haven't, go see it now.


Others I'd recommend: Jessabelle, Poltergeist, Dead Silence, Mirrors, Stay Alive, The Ring, KM: 31

The Conjuring is an obvious choice for me because I LOVE this movie. I loved that it was full of scary scenes AND had a creepy atmosphere all through it. If you haven't seen it yet, then go watch it NOW. 

The Gallows was a positive surprise for me. It started off a bit lame but things quickly turned to horrific and the ending was SO GOOD. I honestly can't tell if it's really scary or not because when I watch a horror movie at the cinema, it's always scary lol.

Sinister 2 is definitely recommended for everyone who prefers more of a disturbing and bloody story than one that'll frighten you to death. It has a creepy atmosphere that gets real strong sometimes, but mostly it's jumpscares and super-disturbing scenes. Obviously, I loved it.

Insidious: Chapter 3 is actually a prequel to the other two movies, so you can watch it before those if you want to. It has some truly scary scenes and the story is pretty great as well, though by the end it got a bit too much for me. Anyways, still highly recommended.

The Conjuring

So what are your favorite movies to help you get into the Halloween spirit? Do you happen to like any of the ones I listed? 


  1. I am so obsessed with HTGAWM right now. Waiting a week for each episode to come out is killlling me. I love how there are new cases every episode and the cast is fantastic.
    I’ve been think about getting into American Horror Story for a while, but I’ve always thought that it would freak me out too much. If you don’t think it’s too creepy… Maybe I will try it after my exam.
    Monster House… that movie was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen at the time, but for some strange reason I really liked it too. I loved how there was actually a backstory to the house.
    One movie I watch to get into the Halloween spirit is Halloween Town :P
    So I guess that explains how much of a scaredy cat I am xD

    1. I FEEL THE SAME WAY. It's a torture to wait that much and if they close the second season with an even huger cliffhanger than the first season, I'm not sure how I'll bear the wait.
      Do that! AHS is really really awesome, and also NO CLIFFHANGERS. That's what I love the most in it haha.
      Same here, but as a child I was totally fascinated by it. Kinda still am. :D
      I'm planning on watching Halloween Town this year, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not much better either - can't really watch a horror on my own. :)

  2. I can't deal with American Horror Story. I'm such a chicken but I'm loving Scream Queens and I'm happy I'm saying this because I thought it was gonna be a bit shitty when it was announced but it's so much fun, or it is for me LOL (the 4th ep got me laughing like crazy and I can't believe I'm saying this but I adore Lea Michele's character hahahaha)
    You got some pretty nice titles in there and others I haven't seen. Normally on Halloween I go for the "not so scary" scary movies like Hocus Pocus because they are much more fun, period. I watched the Conjuring when it came out and I almost die of a heart attack and I'm pretty sure I made my friends (and myelf) go a bit deaf with my screaming. But I just had such an awful time with it and still today I cannot deal with wardrobes if they don't full get to the ceiling. If there is space between the wardrobe and the ceiling I freak out big time. And the basement scene? Guess who isn't gonna sleep tonight after this.... yeah, me LOL

    1. Oh, that's a shame because that show is fantastic! I was afraid of SQ too, it just didn't seem like my cup of tea because horror comedies usually don't work out for me, BUT THIS ONE IS SO GOOD. Oh gosh, yes, I laugh so much while watching this show and the last episode was definitely the funniest yet. It's so great how it combines mortifying scenes with totally humorous ones. I love all the characters, well besides Grace and Pete - they didn't show anything special so far, especially Grace.
      I want to watch that one, so I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to include the wardrobe gif from The Conjuring but then decided against it because I didn't want to traumatize anyone lol.

  3. so many good picks! Edward Scissorhands was so good but for some reason not one that I tend to rewatch. Sweeney Todd... loved it. I'm a sucker for musicals. :) And Rocky Horror was just on last night and I caught a few minutes of it. Heathers... so classic! No telling how many times I've seen that one. Such an excellent dark comedy. And so many great lines from that one. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. At the moment I'm not sure I'd rewatch it either, I feel like it's a lot more special when you watch it for the very first time and experience everything right along with Edward. I absolutely LOVE Heathers, one of the best movies I've ever seen.

  4. Oh my gosh Monster House freaked me out when I first watched it! For all those people who think animated movies are just for kids and aren't scary at all, I point them to Monster House. I actually just watched the Addams Family movies a year ago and they were really good! They're scary but also kind of funny! Especially Wednesday :)

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Me too, but I loved it to pieces! And yes, I still recommend it to people too. But how could I not? That movie is so well-made. Wednesday is the coolest character ever, I love that whole family. :)


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