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Melissa Marr - Made For You (+Bookstopper Outfit)

A killer is obsessed with Eva Tilling. Can she stop him, or will he claim her?

When Eva Tilling wakes up in the hospital, she’s confused—who in her sleepy little North Carolina town could have hit her with their car? And why? But before she can consider the question, she finds that she’s awoken with a strange new skill: the ability to foresee people’s deaths when they touch her. While she is recovering from the hit-and-run, Nate, an old flame, reappears, and the two must traverse their rocky past as they figure out how to use Eva’s power to keep her friends—and themselves—alive. But while Eva and Nate grow closer, the killer grows increasingly frantic in his attempt to get to Eva.

For the first time, New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr has applied her extraordinary talent to contemporary realism. Chilling twists, unrequited obsession, and high-stakes romance drive this Gothic, racy thriller—a story of small-town oppression and salvation. Melissa’s fans, and every YA reader, will find its wild ride enthralling.

Upon finishing Made For You I desperately wanted to review it but found myself completely unable to form my racing thoughts into coherent sentences. I nearly decided not to review it but this book is so wonderful that I can't NOT try to convince as many people as I possibly to give it a chance. Don't expect too much from this review, though, because I'm still stunned by how much I enjoyed this book. 

Made For You is a very unique Young Adult novel for more than one reasons, but the most important one has to be that we got the chance to read the killer's point of view. This is rare enough in Adult novels but is nearly unheard of in YA. The fact that Melissa Marr still went for it - and pulled it off perfectly - makes me want to give another chance to her Wicked Lovely series, which I found very underwhelming when I picked it up a few years back.

The murderer was a 100% sure he had the right to judge and then kill people if he found them guilty, and he didn't exactly know what the world consciousness means either. The way he saw the world and justified his actions sickened and amazed me at the same time. 

"It hurt to sacrifice the one person I thought was meant to be mine... I had to kill her."

The fact that we had no idea who the killer was, only that he was one of Eva's friends, created a lot of suspense and tension. One problem I had was that there weren't that many suspects - given that we knew he was a male and a friend - so it's not like it was impossible to guess who he was. Though, the author gave very few clues so it wasn't totally easy to guess who he was, but I think that can be rather thanked to the fact that most of the secondary characters weren't that involved in the story. 

What bothered me in the novel was how out of the blue we learnt who the murderer was. We were given the chance to figure it out before Eva and then we were instantly thrown back into his head, now knowing who he really was. I don't know about you, but this was a bit too fast and too much for me.

Another minor problem I had was that many of the characters could have been better-made, in my opinion. Mainly I'm talking about Nate, who simply functioned as the love interest, but Eva's parents were kind of plain as well, and it was hard to see their side of the story. The paranormal aspect of the novel is something that I have mixed feelings about because it was well-executed, but it took my attention away from the main mystery, which I did not like. 

All considered, Made For You is a novel you have to pick up if you enjoy Mysteries and/or Thrillers, especially if you like a little paranormality added to these.

The story idea: 4/5
The realization of the story: 4/5
The characters: 4/5
The cover: 4/5
Enjoy factor: 5/5

I couldn't help but make a Bookstopper Outfit for Made For You because that cover begs for one - those colors! I chose to go with an everyday looking outfit, and added a white blazer and gold and whit accessories to make it more elegant and outstanding. I'm also proud of myself for being able to (kind of) include ever color from the cover. Share with me your thoughts on this outfit! 

Bookstopper Outfits: Made for You by Melissa Marr


  1. When I first heard about this, I included it on my wishlist but haven't made the choice to read it. It is not your typical YA mystery book for sure and those are rare to find. However, I do see some of the same YA trope like the parents being plain. It's not the first time and I won't be the last when parents are completely forgotten in YA lit or just not well developed and it makes me furious. Maybe I will pick it up one day because the way it is narrated intrigues me more than anything else but I'm not sure about the whole paranomal thing. Meh, I need to think about it though your review was great. And the outfit as well. I'm not a massive fan of crop tops myself but those sandals? give them to me. And the bag and the trousers... well, you get the pictures ;)

    1. The parents were at least around - that's becoming very rare in YA novels, but their development came out of the blue, and I did not understand their way of thinking, at all. The paranormal thing wasn't THAT bothering but... IDK why it was needed, it's definitely well-written, though.
      Thanks! Honestly, I don't wear crop tops either but I do think they're super-cute if they're paired with high-waisted pants. Haha, glad you liked those parts of the outfit a lot. :D

  2. Oh my goodness that outfit is gorgeous! I want it! :D I haven't had a chance to read this book yet but it has such a cool cover and blurb! Great review!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Thank you, so glad you like it! :D Hope you'll enjoy it, if you chose to read it. Thanks. <3

  3. I read this book almost a year ago now, and I had to go back and look at my review so that I could fully remember what I thought about it (probably not a good sign)! Turns out, I really hated the parents! I also really enjoyed the exciting ending, which I am slowly remembering now. Great review!
    Also I love the outfit you've put together!

    1. Haha, that is definitely not a good sign, to be honest I had a hard time recalling many things in this novel while writing the review. Ugh, they were horrible - and became awesome parents out of the blue. What the what? Thanks! <3


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