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Haunted Libraries From Around The World

Hello, my lovelies! In our first ever Special Post for Spooky October I thought of taking you to a selection of haunted libraries all over the world! *evil cackles* Libraries, we love. Haunted libraries, not so much, I discovered. Some of these are DEFINITELY nightmare-inducing. Check them out and tell us which one you thought was the spookiest of the lot!

 Arundel Castle Library- Sussex, England

This castle is reported to be the haunt of as many as four ghosts. The library is said to be haunted by the ghost "Blue Man", who has been sighted since the 1630s. He is seen in the library many a times floating around and browsing the books. Anything for the love of books, it seems!

Rammerscales House Library- Dumfries, Scotland

This is the library of an 18th-century stately home and is said to be haunted by its former owner, James Mounsey. A teacher and students who lived there during World War II were so scared of the ghost that they slept in the stables. Must have been a truly frightening ghost indeed if they preferred the stables to the comfort of this house!

Central Reference Library- Bristol, England

A gray-robed monk who haunts the Bristol Cathedral next door is said to visit this library to consult theological books. Looks like the thirst for education persists even in the after-life!

State Library of Victoria- Melbourne, Australia

This impressive structure is said to host many ghosts: a female librarian named Grace looks after the children’s books in the Arts Collection, and a mustachioed gentleman protects the piano and the music stacks. Poltergeist phenomena have been reported in the newspaper room and glowing orbs of light are said to appear on the stairs. Spooky!

University of BC Library- Vancouver, Canada

An old lady in a white dress is said to haunt the library of the UBC. No one knows who she might have been, but she is said to vanish if approached. Quite a docile lady, I'd say!

Willard Library- Indiana, USA

The floating apparition of The Gray Lady has been reportedly seen numerous times in the boiler room. The existence of the spirit of a male child in the basement children’s reading room has also been uncovered. Levitating books, orbs of light, sensations of being touched and having one’s hair stroked have been reported here. Quite a lot of paranormal phenomena for my liking!

Africana Library- Kimberley, South Africa

This library is known for disembodied footsteps, perhaps from the first librarian of has been reported to have committed suicide within it. A man has also been seen walking down the halls. Looking for someone, maybe?

Peoria Public Library- Illinois, USA

This  public library is said to have been cursed in Mary Stevenson Gray  who previously owned the land where the library now stands. The curse is rumored to have caused the untimely deaths of three library directors in the early 20th century who now haunt the library. Employees have reportedly heard their names being called while alone in the stacks, felt cold drafts, and even claimed to have seen the face of a former library director in the basement doorway. I wouldn't work here even if I were bankrupt, would you?

Marsh’s Library- Dublin, Ireland

The inner gallery of this library was said to be haunted by it's founder, Archbishop Narcissus Marsh himself, wandering among the shelves and rummaging through volumes looking for a lost letter from his niece. Wonder what was of so much importance in that letter?

Morelia Public Library- Michoacán, Mexico

A “nun in blue” is said to have been haunting this building for many years. It has been reported that a library worker requested a transfer in 1996 because she felt paralyzed by an unseen presence standing behind her and blowing in her ear. That's scary!


As much as I love books, you wouldn't catch me DEAD in any of these! Sorry, bad pun!

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  1. Woah I had no idea that the State Library in Melbourne is supposed to be haunted. I've been past there before, so now I'm going to have to check it out.
    Most of these ghosts sound pretty harmless - I mean, if they're just looking after books, I wouldn't mind seeing some of them :P
    The Peoria Public Library is probably the scariest. I don't think I'd go in there!

    1. Oooh, does this mean you're possessed? That's super-awesome *ROFL* But anyway, it's a pity you didn't know about it being haunted before, you could have said hi to a ghost from me- eek.
      I know they SOUND harmless, but you can never be too sure ;) The Peoria Library is DEFINITELY the scariest!!

    2. Hahaha I think I'm safe, unfortunately. Maybe now I will be able to convince some of my non-reader friends to go there with me now though, so I still could help you out with that lol.

    3. That's so disappointing. I'd have loved to be friends with someone possessed :( Oh well, anyway, I'd love it if you could help me out with that :D

  2. First off - you totally stole the October tiara but it makes for an awesome banner, so you're forgiven! LOL
    Fun and original post. I have to say these libraries looks gorgeous, so it's a pity they scare people off ;). I'll have Sam & Dean look into them in their spare time ;).

    1. Glad I'm forgiven haha. Thank you, Roberta. I sure hope Sam and Dean (whoever they are LOL) will find these libraries interesting.

    2. Like, you don't know Sam & Dean Winchester? "Supernatural"'s Sam & Dean? Seriously, this is bad. Unforgivable, even. I might have to unfriend you ;P.

    3. Jeez, you just might have to do that :D

  3. These libraries look amazing but knowing they are hunted I wouldn't walk through them. Some of these background stories are quite scary, or rather scary for a chicken like myself. Thank goodness there are no Spanish libraries in this list LOL

    1. We are certainly alike when it comes to ghosts, Noelia! :D I wouldn't dare walk through any of these too! Oh and BTW, I could definitely look up some haunted Spanish libraries for you ;)

  4. Ahhh, I love those pics! I wish I had libraries as beautiful here. We don't even celebrate Halloween, haha. I don't believe in hauntings, but it's still amazing to hear those stories. :)

    Vane at Books With Chemistry

    1. These stories are so deliciously creepy, aren't they? I don't necessarily believe in hauntings myself, but that doesn't stop me from feeling creeped out :D


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