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Seven Series I Most Likely Won't Finish

Hello lovelies. Today I'm here with a post about seven series I highly doubt I'll ever finish. Seven, because that's how many colors are there in a rainbow, and I added plus one because I couldn't leave out black. I'm not sure about you, but as the summer is ending I'm in a need of something colorful and happy. For those who live in somewhere where summer/spring is just starting or they have summer all year long: wanna swap with me for the winter? :P Back to the books, I'm pretty sure about most of my decisions but do tell me if a series gets better or it is worth continuing, I might change my mind. :) 

Books read: 9/12

I read Marked in my post-Twilight period and instantly became a huge fan of the series. I reread the first novel so many times that pages started to fall out of it despite how carefully I've always treated my books. Unfortunately, the sellings weren't good enough in Hungary so they stopped translating the novels after Destined and by the time I started reading in English I wasn't overly enthusiastic about continuing the series. I don't think I'll enjoy these books anymore and I don't feel like ruining the amazing reading experience they gave me.

 Books read: 5/11 (and who knows how many more?)

This is the few series on my list that I feel like I might actually finish one day but it looks so overwhelming! Unlike most series from my list, Lords of the Underworld has not been completed yet, and god only knows when it will be. On the plus side, you know I love those series where the main characters are different in every book but the previous ones are still actively there. I want to continue because I gave five stars to all of these books but I don't remember much of anything from them so it'd take plenty of research for me to exactly recall who is who and what happened in the previous novels. 

Books read: 8/12 (at the moment it seems like there'll be 14(!) in total)

I have the feeling that this series might never end. It started off as a trilogy that I loved so much, including the much later published companion novel. Rush was such an ass in the beginning but he really made up for it and became the kind of guy Blaire deserved. I was super-excited for Woods' story because he seemed like such a reliable guy in the Too Far books, but I was sad to see that Abbi felt the need to make a bad boy out of him as well. Despite the fact that the story seemed repetitive I still enjoyed it and was rooting for Della. Then it was time for Harper and Grant's story and it was painfully similar to the previous novels. Same relationship drama, a crazy girl to hate on (Nan) and the same type of characters. I was fed up but I finished their books anyway. However, I don't feel like going through the same story again so I gave up on the series, even though I'm interested in Mase.

Books read: 6/8 (two more are in the making)

I loved the first five books so much! I really liked that Mac wasn't your usual heroine but she was still very likable, if a tad bit annoying at places. I was doing my happy dance when 4 new books - all from Dani's POV - were announced. I have never been a Dani fan but I was looking forward to reading more about her character, even if it creeped me out that she was 14 but the novel was shelved as Erotica. Anyways, Iced was nowhere as good as the previous five books but it was enjoyable. Then it was announced that the 7th book is yet again from Mac's POV. Now, I love the girl but her and Barrons's story is already closed, they do not need any more problems in their lives. Or at least I won't be reading about those problems - in my head they're living their happily ever after. *shrugs*

Book read: 4/8

I see actual chance of finishing this series because I'm halfway through and as far as I know there won't be any more books. Moreover, I'm still very interested in the story and I rated the books I've read pretty positively. Unfortunately, while I do remember Dimitri and Honor quite well, I barely remember Elena and Raphael, nothing about the things they went through and barely anything about their personalities. So before continuing the series I'd have to do a thorough research or simply reread the books. I don't think I'm up for either. 

Books read: 2/4

If I make a list of overhyped books The Caster Chronicles will definitely be on it. When I think back to Beautiful Creatures, it does not seem like it was a pleasant experience but I do remember I considered asking it for Christmas (previously borrowed from the library) so I must have enjoyed it to some levels. I'm gonna say this was an okay-ish read, but Beautiful Darkness was anything but enjoyable. It felt repetitive and it was full of relationship drama. If I remember right I didn't even finish it, just skimmed through the second half - pretty much the definition of a one star book. It's such a shame because the covers are absolutely gorgeous. 

Books Read: 5/12 (and more are coming!)

By now I think you've realized that long ass series (8+ books) not only intimidate me but sort of bore me after a while. It's like, I'm reading the series and I'm enjoying it but after the umpteenth book I become bored and would like to pick up something new. I read the first two books from the library and loved them, but I only picked up the next three when my friend became obsessed with the series and wouldn't shut up about it. However, even her enthusiasm and my love for the series weren't enough to keep me reading. Maybe if the author finally stops adding new books I'll get it together and continue reading, but I'm not sure about it. 

And finally the plus one: 

Books read: 1/3

Delirium was one of the first ever dystopian novels I read. I think I picked it up right after Hunger Games (or maybe before that - life had been so hard pre-Goodreads). I loved this book so freaking much and was super-excited for Pandemonium, but sadly, I had to realize the sequels were not translated to Hungarian at that time. By the time I started reading in English my love for the book faded and I also learnt there's a love triangle - and you all know how I hate those. All considered, this is one of the decisions that I'm extremely sure in despite my love for the first novel. 

PS: Can we take a minute to look at those awful covers? I don't know whose idea was this, but they're worse than Vampire Academy and that's saying something. 

So tell me, have you finished any of these series? Or maybe, you've already given up on them, like me? What series have you given up on in your life? Share with me your thoughts in the comments. 


  1. Good call on giving up on the Delirium trilogy. Just thinking about Requiem makes me so very angry and frustrated. I can't believe I read three whole books for that ending - if you can even call it an ending.
    I was the same as you with the Caster Chronicles books too. I enjoyed the first one but strongly disliked the second one. Then I never picked up the third book. I just looked around the internet for spoilers!
    I don't think I've ever started a long series like these and not finished it. There's a few smaller series that I've only read the first book from though, like Splintered and The Body Finder.

    1. Ugh, sorry you had to go through that. I so hate when a series ends in an unsatisfying way that just ruins the whole series for you. Worst.Thing.Ever. At least you cared enough to check out what happens later on in the CC - I couldn't be bothered by the end of the second book, even though, as I said, the first one was really unique and good. Don't start such long series, they'll KILL YOU haha.

  2. Very long series are just a way to milk the cow...I think you made the right decision with them, regardless of how much you liked the first installments.

    "Or at least I won't be reading about those problems - in my head they're living their happily ever after. *shrugs*"

    1. Yeah, I guess so, but I still feel bad about some of these series - like Chicagoland Vampires or Guild Hunter - because they're good I just don't really care anymore. Glad you liked the post. :D

  3. The only series I started of your list is The Caster Chronicles and after reading the first book I had enough. I could have saved me some time if I hadn't read it. I didn't hate it but as a whole it wasn't THAT great and I don't think it deserves its hype. Some parts were better than others but I remember giving it two stars and now that I think about it, it could have been 1. Not a fan
    One series I remember giving up on was Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I read the first 2 books and enjoyed them a lot but then the third book took forever to come out and once it did, I had lost all my interest and I didn't want to re-read the first two. I spoiled myself for the third and fourth book and after knowing how it ended, I'm glad I didn't make the time for them. LOL

    1. I think the first book was okay. You know, the type that had some interesting ideas and if the sequel had been awesome could have been a good series starter. Unfortunately, the second book was SO BAD. Like, I never expected to hate it that much. Tbh, I don't understand the hype AT ALL.
      I honestly, never felt like reading Eragon - the movie was enough for me. Anyhow, I'm sorry the series kind of ended as a disappointment for you, at least you didn't suffer through the books for an unsatisfying ending - that's the worst kind of thing.

  4. I haven't read any of the Abbi Glines books, I don't really have any desire to now. I feel they might be repetitive and the same plot of bad boys in them. I loved the Marked series as well, but I never got to finish it as well. Darkest Night was just blah for me, I barely finished the first book. Great post & I love how you made your graphics! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Some of Abbi's books are really good, but they do sound repetitive after a while. Giving up on the Marked series seems to be a common thing even between those who used the be super-big fans haha. Thanks, Benish! :D

  5. House of Night series is SO SO long. I feel like that series is past its prime. The Delirium series went downhill so fast.

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. House of Night series is the most annoying on this list because I'm pretty sure they could have put the story into 5 books top. I'm kinda glad you say that because at least I don't have to feel bad for giving up. :)


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