Thursday, August 20

The Lunar Chronicles Read Along: Crushing on Kai

Hi guys. As excited as I've been for The Lunar Chronicles Real Along ever since I've heard about it, before now I didn't have time and patience to write any of the bonus posts. However, today finally Ruzi and I have something special coming your way: our top ten celebrity crushes! While we did our best to limit our choices to ten, we sadly had to go a teensy bit overboard and chose 6 male celebrities each, who we find incredibly good looking and who are all, of course, talented in what they do. Hope you'll enjoy our post!

Ruzaika's Celebrity Crushes
6. Fawad Khan
(Actor- Pakistan)

5. Zac Efron

4. Arjun

3. Imran Khan
(Actor- North India)

2. Daniel Radcliffe

1. Suriya
(Actor- South India)

Veronika's Celebrity Crushes

6. Adam Levine
(singer - Maroon 5)

5. Dan Reynolds
(singer - Imagine Dragons)

4. Sam Claflin
(actor - Love, Rosie)

3. Robbie Amell
(actor - The DUFF)

2. Enrique Iglesias

1. Ian Somerhalder
(actor - Vampire Diaries)



  1. This is SO much fun! I'm so glad you joined in and did the celebrity crush post :D What fun choices!!

  2. Ruzi! I love your choices. Mostly because you decided to select some South Asian actors as well!:) Not exactly a huge fan of Suriya, but dude, gotta agree that he's hot!:)
    And Fawad! He's so hot! *fans self* I obsessively watched Zindagi Gulzar Hai when it was airing, all because of him!

    Ronni - Adam Levine! *fans self* He's just so adorable, isn't he?:) And Robbie Amell! I love him! He was the perfect Wesley! And I can go on about Ian Somerhalder, so I better stop with this:)

    1. I can't say much about Ruzi's picks but I know from all the pictures/videos she's sending that Suriya is her favorite celebrity. :)
      Adam Levine... that he is! And that voice. I just love him. Yes yes yes! Definitely the perfect Wesley. I hated Wesley in the book but you can't hate Robbie Amell, can you? Glad you enjoyed the post (but again, who wouldn't enjoy looking at all these hot guys.). :D


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