Monday, August 31

The Lunar Chronicles Read Along: Books with Royalty

Hello lovelies! So we are back with another Lunar Chronicles post today. This time it's a post on books that have royalty in them. Is it just us or do you like books that have "royal" characters in them as well? Do let us know if you know of any such books, but first of all, check out our list!

Vampire Academy (and Bloodlines)

Avalon High

The Winner's Trilogy


Princess Diaries
The Wrath and the Dawn

Fever series

Graceling Realm

Sookie Stackhouse series
The Selection

Jessica series by Beth Fantaskey


Talking of royalty, here's a fun quote I came across and I just can't resist sharing it with y'all! 

“You never know what to expect on encountering royalty. I've seen 'em stark naked except for wings of peacock feathers (Empress of China), giggling drunk in the embrace of a wrestler (Maharani of the Punjab), voluptuously wrapped in wet silk (Queen of Madagascar), wafting to and fro on a swing (Rani of Jhansi), and tramping along looking like an out-of-work charwoman (our own gracious monarch).”
  - George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman on the March.


  1. Oh goodness, I remember reading The Sookie Stackhouse novels and thinking... vampires are monarchic?!?!?! hahahaha It was actually pretty weird but oh well. This post reminded me that I need to read Graceling ASAP

    1. I was pretty surprised too. I'd never imagine the characters of the Sookie Stackhouse series accepting a ruler of them all. Anyway, it didn't work out awesomely, did it? :) I think you'll love Graceling. :)

  2. I LOVE your choices! I love the royalty system in Vampire Academy and that series was one that got me into YA! Graceling and The Winner's Trilogy are excellent as well and I still need to catch up on pretty much all of Meg Cabot's YA!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! :D Same here about VA. The Winner's Trilogy is one of my current favorites so I had to include it on the list. You definitely should try to catch up on Cabot's YA. She's amazing!


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