Sunday, August 30

SBPT15 - It's a wrap!

Hey everyone! Today marks the end of Summer blogger Promo Tour 2015, and so it's time for the conventional wrap up post! Let's first take a look at all the lovely bloggers we featured on The Regal Critiques during SBPT15 and what we contributed when it was our turn to feature on theirs!

  • First was Mia, from the blog Mia in Narnia. She shared with us her writing story, and also gave us some useful tips that helped her in her work. We loved it all! You can see them here. We shared some of the quotes we love on her blog. It was a really fun post to work on because we edited the quotes on to pictures and we loved doing it. 
  • We next featured The Petite Book Blogger who listed out ten places books made her want to visit. You can check them out here. On our turn to be featured on her lovely blog, we did the same and came up with a list of gorgeous places books made us want to visit. Do check it out here.
  •  On the third week of SBPT15 we had Marissa from Marissa Nicole Reads who did the GIF tag. It turned out to be really awesome indeed. Check it out here. When it was our turn to feature on her blog, we did the Book Tea Party Tag- and did we have fun doing it!
  • We then had Emily from Emily Reads Everything who took us on a tour of her impressive bookshelves. You can check them out for yourself here. We did a post introducing ourselves on her blog, because our blog went through quite a lot of changes during that period.
  • Next we featured the incredibly friendly Roberta from Offbeat YA with whom Vera did an interview together about blogging from a non-English speaking country. It was done in two parts, one of which was published on our blog-you can check it out here- and the other which appeared on Roberta's blog, which you can find here
  • On the 7th week of SBPT15 we featured our lovely hosts, The Book Bratz. They listed out why they love John Green so much. Check their list out here!
  • Our last guest post for SBPT was Jess from Little Book Heaven who shared a really scrumptious recipe of her favorite cookies. Check it out here. For our turn to feature on her blog, we were very excited to compile a list of bookish treats that we found on the Internet that we really loved.

So that's all the lovely bloggers we featured, and the blogs we were featured on. Do check the posts out if you haven't already! You're sure to love them. 

The Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015 was a really good experience for us, and all the different posts we had to make helped us get even more involved in blogging  than we were before. We should also mention that having a regular guest post on Sundays was quite satisfying in its own way :) We got to interact with some lovely bloggers and had great fun coming up with ideas for posts. 

We are really thankful to having taken part in this, and we thank our enthusiastic hosts for all they did to make this whole experience one worth remembering! Thank you, Amber and Jessica, and a big thank you to all the lovely bloggers who collaborated with us during Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015. THANK YOU!


  1. Thank you for taking part in the tour!! Hope to see you next summer!<3

    1. Pleasure's ours. We'll definitely consider participating next year as well! :)

  2. Quote:
    "Next we featured the incredibly friendly Roberta from Offbeat YA".

    Why do I feel like you've just handed me an award? :)

    Thanks girls! It's been great meeting you!

    1. Had we thought of giving away awards, you'd have definitely walked away with that one :) It's been great meeting you too, Roberta!


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