Sunday, August 16

{Guest Post by The Book Bratz} Ten Reasons Why John Green Rocks

Hello lovelies. It's the 7th week of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour. Today you'll be able to read a guest post by the two people who made this tour possible. Please welcome Amber and Jessica from The Book Bratz! They're going to tell you their ten reasons why John Green rocks.

 10 Reasons Why John Green Rocks
(in no particular order)

  1. Not only is he a writer, but a great teacher. His Crash Course videos saved us from failure in several subjects, several times.
  2. Vlogbrothers! The Vlogbrothers YouTube channel talks not only about pop culture, but important topics going on in society. Jessica's watched every single one they've made for the past few years and they really make you think.
  3. Looking for Alaska is Jessica's favorite book of all time. So he rocks solely for that.
  4. He creates such relatable characters! He's gotten creating teenagers down to a science.
  5. He's incredibly humble. Throughout the entire process of TFiOS becoming a movie, in all of his interviews and YouTube videos he kept expressing his total disbelief and gratitude, and he didn't let the fame get to his head. Which is really important and says a lot about somebody's character.
  6. He's capable of making a good pun or two in his Vlogbrothers videos.
  7. He organizes tons of amazing fundraising projects, such as the Project For Awesome, through his Vlogbrothers channel and raises money for important charity causes.
  8. He's in it all to help decrease World Suck - duh!
  9. There would be no VidCon if it wasn't organized by him and his brother.
  10. He does the one thing we all need to do - don't forget to be awesome! (DFTBA)

About the Bloggers: 

Amber & Jessica are both high school girls and longtime good friends. They started The Book Bratz back in 2014 and spent all of their free time reading and fangirling about books. Some of their favorite activities include reading, writing, sleeping, eating, and texting (duh). Today, The Book Bratz and its followers have grown tremendously and they’re super excited to be the co-hosts of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Drop on by to The Book Bratz and say hi - it’s always a good time!


  1. I totally don't understand why there are so many people who hate on John Green. He definitely contributes a lot of awesome things to the internet and the world- P4A being one of the big ones. His books are pretty great too :)

  2. John Green is a teacher?! I have got to see this! I admit I'm not a huge fan of John Green, so I don't know him that well. I've heard fantastic things, though!

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

  3. I think it's so great that he's trying to teach people that it's okay to be smart; that it's okay to be different - especially since so many of his readers are teens and tweens. Thanks for sharing this post!

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage


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