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Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

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Hi lovelies. Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is: Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Readers. Now, I've done a list about Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who Love Reading back in April when the topic was Top Ten Characters Who Love X. I see no point in making the same list twice, and so close to each other, so I chose another topic: My Top Ten Ships at the Moment. Yeah, right after making this post I realized that I've already made one about my favorite couples for Valentine's Day, so I picked yet another topic. Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign. 

Picks are in no particular order. 


I hate the font size and color, yellow is my absolutely most hated color. The whole cover sort of looks like an amatour has done it. The fact that the girl's makeup and the bubblegum are the same color does not help matters and it sure as hell doesn't make the picture more esthetic. 

Lair of Dreams

I really loved the cover of The Diviners meanwhile this one is such a boring and common-looking cover. No more words needed.


I wasn't the biggest fan of Trial by Fire's cover either but Firewalker definitely has an ugly one. The colors are a bit too much for my taste and I honestly think they could have done a much better job. Such a disappointment. 

Anna and the French Kiss

I know mine is a very unpopular opinion but I just really dislike these covers. It's not that they're ugly or anything, -  the color schemes are actually pretty, especially Isla's - but I just don't find them as gorgeous as everyone else seems to do. Honestly, I'd say they're nothing special. I love huge fonts but I find this one too thick and I really don't like the little heart, star and rose.

Lost & Found

I might be the only one who feels this way but the cover models remind me of dolls instead of normal people. Their pose, instead of looking natural and sexy, looks forced and posed. Like the models were trying way too hard to look hot but not touch each other too much at the same time.  Also, Jesse should have darker skin, being a cowboy and all, right?



I love these books, and every other book of Simone Elkeles, but the covers! On the first cover the models (I'm sorry but) look like corpses. I would not be able to tell this is a romance book about hope and forgiveness from that cover. The second cover looks like a scene from a cheap teen movie, instead of a YA romance book. 

Mortal Instruments

I know this is a choice many would disagree with me on but I just couldn't not include The Mortal Instruments. I hate Clary's hair color but more than that I hate the first three covers. They looks so so so fake and forced

Vampire Academy

Aren't they mortifying? They tell me absolutely nothing about the story and even less about the characters, if that is possible. I mean who are these people? Surely, they can't represent the kickass and awesome characters I've read about. 

Night Prince series

I can't stand covers with half naked guys, simple because I don't feel comfortable bringing them to school, public transport or home for that matter. My other problem with this series is how Leila never appears on the covers, even though she's supposed to be a main character as well. 

Bloodlines series

I think this is the choice that everyone agrees with me on. The first three were acceptable, but the latter three... I can't decide which one I hate more - The Fiery Heart or The Ruby Circle. I feel like such a bestselling series deserve prettier covers. I have to admit, though, that the spines are gorgeous, thus they look great on my shelf. 

What covers would you redesign? Share with me your TTTs! I'd love to see your favorite characters who are fellow readers. As I said, feel free to leave a comment on my post of the same topic, if that's what you want. :) 


  1. I would definitely redesign the TMI covers. I don't know what everyone finds so attractive about them, ESPECIALLY the first three. All the figures look extremely fake and it's very, very creepy. But no need to worry about them anymore because the new set of covers are coming in September and they are BEAUTIFUL. Not everyone might agree, but at any rate they're better than the old ones. Have you seen them?

    1. I haven't heard about the new set of covers but I checked them out now and you're so right, they're pretty! So so much better than the original covers. I've read comments that said that the originals are better looking... How can so many people love these horrible covers?

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you about the Night Prince series! Why are there only half naked men on the cover and not one with Leila? That makes me mad. Take a hint from Rachel Vincent's Shifters series where Faythe is on the covers! I'm not a fan of the new Lair of Dreams or Firewalker covers either. The Mortal Instruments series is getting new covers, so you're getting your wish (although I do like the originals). I might save this idea for the next freebie week!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    1. I think it would have been cool as well, if both Leila and Vlad got their own cover but the remaining two would have had both of them on it. Like the last two? Because they're becoming a real unit and start to rely on each other. I like the new covers of TMI, though they're no way perfect, they're decent enough. I can't wait to see what covers you find less than appealing.

  3. Yes, because we all match our bubblegum to our eyeshadow.

    The only one here that I like much is Firewalker - but I think if I actually had it in my hand, it would be too bright and too bold for me. I totally agree with you on The Mortal Instruments covers. It was actually mostly because of the first cover that I avoided this book for so long. (I did finally get over that and bought a copy - but I still haven't read it!) Yeah, those Vampire Academy covers...just, yeah. If I was the sort to get embarrassed about book covers, this would surely do it. Same for Bloodline series. I just have never been a fan of covers that are a close-up shot of a model.

    My TTT

    1. Exactly, I do that all the time. And of course teenagers are always chewing on colorful bubblegum...

      I'm glad you like it. As you said, it's so bright and colorful and I find it a bit overwhelming so I'd like another cover for it, but it's not nearly as bad as the others. Same here, the cover of City of Bones scared me off at first haha. VA and Bloodlines look so... cheap, especially VA. Me either.

  4. Yikes! The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines covers are probably some of my all-time least favorite.

    Sarcasm & Lemons

  5. Every cover with people in it is like a no no for me. Horrible, always. They try to make them super cool and "model-y" but no. Publishers need to stop doing that, especially just showing us only faces. I was so embarrassed to take both VA and Bloodlines series out becuase of those awful covers. The same applies to any Jennifer L. Armentrout's books (Don't Look Back being exception) And I have to say, I like I prefer this edition of Anna and the Frenck Kiss better than the original one. It's not brilliant though.

    1. I fully agree, though I love covers like The Selection, where the emphasis is on the dress rather than on the models. The Lux series nearly made my list but I was too afraid of the people's wrath haha. Everyone seems to love those books and the models when the girl is so not Katy. Don't Look Back has such a gorgeous cover (the one with the music box). I used to like the other version of Anna and... but lately I like this one better as well.

  6. I agree with you on all of these covers, especially the ones with people on the covers. I almost didn't read City of Bones because of the cover - even when I did pick it up I got made fun of to no end by my brother for reading a book with a naked guy on the front.
    The cover for Lair of Dreams is such a disappointment after how cool the covers for The Diviners was.

    1. Same here, to be honest it was freaking embarrassing to ask for this for Christmas from my mom when I was 12 or so haha. I hoped other editions of Lair of Dreams will look great but they're even worse and that is something.

  7. The VA and Bloodlines books are such classic/stereotypical vampire drama covers. UGH. I don't like them, but I've gotten used to them. I quite like the TMI covers, not sure why... WHAT?! I love the Firewalker redesign, especially with the willstones in the middle. I thought that was a nice touch. I don't like the Jeanine Frost covers either. bleh! Nice post

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. I've got used to them too, still it'd be awesome if they were redesigned and got gorgeous covers for a chance. Especially VA because I love the spines of Bloodlines. I'm glad you love Firewalker, it's just a bit... overwhelming for me with all the bright colors. It's not ugly but not my fav. Thanks, Rachel! :)

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with The DUFF, VA and Bloodlines. You know how much I adore The DUFF, and it upsets me so much that the book has such an awkward and cheesy cover. And I still don't get what the bubblegum has to do with the story!
    VA covers are really cliche and cheesy! I like the new remodeled covers, - with the huge VA symbol on a faded background, but the movie one was even more terrible!
    And don't let me start about Bloodlines! The Fiery Heart and The Ruby Circle horrified me greatly when I first saw the covers!

    1. I don't get the bubblegum AT ALL. I don't want to be stereotypical but girls with bubblegum are usually portrayed silly, careless etc. whilst Bianca is anything but that.
      The remodeled VA covers are better, though when it had been announced that they were being redesigned I was expecting something... better so those were a disappointment. Don't get me started on the movie cover... I nearly always hate the movie cover, though I really liked City of Bones' movie cover.
      I don't get the Bloodlines covers! For goodness' sake, the fans make so much better pictures than the original covers!


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