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My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics From The Past 5 Years

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Hello sweeties. Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is: My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics From The Past 5 Years. I've been incredibly excited to do this particular topic for weeks so cheers to it finally being here! I ended up listing 5 lists that I've done, and 5 that I haven't. In the end I added the book/character etc. that would be #1 on my list or that had been #1 on my list. Also, I've linked in the lists I've done before. 

Top 5 Lists I Haven't Done

5. Top Ten Fictional BFFs ~ Gansey-Adam-Noah-Ronan-Blue from Raven Cycle series 

They argue, they say hurtful things, they lie a lot, so how come I chose them from all the awesome fictional BFFs or group of friends I've read about? Because they're the realest thing I've ever seen. All these imperfections, and their way of dealing with them, are the very things that make what they have even more valuable in my eyes. They're five totally different people who became friends despite the odds and who continue loving each other through arguments and disappointments. 

4. Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In ~ World of The 5th Wave 

I really didn't like this book but I have to admit that the world building wasn't bad (meanwhile the characters). Anyways, if I hadn't died in the infection I'd have been soon killed anyway, most likely in a horrible way. (On second thought, Caddie* is the dumbest character I've ever read about so if she survived, nothing is impossible.)

3. Top Ten Ending That Left Me With My Mouth Hanging Open ~ Dangerous Girls 

I could list so many for this topic but I'll always get back to Dangerous Girls. The ending, guys, it was such a mindfuck. So freaking surprising and just left me with my mouth hanging open.

2. Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign
~ VA and Bloodlines

Oh yes, I've just cheated but who cares when these are from the same author? Anyways, I just can imagine that anyone would want to show off either of these covers. I'll never understand why they haven't been properly redesigned. 

1. Top Ten Books I Wish I've Read As A Kid ~ A Monster Calls 

Again, tons I could list, including super-hyped books, such as Harry Potter, but I'll go with A Monster Calls. It's kind of a short book but it's very emotional and meaningful. If you have a kid you should definitely sit him down and make him read it. 

* The name is Cassie. This book leaved such a huge impression on me that I've already forgotten about the names haha. 

Top 5 Lists I've Done 

5. Top Ten Underrated Books ~ Torn by Cat Clarke 

Cat Clarke is a wonderfully talented writer who deserves a lot more attention that she currently gets. Her novels are crazily enjoyable. She creates an atmosphere that won't let you stop thinking about the book even after you've longer finished reading them. Queen of unclosed endings here. 

4. Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their Own Book ~ Marcus from the Bloodlines series

I was rooting for Marcus's book like crazy ever since getting to know him. Alright, maybe it was a bit because I started to ship him with Sydney's older sister and I needed to see them together. Imagine my disappointment when in The Ruby Circle we barely got a glimpse of what his life was like. Ugh, the last book was a disappointment for more than one reason. 

3. Top Ten Books I'll Probably Never Read ~ Any book by Kathleen Hale

No explanation needed.  

2. Freebie: The Ten Worst Boyfriends in Contemporary Books ~ Jack Carter from The Perfect Game 

All the guys on this list are pretty freaking horrible so I didn't even put them in order when I first made the list. Now I gave Jack the trophy of the worst boyfriend because, next to loads of horrible stuff, he cheated and I can't forgive that.

1. Top Ten Characters I'd Take With Me On a Deserted Island ~ Adrian Ivashkov 

I don't think I have to justify this choice for anyone who loves Bloodlines. Even if he turns out to be as annoying as in the last two books at least there'll be someone more useless there than me. 

I'm dying to read your lists so do share them with me in the comments. Do we have a common favorite topic? 


  1. Quote:
    "(On second thought, Caddie is the dumbest character I've ever read about so if she survived, nothing is impossible.)2
    I haven't read the book, but this one was fun ;).

    "3. Top Ten Books I'll Probably Never Read ~ Any book by Kathleen Hale
    No explanation needed."
    Haha, definitely.

    1. IDK why so many people love The 5th Wave, soo overhyped. Glad we agree on the #3. :)

  2. I love this weeks topic, I'm getting to see so many topics that I have missed. You chose some brilliant topics :) I didn't really think about doing the ones I haven't actually done, although then I would have just found them harder to pick. I loved doing the topic on characters I'd love to have their own book, although it was hard to pick just ten. Here's my TTT if you want to check it out :)

    1. I searched so hard to find the ten best, still as I was going around TTT posts I found tons that I missed somehow when making this post. At least the choice was easier this way. That topic really was freaking hard, but I find at least half of the topics freaking hard haha. :)

  3. We actually don't have any in common, Veronika! I love some of the ones you picked though - especially the 'characters that you wish would get their own book' and 'characters I'd take with me on a deserted island'. Though I believe I didn't get to do either of them. (They probably came up during my blogging hiatus or I totally forgot about them.) I also loved that you listed the topics you'd like to do. SOme of those old topics sound really fun which is why whenever there's a freebie week, I use one of their old topics that I either didn't get a chance to do or was before I started blogging. (And you're the second person today that was talking about the awesome friendship in The Raven Cycle. I think I've just going to have to surrender and start the series.)

    My TTT

    1. I know I should probably acknowledge what you wrote before you mentioned you're considering reading The Raven Cycle, ONE OF THE BEST SERIES EVER, but I can't concentrate on that when I need to convince you to read it!!! Immediately! It's THE BEST! With the most well-made characters and most exciting and interesting storyline! But seriously, I honestly think you'd enjoy it. Write to me as soon as you start it! I use the freebies to do most hated/worst lists because the only thing I dislike in TTT is that there are no such topics there.

  4. So many great ones here - I'd also like to do the cover redesign. :)

    Check out my TTT and Unpopular Opinions Tag.

  5. I love your Top 5 Lists I Haven't Done, I didn't think of doing that see as I haven't done every single Top Ten! Top Ten Characters I'd Take With Me On a Deserted Island is one that I've seen on many list, I can't remember if I did this one, but if I haven't I want to! I read yours you have some great characters on that island of yours!
    Great list, thanks for stopping by my blog & happy summer reading!

    1. Thanks! :) Top Ten Characters I'd Take With Me On a Deserted Island was one of the most fun topics I've done. I loved thinking about which characters could help me with their skills and also which characters I could never go without haha.

  6. Great list! My favourite is definitely your Top Ten Worst Boyfriends one...your sarcasm is brilliant. And though I haven't read a lot of those, I'm sure I'd agree with your assessment. :-D

  7. ooh nice picks!

    I love the deserted island one, everyone's responses and explanations were hilarious. Ooh BFFs one was so cute! There are SO many fictional worlds I would not want to be stuck in, like whoa.... I wish I could redesign so many covers. Nice picks :)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! That was definitely one of the funniest topics. Also, I loved that there was a huge variety between everyone's list. Believe me, I'd love to as well. I might just do that topic one of these days. :)

  8. Hey you changed your blog name! I've been busy recently and haven't looked at my Bloglovin feed for ages, and when I saw "The Regal Critiques" in my feed, I was like whose blog is that...
    Totally agree about VA and Bloodlines needing cover redesigns. This is partly because I don't really like covers with people on them and partly because THEY'RE SO UGLY. The spines of the Bloodlines series is really nice though! They look so good on the shelf.

    1. Yes, I did! Also, added a new co-blogger. :) Covers with people on them sometimes work for me but they can turn out pretty horrible so I get why you hate them. The spines of Bloodlines are totally gorgeous! I love how they look on the shelf. But when I take them down... meh.

  9. Okay first can I just say that I LOVE your blog design? It looks so awesome!

    The endings yes!! We Were Liars and Gone Girl would definitely be in that category! As for book covers I'd redesign... there are WAY more than 10 of those!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Thank you, Laura!
      So many book covers end up underwhelming and ugly. It makes me ashamed to take them out in public. :(


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