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Release Calendar #5: 2015 April

Hello lovelies. It's the first day of the month so I'm here with my most awaited releases of April. Just like in my previous post, I'd like to ask you to tell me your opinion on some of the books that were published last month because I'm not a 100% sure I want to read them. Hope you can help me out with an advice. Here are the titles: 

Now the new releases...

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April 4th

I still have to read Luka and Violet's last book but I might read this first. I always loved Seth and Greyson is was too adorable for his own good. I hope this will be an awesome closure to the series. 


I heard mixed things about I Am Her Revenge but I'm still hoping for a great outcome. 
Frankly, I wasn't interested in TQoBaST when I first read the synopsis but then I realised Ann Aguirre wrote it and I love her so reading this is a must. 
When I first heard about this I rejected the novel because "it's so not my cup of tea" but when I understood better what it is exactly about I couldn't keep calm. And based on the reviews it will not disappoint. 

Where the Staircase Ends sounds like a really emotional and amazing novel. This is by far one of my most waited books this year. 

I've been waiting for First There Was Forever for ages! Honestly, ever since I added it so my TBR I couldn't wait to finally get my hands on it. After such a long wait it better not disappoint. 


Things We Know By Heart seems so original. I love these type of books where seemingly the romance is the main subject but at the same time it's so much more. 

I barely have any idea what Every Last Promise is about. The synopsis tells us the basics but not what the MC saw at that said party. I expect fantastic character development in that one. 


I've yet to read The Program but I have to admit that I like The Remedy's blurb way more than The Program's. Also, I love how the covers fit together. 

99 Days sounds like a novel FULL OF DRAMA so I honestly don't get why I want to read it but I really do. I guess it sounds a lot different from my usual reads. I can't tolerate cheating, though, so I can particularly see myself angrily typing a negative review haha. 


The Game of Love and Death sounds extremely unique and something I'd love. 

The Secrets We Keep is one of my most waited books this year. I love the story idea and thankfully people seem to enjoy it. 

Another series I haven't started yet but I heard that the first one ends sadly so I was waiting for this to come out so I can binge read it.


What books are you eagerly waiting for? Have you read any of these as an ARC? Other books by these authors or previous novels of the series? Do tell me what you thought. :) 


  1. I did an April release post, too! Mine featured more Fantasy books (mostly b/c they have eye-popping covers)...hehe, but a lot of these sounds really intriguing. I'm with you on waiting until a last/next book comes out in a series to binge-read it i.e. Bad Romeo & Broken Juliet. Lovin' April's releases!

    Axie @ Books are Bread

    1. I'm going over to check it out now, I don't know that many april fantasy releases so I hope I can find some that I want to read. I just hope Bad Romeo is as good as they say because I can't wait to get my hands on these two lovely novels. :)

  2. I didn't know that Jessica was getting another book out. But i have to say although I loved her other books I'm not sure this would be up street. I have nothing against it but they don't always float my boat. The ones I'm looking forward too is the new Ann Aguirre one and 99 Days too. Great realise post. :)

    1. Sometimes I'm not sure she'll ever stop, I still enjoy these novels but not half as much as the first novels. I rarely read LGBT novels so I'm a bit afraid of it but I love Seth and Greyson so I can't just turn my back on this novel haha. Hope you'll enjoy these books. :)
      Thanks! :)

  3. I'm most excited for Things We Know By Heart. Though I've heard a lot of great things about 99 Days, even from people who usually don't like that genre, so I will probably try to read that soon too! I love all the pretty covers on the books coming out this month. xD

    1. I heard mixed things about 99 Days so I'm glad you heard great things, this makes me hopeful and even more excited than I was before. I know, they are so gorgeous. *-*

  4. I loved the queen of bright and shiny things! I would so love to read None of The Above, but I may just wait to see what you think of it, because like you it is SO not my cup of tea! I'm super excited for The Game of Love and Death as well and have admired Things We Know By Heart from afar for quite awhile. So many interesting books coming out in April!

    1. YAY! I'm glad to hear good things about The Queen... because I'm so freaking excited for it! I'll be reading None of the Above right after the publication and I hope I can help you decide. I hope none of these books will end up being a disappointment to either one of us. :)

  5. How come I haven't heard of I Am Her Revenge until now? I think that cover is awesome and I absolutely love the premise. I've been really trying to read more mystery/thriller/suspense books lately so I am now dying to get my hands on this one.
    Oh and I'm also really excited about The Game of Love and Death - it sounds so cool!

    1. I can't wait either! You know how I love mysteries and the Goodreads rating isn't bad either. The Game of Love and Death better be good because it is one of my most awaited books.


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