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The Contemporary Fiction Tag

You might know by now that I'm participating in Contemporary Conversations and I love being part of it so far. That's why I'm doing this and other contemporary themed posts later on. 

But first let me summarize what I read this week for CC. The theme was coming of ago novels and I enjoyed two from the three which is quite good, if you ask me. These books are: 

The Contemporary Fiction Tag was created back in 2012 by melissabooks, a booktuber. There are ten questions and to each I'll be choosing a contemporary read, easy huh? Hope you'll enjoy it. :)

1) Favorite contemporary novel?

How can you expect me to answer such a terrible question? I'm honestly not sure because all the books I give five stars are equally amazing but alright I'll choose one. 

Genres: YA, Romance 

Forbidden is the most heartbreaking novel ever. You know that it won't end well but you still hope for the best outcome and then the ending rips your heart out. And then tears it into small pieces until you're a sobbing mess. 

The story might sound creepy and strange but the well-crafted characters, and the beautiful writing style will surely make you fall in love with this story. Forbidden or not. 

2) Contemporary that you think deserves more recognition? 
Genres: NA, Romance

I know, the cover is horrific, something I'd never ever give a second glance but the story! James Games is a hilarious read that will no doubt make you laugh and adore the characters no matter if you're nothing like them. There were so many ridiculous scenes but I didn't mind it at all, and you know how critical I am. If L. A. Rose won't be really really successful in the future this world is even more unfair than I thought before.

3) What contemporary novel made you the saddest?

Genres: YA, Mystery, Romance

I'd totally pick Forbidden for this topic but I don't want to pick a book twice when I have so many awesome novels to choose from. We Were Liars is a really emotional and mysterious read, which is quite rare if you ask me. I did not expect that ending, and simply the whole novel's atmosphere was just so depressing (?) but not in a bad way. 

This book is not for everyone but if you enjoy slow-paced mysterious novels that's writing style a strange but beautiful than pick it up!

4) Cutest contemporary you've ever read?

Genres: YA, Romance

To be honest I read this book a long time ago but I still remember how adorable it was. Even though I don't remember it that clearly this was the first book that came to my mind when I read this question so that has to mean something. 

5) What contemporary made you feel all of the feels? 

This book is the most awesome novel ever. It was funny, sweet, hot and sad. With one word, it gave me all the feels. Do you like NA/Adult Romance? Then this book if for you, so go buy it now! 

6) Who is your favorite character from a contemporary?

This I honestly don't know. I love all my favorite characters for different reasons, so it's nearly impossible to choose one, but I promised I'll try so here is a female and a male character I love. 

Callie from The Coincidence she might not have spoken up when she should have but she was incredibly strong. I loved how she stood up to Kayden, even when most people wouldn't have. I was so proud of her when she finally gathered the strength in the last book to defeat all her demons. 

Cam from Wait for You I honestly don't think I have to tell you why he is an awesome character. He was just the right amount of swoon-worthy, funny and supportive, seriously he should be mass-produced.

7) What character do you relate to the most?

Lauren from As Long As You Love Me. While you can't see it on the outside she has serious anxiety issues and lacks of confidence but she never ever lets people see this. While I don't have an as serious anxiety like hers I'm like her in a lot of things. Like over-analyzing things or being afraid of what others think. 

8) What contemporary novel surprised you the most?

I read this book in 2012 first and I never expected to like it as much as I did. I didn't even want to read it all that much but I kept seeing it everywhere after it was translated to Hungarian so in the end I gave in and read it. I'm still glad I decided next to giving a chance to Anna and the French Kiss.

9) Why do you enjoy the contemporary fiction genre?
Because it's the most real fiction genre. Most of the time I feel like I could know these people in real life too, or these kind of things can happen to anyone. Contemporary characters are the ones that usually inspire me the most because they lead normal lives, and meet with everyday difficulties like all of us.

10) What contemporary are you most looking forward to being released this year?

I can't choose one! I reduced the number to two novels but that's all I'm capable of, sorry not sorry. 

I started this series when I was 12 or so years old and I'm still not over Michael lol. This was the first series/book that keep me up all night and made me mom scream at me at 3 o'clock in the morning haha. When I saw that Meg Cabot is writing a closure to not only one, but two of my all time favorite series, I was overly excited. If Mia and Michael won't stay together - which I doubt but still - I'm gonna snap, seriously. 

I hated Bully and promised myself that I will never ever read anything by Penelope Douglas. But then I saw this book. I needed to add it to my TBR because that synopsis sounds so darkly unique and just simply awesome. Please don't disappoint!

I'm tagging everyone who loves the contemporary genre! 


  1. Lovely Post!! I really like many of these books :)

  2. I don't think I need to tell you again how much I love Forbidden:)I really want to reread it,but I can't get my heart broken again.
    We were liars was mind blowing!I also really liked the writing style.It was beautiful.
    I never knew about Royal Wedding!This is amazing.What other series is she writing a finale for?

    1. I get what you're saying. I can reread some parts of it but that ending is just too much for me.
      I hope E. Lockhart is planning on writing other novels like We Were Liars because she's so talented. I'm not saying her other books are bad, they are enjoyable, but not for me.
      She writes a 7th novel to the Mediator series, it's called Remembrance and seems awesome. Unfortunately, it'll only be released in 2016, February. :(


  3. i enjoyed ECHOES OF SCOTLAND STREET (Dublin Road 5) on audio last summer. I especially ejoyed that particular audio b/c the accents.

    1. I've yet to read that book bc the 4th one disappointed me but I heard awesome things about it so I can't wait! :)

  4. Great post Veronika! It's funny how the reason you gave for loving contemporaries are the reasons why I don't tend to read them hahahaha I know contemporary characters are very relatable but I prefer fantasy worlds. I prefer the fact that is not everyday life LOL

    1. Thanks! Haha. I totally get what you're saying, that's the reason why I could never ever give up fantasy. At times I'll read fantasy/contemporary for weeks but I could never give up either one of these genres because I love them for different reasons. :)

  5. I absolutely love contemporary, just because of the fact that it feels so real and that it really has the power to make you look at the world differently. I think I may do this tag. Great post!

    1. You totally should! I got to check out some of my favorite contemporaries so now I want to reread all of them haha. :) Thanks!

  6. So many books<3 I like contemporary most of the time, some books annoy me to the max though. I liked Bully, but I disliked Anna and The French Kiss lol we're opposites in this area. What did you think of I Was Here? Great post though! Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Haha, I guess we are. Some annoy me too, like Bully haha, so yeah I guess we're opposites in that area. It was an okay read, not really good though.
      Thanks! :)

  7. Ohhhh I LOVE contemporaries and this sounds like so much fun! I might just have to do it. :)

    Aw, I'm sorry you hated Bully. That was one of my favorite 2014 reads. But yay I'm glad you're trying another of Penelope's books! I'm SO excited about Corrupt. I, um, don't think I could ever read Forbidden. I've heard it's amazing and wonderful and heart-wrenching, but I just can't because of a certain aspect of it. I really liked Anna and the French Kiss, though Lola was my favorite of that series. <3

    1. You should! I really want to see your answers. :)
      I hope Corrupt will work out for me better than Bully did, that book was a huge disappointment for me, even though the writing was really good.
      Ooh. :( I'm sad, though I get why you don't want to read Forbidden. If you ever feel like it, do write to me because I'd want to hear what you think.
      I think I liked Anna better, but Lola was nearly as good.

  8. Love your choices :) I'm currently discovering Contemporary for myself, some books I like and some are just not good enough for me ;) but I guess that's the same with every other genre, too.

    1. Thanks. :) I love Contemporary but yeah, most contemporaries are a hit or miss for me too.

  9. It's always so hard when people ask what your favourite novel is! THERE ARE TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. Forbidden is a pretty good choice though- while I wouldn't call it one of my favourites, personally, I did think it was really good. So many feels.

    That twist in We Were Liars! So unexpected! I went back and reread the book and my god, it was really obvious, but the first time I read it I totally missed all the clues.

    Have you read the others in the series by Stephanie Perkins? Lola and the Boy Next Door is my favourite of the three- probably because of the love interest. He's adorable! :D

    And yes! The new Meg Cabot! Really looking forward to it- it's been so long since I read anything by her.

    1. Yes! It's even worse when non-readers ask it because it's impossible to tell them how hard choosing a favorite book is.
      I want to reread We Were Liars too! It's really impressive that while there were many hidden clues most people didn't guess that wonderful ending. I can't wait to see the novel in a different light, now that I know what is real.
      Yes I read all of them but really didn't like Isla. Cricket is so freaking cute! If it was for him I'd totally pick that book over Anna but I didn't like Lola's relationship with Max (I think that was his name), not that I liked √Čtienne's with Ellie... so I guess I had the same problem with both books. haha.
      I really want to reread the Princess Diaries but that series is soo long, I'm not sure I'd have enough time to do so, but maybe in the summer? I'm planning a Harry Potter reread and rewatch too so what the hell! lol.


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