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BLOG TOUR: Sleeping Tom by E. V. Fairfall + Giveaway

Hello everyone! Today I'm posting an excerpt and a giveaway of Sleeping Tom by E. V. Fairfall. If you're interested, go ahead and check out the other tour hosts us well, here's the list. Hope you'll enjoy this post. :)

Hitchhiking is a bad idea but Caden is desperate.
When she accepts a ride from the first car to come by she meets Gabriel. He's her age, hot, and the closest thing she has to a savior. Problem is, he is a total jerk. With nowhere to go, Caden convinces Gabriel to let her stay with him for one night. He reluctantly lends a couch.

That night Caden wakes up to strange noises. Concerned, she rushes into Gabriel’s room, already anticipating his bad temper. Instead, he’s kind, sweet, and suspiciously harmless—nothing like the man who gave her a ride. He seems like a different person altogether, and claims he is. By night he is Tom, and by day he is Gabriel. Caden finds herself drawn to the mysteries hidden in his eyes.

For Gabriel, Caden is an annoying mistake. One night turns into many, and despite all his anger towards her, she stays. She even seems to accept him and his flaws, but he still doesn’t trust her—is she staying for him, or has she already discovered more than he's willing to share?

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Gabriel tossed back the sheets on his bed and got up. Halfway down the stairs he froze.
Black ribbons of hair draped off the side of his dirty party couch. It was Caden. He walked
down the rest of the stairs and into the kitchen, eyeing her. The curves of her face were
soft and pleasant, or something he couldn’t find a word for. He quickly turned away from
her sleeping form and took out the coffee maker.
It was nearly two in the afternoon.
She hadn’t left.
Gabriel’s chest tightened at the thought of her staying, at the thought of wanting
He despised the feeling. Nothing good had ever come from other people. She would use
him. She already was by overstaying her welcome.
Dark liquid streamed into the glass coffee pot. The smell drifted through the air with the
warmth that normally accompanied a home. A home he’d never had and didn’t want.
He took down a mug, unintentionally gripping it tightly. His hand was shaking. He needed
her gone. The last person he’d let into his life had made everything worse with her lies; he
couldn’t handle that again.
He poured himself a cup, and with a swift movement he brought the steaming mug to his
lips and took a gulp of bitter liquid. The heat surprised him, and he pulled back from it as if
it had bitten him. Caden wasn’t even awake yet, and just being near her made him feel
crazy, restless.
“I thought I told you to be gone in the morning. It’s nearly two in the afternoon.” He spoke
loudly, not quite facing her.
Caden rotated slightly on the couch, her eyes opening only part of the way. She looked as
tired as he felt.
“What?” she croaked.
“You heard me,” he snarled through clenched teeth, leaning over her body. “Why are you
still here?” As he’d grown up, his parents had given free rent in one of their condos to
anyone who would provide childcare for him. He supposed he’d always supplied a roof to
strangers in one way or another.
“You asked me to stay.” Her voice echoed her helplessness and uncertainty.
“Last night,” Caden said, rubbing her eyes.
Heat was rising in Gabriel. Pain and disappointment overwhelmed his senses. She was
lying. Just like everyone he’d ever know. The force of his anger was like a wrecking ball in
full swing.
Ceramic exploded against the wall, fragments flying across the room. He’d done that. The
brown drips of coffee streaked down the white wall by the door. Gabriel looked at his
empty shaking hand and clenched his fist tightly together.
“You’re lying,” he said as he looked down at her. This was her fault; if only she had just
left like he told her to. But he didn’t want her to leave; that was the worst part. The tension
came back, the numbness creeping in and propelling him forward. He couldn’t be near
her, not now. The only thing he could do was leave. He walked briskly to the door before
he changed his mind.
Caden watched the door tremble as it was slammed closed. Gabriel was gone.
“You asked me to stay,” she stammered the whisper, her heart pounding in her ears, but
no one was there to hear it.

About the author:

I love to write just as much as I love to read. I try to read a book per week, which doesn’t always work out, but it’s the thought that counts. Aside from all that I am a huge animal person.

Transformed is my first novel, but it isn’t my first publication; I’ve had several short stories published over the last two years. My main goal as a writer is to explore humanity and to give people something fun to read.

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  1. Thanks for hosting today, Veronika! :)

  2. Wow,this book sounds really interesting Ronnie!Looks like it contains multiple personality disorder,and I love to read about mental diseases and disorders.

    1. I absolutely adore books about mental-illness, sounds sick or not, but unfortunately I can't find many great ones out there.

  3. The premise sounds really unique, I haven't heard about hitchhiking that much in novels .. If you like mental illness novels, you can try checking out the book Unravel by Calia Read. It blew my mind away xD

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. It does and it seems to be working out for most people. I've actually read Unravel and loved it. Maybe that was my favorite mental illness novel, I'm thinking about rereading it.

  4. The premise sounds fun, although I worry about the amount of angst it would have. I've read too many "jerk with a sorry past but has a huge heart" to last me a lifetime. Sounds cool, still, though. I may consider it!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. I heard pretty awesome things about this one but yeah I'm a bit fed up with cliché jerks too. Although the mental illness concept might make that alright.


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