Sunday, January 25

I Mustache You Some Quetions

It's been so long since I've done a tag so I was extremely happy when the lovely Holly over at The Fox's Hideaway tagged me to do this challenge! Thanks so much! <3 I'm so jealous of those who could easily come up with 4 things to all of these topics because I failed miserably. 

Four names that people call me:

- Roni (Ronnie) - some of my classmates/friends in elementary school called me 
- Vera - this is how everyone calls me, no wonder bc this is a nickname of Veronika
- General - There was a time when I was extremely bossy and one of my friends gave me this nickname. You know I always gave commands and never asked nicely... this didn't sound this bitchy in my head. 
- My fourth could be one of the incredibly embarrassing nicknames my parents gave me but I'd rather not tell you any of those. 

Four jobs I have had:

- I worked at an information desk 
- high school student (?) - I believe this is hard work! 
That's about it because I'm lazy as hell. 

Four movies I have watched more than once:

- Hunger Games
- Harry Potter movies - I'm pretty sure I watched the first 4 more than 30 times and I still watch it whenever it's on tv.
- Twilight Saga - My friend and I were the biggest fans. We could quote various parts of the movie and we always tried to say everything with the characters. Embarrassing much? Nah.
- Frozen: I love this movie! The hype was a bit annoying after a while but the movie is still so awesome. 

Four book I'd recommend: 

- We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I know it's not for everyone but GIVE IT A DAMN CHANCE.
- The Selection series by Kiera Cass: Maxon  <3
- Wait for You by J. Lynn. Cam is the most amazing NA male lead of all time. Seriously.
- Bloodlines series. An exciting plot full of awesome characters and, of course Adrian. Do I need to say more?

Four places I've lived: 

- the little village I live now 
aaand that's about it. :(

Four places I've been: 

- London, England 

- Paris, France

- Vienna, Austria

- Sopron, Hungary 

Four places I'd rather be right now: 

- Anywhere warm
- New Orleans, US
- Madrid, Spain
- Stockholm, Sweden - and I do know it's freaking cold there.

Four things I don't eat: 

- pork (actually, I only eat chicken)
- raisin 
- hamburger (I'm a freak)
- seafood

Four of my favorite foods: 

- pizza 
- popcorn 
- raspberries
- KFC Strips

Four TV shows that I watch: 

-American Horror Story. Have you seen that season finale? Why can't the bad guys win just once? 
- The 100 but I'm behind. :( And got spoiled.
- 2 Broke Girls. I've just started it but it's so freaking awesome. 
- How To Get Away With Murder. It starts again this week. I'm so excited!

Four things I'm looking forward to this year: 

- Summer break
- new releases
- hopefully passing my English exam
- movies!

Four things I'm always saying: 

- Honestly, 
- Freaking awesome/amazing etc.
- I have one question left: Why? 
- I'm so tired.

Four people I tag: 

- Martika @ Fangirl Confessions
- Naban @ Quite Literary
- Sabrina @ Sabrina's Stories

I hope all of you want to do this tag. If not, feel free to ignore it. 


  1. I lost my comment before I could post it. *sobs*

    I adored Frozen when I watched it too, but the hype has mostly ruined it for me. Gah, same deal with The Fault in Our Stars really. I have never heard of Wait for You but I've never encountered that great a male lead, so I'm going to be on the lookout for that.

    Also, yes! So many exciting new releases this year. Hopefully, none will disappoint.

    Great tag, Vera. (Or should I say General? ;D Haha omg I found the story behind it a little funny tbh). I don't know if I will have enough answers to do this (I've never rewatched movies and haven't visited that many interesting places and stuff), but thank you for the tag. <3

    1. Ooh, I'm so freaking angry when that happens.

      They hype ruined Let It Go for me, hearing it everywhere annoyed me to hell, but thankfully I still love Frozen. The hype around TFiOS was terrible, it completely ruined the book for me. Cam is awesome and he can bake!

      I really hope so too!

      Haha, thanks. Oh, that's alright! You're welcome.

  2. I sued to be crazy about Twilight saga as well! I know it is not the movie masterpiece but I just loved it :)

    And I love Wait For You as well, it is great NA novel!

    1. A few months ago the whole saga was on tv and I watched it with my mom who's never seen it before and I couldn't believe I used to love this!

      Wait for You is so freaking awesome!

  3. I was obsessed with Frozen when it came out to! I'm a disney freak lol. I also recently read We Were Liars and I thought that it was amazing, and it wasn't even my style of book! I love books like that.

    1. I'd been a Disney freak for a long time but for some reason a few years back I stopped watching Disney movies. After Frozen though, I became one again haha. I hope E. Lockhart will write more books like We Were Liars because it's so unique and beautiful.


    I'm so jealous of everywhere you've been because MAN OH MAN THEY LOOK SO FUN. I've been wanting to go to Vienna, Paris and London foreverrrrr. I think I have a slight obsession with them SERIOUSLY. And good luck on your English exam!!

    1. You're welcome! :)) I LOVE travelling I wish I could travel around the world for years haha. London was awesome! And even though we didn't see that much of Paris (two days, one spent in Disneyland) I can say that it's such a beautiful city.

      Thanks! :D

  5. I'm really excited for this tag! I love asking questions where my readers can get a sense of who I am, so thank you so much! Girl you don't eat anything! No hamburger, pork, or seafood. I would die without my bacon girl! lol. I also want to live in New Orleans, hopefully one day we'll make it there! * crosses fingers * Great answers Veronika or shall I call you " General " lmao

    1. I love these kind of tags too! They are so much fun and besides me telling something about myself I can get to know my readers too. Well... I do eat bacon but that's all the pork you'll ever see me eat. I always forget it's pork too. YES! New Orleans is beautiful and above all warm.
      Haha you don't have to but it kinda sounds nice. lol.

  6. DID YOU SAY ADRIAN IVASHKOV??? YES YES TO THAT. OHHHH I'LL OFFER MY FAVE BOOK JUST TO GO TO PARIS AND LONDON (AAND ILL BUY ANOTHER COPY OF MY FAVE BOOK haha). I refrain fromeating pork too damn cholesterols! I do eat chicken often. And who doesn't love pizza?? :D

    It's warm here in the Philippines and lots of beaches and islands! <3
    Such a fun tag! :)

    1. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RUBY CIRCLE. I think I might just cry when it'll sink in that there will be no more new Adrian stories after TRC. HAHA, I'd totally do the same to go to New York or Los Angeles or honestly just about any city because I love travelling.

      Aww I'm so jealous. I nearly froze today my way home. And it might snow soon :'(

  7. London must have been wonderful! I've been to Paris once in 2011, for three days (the rest of the month were spent in Strasbourg for a study tour), and it was a horrible experience for me :( Then again it was Holy Week then so there were like triple people than usual, but yeah, I think I was paranoid during my whole stay there lol. And yes, High School is a job ;) And University is a 24/7 job even! HAHA

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. Oh that's too bad. I only spent in Paris a day, the other was spent in Disneyland and even though it was quite awesome I'd have much rather visited sightseeings in Paris on that day too. Meh.. too many people can ruin the experience totally. Oh yes it totally is, even though we do not get payed for it haha.

  8. Your nicknames are so awesome!
    I could probably quote Twilight too, I’ve seen it that many times. Not because I love it, but because my dad does… weird, right?
    Would you say that you have to read Vampire Academy before reading Bloodlines? Because I’m not sure if I want to finish the rest of the VA series, but everyone raves about Adrian!
    You’re so lucky to have travelled to so many places! I’d love to see those countries some day.
    I don’t think I could handle AHS to be honest, but I’m hoping to get into How To Get Away With Murder soon.
    Thanks for tagging me! I posted my responses today :)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Haha, it's usually the other way around. Actually I've never heard of any dad who loved Twilight, your dad must be kind of awesome. :DD
      Well, there are certain things in VA that are mentioned in Bloodlines. like what his relationship with Rose was like but I think Bloodlines can be read without VA. And if you don't understand something or have any questions you can simply PM me on twitter. I'm dying to chat about Bloodlines with someone. The only people who I've ever fangirled to haven't read the series.
      That's too bad, AHS is the best but How To Get Away With Murder is awesome too so you better start it!
      You're welcome! :)

  9. When I saw Madrid, Spain I did a little dance hahahaha I'm from Madrid and is not very common to foreign people to say they wanna come here; they normally say Barcelona, hence the little dance. I also would love to visit Stockholm one day but I'll go during the summer probably because I love cold weather, but not THAT COLD! LOL

    I've also seen the Harry Potter movies way too many times, but I think that's no surprise hahahaha and I'm so sorry you got spoiled about The 100, I freaking love that show and I still haven't seen the last episode and I'm scared of getting spoiled as well =(

    1. Haha, I do want to visit Barcelona too, probably visit the Fallas de Valencia too, and yes I'm showing off how educated I'm in Spanish traditions haha. Cold is terrible, when the weather goes under 20°C I'm out haha.

      Not really surprising haha. The 100 is so much more awesome than I first expected, I'm not a fan of CW's shows usually but The 100 is one of my favorites. Whenever I go on tumblr or Pinterest I have to watch out for pictures from The 100 because getting spoiled is the worst thing ever.

  10. Hi Veronika,
    I also loved Frozen, it is awesome!
    I haven't read the Bloodlines series yet, but I did read the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. Would love to read more about Adrian <3
    Great blog, I follow you on bloglovin now :)
    (Oh and btw, I can be very lazy too)

    Myra @

    1. I really hope you'll end up loving The Bloodlines series! Dimitri is great and all but Adrian is something else.
      Thanks for following! :)


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