Tuesday, December 30

Top Ten Blogging Resolutions for 2015

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hello everyone. Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is my top ten resolutions for 2015. I never actually made any resolutions because I suck at following lists but I'll try to follow these ten blogging and reading resolutions, I promise. 

1. Stop putting off things until the last minute

Whenever I don't do something way before the deadline I became extremely anxious and start worrying over not being able to finish that post. But the thing is that I still rarely do anything sooner than I have to. Horrible habit and I'd love to finally abandon it.

2. Be a little more open towards others' opinion

I'm really stubborn, so stubborn that whatever you say most likely won't change my opinion. When talking about books I'm not like that but when I read a negative review of my favorite book I'll refuse to see the reviewers point. Meanwhile I expect everyone to try to understand my point. How is that fair? It isn't and that's the reason why I'll try to be a little more open-minded about books that I disliked.

3. Try to read more paperbacks again

E-books are easier to carry around than real books, that's the only reason why I read more of them but I want to change this because nothing is the same as holding a real book in your hands. 

4. Follow through what I start

For example I started the monthly wrap-ups but ended up giving them up due to lack of time. I started the Dreamy Discussions but only wrote one so far and I haven't even mentioned my (Don't) Judge A Book By It's Cover posts (1 & 2) I'm terrible at not giving up on things, just terrible. 

5. Find new blogs to follow

I only follow approx. 50 blogs on Bloglovin and I think some of these bloggers aren't even active anymore. This way I have 10 to 15 new posts on my feed every day but I don't view all of these and I only comment when I have something to say. Anyways, I think I'd be able to follow more blogs thus interact with more bloggers and here comes my 6th point. 

6. Contact more bloggers

I've met with some AWESOME people through blogging but I'm still having a hard time starting conversation with bloggers, it's so unnerving. I'd like to be more open but whenever I try to talk to someone I feel pushy and am thinking about what to say way too hard. Anyhow I'm already quite proud of myself because I just did a buddy-read with Holly from The Fox's Hideaway and when I started blogging I never really thought that I'd be chatting with anyone

7. Be brave (and determined) enough to create new things on my blog

I have some great ideas about how to try to spice up (now that sounds corny) my blog a bit but I'm not sure I'll be able to do them so I'd rather not say any details haha.

8. Simply enjoy reading and blogging

When I first started blogging I didn't care when and what I posted but as time went by I saw that many other bloggers have all their posts planned weeks (!) before they actually post them. I felt like I had to post at least three or four times a week to be a 'good' blogger and then I found TTT and WoW. I loved both memes but what I loved more than writing the posts was checking out your picks and leaving comments. When school started it became hard to participate in two memes that are on successive days but I kept going because I didn't want to give up either one of them. A few months ago I chose to give up on WoW. Why? Because it became more of a burden than fun and that was sad because I didn't start blogging to be nervous all the time. 

Anyhow I want to be able to enjoy reading the way I did before I first participated in the Goodreads challenge. At that time I didn't care about how many books I read, just read for fun and I want that back. And to go back to the time when I wasn't nervous about posting every other day. I hope I'll succeed. 

9. Use my tumblr more frequently

While this might not sounds like a bookish resolution it is. My tumblr is entirely dedicated to books with sometimes a few tv show or movie related gifs. 

10. Finally win a giveaway

This isn't on me but honestly who doesn't want to win a book giveaway? I'd be glad for the free book of course but more than that I'd love to win something. It sounds crazy I know but this was the best resolution I could come up with so imagine the others haha. 

Alright, these were my top ten book/blog related resolutions? What are yours? 


  1. Great goals! I've never being a very consistant blogger and I'm not planning on changing that though. I, as you, do things last minute and if I had to planned my posts ahead I wouldn't be able to do so because I will get all stressed out about it. I work better when I do things last minute. You see, I think about those stuff a lot and then, I write them down but I'm not a planner. I'm the most unorginized person on earth LOL
    And I get you about following what I start. Sometimes I forgot about it or just no longer care but I want to change that but as always, no pressure hahahaha

    1. Thanks!
      Haha I guess we're exact opposites in that one. When I don't plan I freak out. That is true to my everyday life as well. If I don't have a few reviews ready to be posted on the blog I worry over not being able to post anything.

      I always say that this time will be different, I won't give up on this thing but I'm not really a persistent person so my determination leaves me sooner rather than later.

  2. I love your resolutions Veronika!

    I can never ever succeed in completing your first resolution.I am a huge procrastinator,and I always postpone things,which results in me not getting enough time to do anything.I know it's a horrible habit,but I can never seem to break out from this habit.
    I hope you won't be like me:)

    Now that I think about your 3rd resolution,I can't help but agree with it.Half of the books I read now are ebooks,and I really miss the feeling of reading a paperback or hardcover.

    Good luck with your girls,Veronika!

    Here's my goals for 2015

    1. I completely understand what you're saying, I'm exactly the same but I think there's still hope for me haha.
      It's great to read e-books but sometimes I remember when I only read paperbacks and how much better that was.

      Thanks! Good luck to you too. :)

  3. I procrastinate a lot, too. But I only typically procrastinate on things I don't want to do (ex: writing an essay, project), however I loved to jump into things I enjoy doing (ex: writing blog posts). For me it's more of an enjoyment issue, plus my attention span is short if I'm not fully dedicated to something. On a different note, I can relate to wanting to connect with more bloggers. Although I've met some amazing people this year, I feel like I'm not reaching out as much as I could (it would also probably help if I made a twitter account....) But anyways, good luck with your resolutions, I'm sure you can accomplish them!:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. The problem with me is that sometimes I just don't feel like doing any blogging or at other times I start writing a post excitedly but I get annoyed with myself for some reason, after that I just don't want to do it anymore.
      About twitter.. I made an account but I suck at using it, and I never share anything other than my reviews even though I want to use it to share things about the books I read.

      Thanks, good luck to you too!

  4. I am a terrible procrastinator, which gets me into trouble when it comes to school assignments, and even my blog. I also can be very stubborn at times as well. I think I really need to understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that things can't always go my way. Hope you reach you resolutions!

    1. Same here, I always plan ahead but never do anything before it needs to be done. Me too.

      Thanks, I hope you'll too! :D

  5. I'm with you on the 'waiting till the last minute' one! I always feel like I'm not going to finish in time for the next day I'm supposed to be posting a review. Interacting with more bloggers is definitely something I want to do more of in the new year too. I guess it's all to do with the fact that book lovers love to talk about books and fangirling haha :3 A great list! Good luck for the New Year!

    1. It's even worse when I remember a date wrongly and then I have to write the post in the middle of the night haha. I saw meeting with new bloggers on many lists today and I think you're right. It gives a lot to the reading experience if we're able to talk with someone about the book.

      Thanks! You too!

  6. Can't list. I can relate to every one of these ones! I'm going to have to go back and revise my list and add some of these to it! I especially agree with the first goal. I'm always doing this and I'm going to have to try to stop it!
    Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that amazing comment!

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who does these things.
      Thank you! :)

  7. It looks like we have some of the same goals. I am such a procrastinator and I always put things off until the last minute. When I do that, things aren't as good as I want them to be because I'm rushing. I need to work on that. I'm also trying to figure out fun new things to post on my blog. In 2015 I'm going to make an effort to be more creative. I usually get pretty creative with TTT and WoW, I use gifs and try to make my posts entertaining, but I need to step out of my comfort zone more and create my own posts. Great goals, though. Thanks for stopping by Michelle's Minions! Happy reading in the New Year!

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention my crazy good luck in 2014 with winning giveaways! I've won so many! I'm passing on some good winning juju to you right now, so go enter some giveaways!

    2. I'm so jealous of people who can do great even in the last moment, under stress. I'm going around the blogosphere and everyone has so creative features and then here I am trying to manage to hold up one feature haha.
      Thanks, happy New Year to you!
      PS: Ooh you're so lucky. Thanks haha, now I'm going to enter some! :)


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