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Ruth Silver - Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper #1)

Forget everything you know about grim reapers. Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she's brutally murdered. Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper. She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death.

A huge thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for providing me with a review copy. 

I won't lie, Dead Girl Walking is one of the worst books I've read this year. I expected a simple but enjoyable story about a young and relatable girl but Dead Girl Walking didn't bring any of these things to me.

The book is about Leila, a princess who gets murdered when she sneaks out to meet with her boyfriend, Larkin. Her reaper offers her to become one of them and Leila, without a single question accepts the job. She has to let go of everything she's known before and move in with two other reaper girls. Her difficulties begin as soon as she gets her first assignment. 

Dead Girl Walking lacked of any feeling or deep meaning. The characters were plain, unrelatable, some of them even selfish (cough cough Leila). There wasn't any real connection between them, which is strange considering how long some of them have known each other. 

The romance was ridiculous. I expected Leila to actually feel something deep towards Larkin but unfortunately their so called love for each other left me cold. Wynter had some potential but after all he too, failed to impress me. Wynter and Leila's relationship should have developed right before our eyes but it didn't. Nothing ever happened that made me feel like Leila loves anyone, well besides herself and her sister. 

Dead Girl Walking is incredibly boring. Sometimes it seemed like the story will finally go somewhere but then without a decent closure, the author simply let go of a subject, for example the infection in which many-many people died. 

“You don't know that this is my fault.” Leila wanted to believe she wasn't responsible for those who were scheduled to die in Lyra. It all seemed so morbid."

Apparently, if you screw up a pretty single task and your mistake causes people to die, it's only morbid, not something to be ashamed of or feel bad about.  

Some things didn't make sense at all. The asylum seemed to be only in the book to increase the (non-existent) scare-factor. There was absolutely no reason for the reapers or dark angels to go in there. Edon (their reaper boss or whatever) said that reapers who didn't follow the rules get sent there, why don't you call it a prison then? Maybe this is just me but wouldn't it make more sense if the reapers touched the people before they were close to their death? I mean how strange it is when they have to swim after a person because he'll drown? 

Leila is probably the dumbest character I've ever read about. At first I tried to forgive her for her mistakes, after all she lost everything but as time went by and she didn't even see how stupid she was I just couldn't care anymore. Leila is incredibly selfish, you can do anything for her and she'll still ask for more even if you pretty much gave up your life for her. She never sees when she did something wrong and even if she does she doesn't feel any remorse.

“So, I'm just supposed to be all right with watching people die every day?” 

What the fuck did you think when you accepted to be a grim reaper? Butterflies and sunshine? 

You know that part of the books when a character tells our main character how things are going? Edon tells Leila that reapers can't control death, they simply reap the soul from the body, thus spare the victim from rotting in his body or feeling the pain of his death. What does Leila do? She decides she'll change things and doesn't reap the soul of her first assignment, she's surprised when the others are angry with her.

"She didn't see any harm in the choice she'd made. She knew there'd be consequences, because they kept telling her that. She assumed when the scroll had burned her skin that had been her punishment. Apparently there was more."

To prove how incredibly dumb she's I'll have to tell you another part of the book. Wynter tells Leila about dark angels from a book he's read and it's totally comprehensible, what does Leila think? Nothing because she didn't understand any of it because ' It's too textbook' not my words. 

All considered if grim reapers are anything like these kids we should all fear death like nothing else. 

The story idea: 3/5
The realization of the story: 1/5
The characters: 1/5
The cover: 3/5

Enjoy factor: 2/5

Have you read any books about grim reapers? Did you like them? 


  1. The only book I've read recently with reapers in them (although they aren't the main characters) is Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers books about banshee's with a touch of reaper on the side and they are pretty good in my opinion and the Tod the Reaper is a very cool and cute character.

    I've got a copy of Dead Girl Walking lurking around somewhere unread... don't think I'll bother with it now though as I was wary enough beforehand.

    1. I read the first book of the Soul Screamers but gave up on the series because I spoilered basically everything that could have been spoiled. Don't let me change your mind but honestly I think there are far better books out there to read.

  2. I have been wanting to read this book since it is under my favorite indie publisher - Patchwork Press. However, the characters all seem flat and mediocre and the romance does sound ridiculous. It's too bad because the blurb is great and the cover looks nice.

    Great review! Thanks for the honesty. :)

    1. Thanks :) Don't let me change your mind but I honestly think there are far better indie books out there. I thought the same so it saddens me that it didn't live up to my expectations. The cover does look nice, even if it's a bit too one colored for me.

  3. THIS BOOK WAS AWFUL!!! Truly. Leila is one of the worst main characters I've read about: selfish, naive, whiny, just AWFUL. And you're right, there was no feeling or depth to this story at all. I was so excited about this one, because I like books about reapers. But I two hours of my life I'll never get back on this terrible story.

    1. IKR? I couldn't wait to read this book, it sounded awesome with the reaper storyline. I think NO ONE with a brain would ask Leila to be a reaper. What made them choose her? Not her intelligence that's for sure. Ugh, I'm so mad I wasted my life on this book.


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