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Top Ten Characters I Would Totally Want To Be For Halloween

Hello darlings. Today I'm here with a new Top Ten Tuesday post. TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, today's topic is the top ten characters I would totally want to be for Halloween. I had a lot of fun while writing this list, and imagining myself in any of these costumes so I hope you'll like my list. 

I chose this topic because I've already done the other two that was given: 
Spookiest Reads for Halloween
Spookiest Movies for Halloween

I tried to choose characters who have something recognizable so it would be obvious who I dressed up as. If you're in the mood for a little guessing then read the next ten clues I left about all of my choices, a little help: they are all girls. 

Alright so here are your ten clues:
10. Everyone's favorite goth girl. 
9. Proud owner of a Yankee's Cap that makes it's wearer invisible.
8. Sentinel of a vampire house who just loves Bears and Cubs
7. Can win anything with a bow and arrow. 
6. A badass vampire hunter who earned the nickname "Red Reaper".
5. Learnt in the coolest school ever, is the cleverest of the class or possibly school.
4. Has the longest hair in the whole universe.
3. Has a flower themes tattoo on her face because of her job. 
2. Has killer dresses and red her, she's just such a queen.
1. A blue haired girl who wished to fly.

Eve from Morganville Vampires series

I love people with different style so of course I adore Eve, everyone's favorite goth girl. It would be wonderful to dress up as her, more so if I have friends who'd dress up as the other characters. 
Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

I love Annabeth, I'd go around wearing a Yankee's cap and just the chosen ones would understand what does that mean. 

Merit from Chicagoland Vampires series

Merit is such a kickass character. I'd dress up in leather and would bring that sword or whatever it is called she carries around and go on a quest to find my Ethan. 

Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy

I think most people would realize that I'm being Katniss, there are just so many things dedicated to her. Her braided hair, the bow and arrow and I'd find some kickass clothes.

Cat from the Night Huntress series

So badass. I don't think she has any special thing that makes her recognizable so she isn't the best choice but whatever I love her character. 

Hermione from Harry Potter

I'm sure Hermione is a popular choice today. Her character is just so likeable and who doesn't want to dress up as a Harry Potter character? 

Cress from Cress

She is my favorite character from the Lunar Chronicles, hand in hand with Thorne and I think it would be amazing to dress up as an iconic book character. 

Sydney from the Bloodlines series

I love love love Sydney and I think her tattoo makes her damn recognizable. This whole magic thing she pulls of is a bit Halloween-ish too and that's why she's in the top three. 

America from The Selection series

Those dresses guys, and I haven't even talked about the one on the cover of The Heir. If I were rich as hell I'd totally dress up as America, even renting a dress like hers would cost a fortune. 
Karou from The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy

I always wanted colorful hair so trying out Karou's blue hair would be wonderful. Plus her tattoos make her even more recognizable. The reason why this is my favorite is because you can wear particularly anything, you just have to recreate the tattoos and dye your hair. Dressing up as Liraz would be cool as well. 

This was all for today, I hope you enjoyed. Share with me how many could you guess and of course your TTT. If you chose another topic for today don't forget to share with me  in the comments who would you dress up as. I'm sooo curious. 

Thanks for stopping by. :) 


  1. Hermione would be lovely :D Here's my list

  2. Great list! Yes, yes, yes to Karou! And wouldn't it be awesome to do this with a friend who could dress up as Zuzana too? I did my TTT on books to read to get in the spirit. Happy Halloween!

    1. Aww that would be fantastic! Happy Halloween to you too! :)

  3. Nice choices hahaha the Annabeth is so subtle but so good, only true Percy fans will get it ;)
    And I would also like to dress up like Katniss, with the clothes from the second movie. I don't know why but she looked so badass with that special suit and the bow and arrows. Love the effect.

  4. I thought about Karou too, and almost put her on my list (her hair is so iconic!) I don't have the drawing ability to recreate her tattoos myself though. Great list, I love the way your organized it with the clues at the beginning!

    1. I always wanted to try blue hair but I don't think it would work for me in my everyday life. Thanks. :))

  5. Love that we have so many in common like Cat, Hermione, and Katniss. I didn't even think about Sydney and her tattoo...that would be awesome! And I would want to try Karou for the blue hair alone. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cat is such a wonderful character, I couldn't left her out even if she doesn't have anything that is really recognizable. Yes yes yes that is why Karou is my number one choice. :))


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